Raggedy Ann and Andy!

Today I am not going to think about disappointments of shows….or anything negative for that matter….instead I am going to pursue life as I always do with great joy and adventure….thus let me share with you something really fun and quirky….

My darling hubby is in charge of making our bed in the mornings because he is usually the last one out of bed.   He inherited these dolls from his aunt several years ago when she was getting rid of things.   They became our darling daughters for quite sometime but this winter when I had her minimize her bedroom of stuff these dolls ended up on the chopping block.  Now I have bee learning the beautiful art of not only minimizing but also not being attached to things.

 It’s not that I’m not sentimental or that I don’t care I just understand that our true memories are in our hearts and no one can take that.  Now my dear hubby….for how tough he is and very alpha…his soft spot is he is sentimental about things passed on from family.  Thus these dolls are not even an option to get rid of.  Well as I was assessing where I was going to put them, when my daughter cleaned out her room, I laid them down on my bed and I kind of liked the look it created by the pillows.  Fast forward to present day.  Since hubby is in charge of making the bed he has decided to be creative with the dolls and their poses each morning.

 It has become a fun delight to come to the bedroom each morning to find out what pose they are in.  Here they are kneeling in prayer.   Some mornings I find them doing cartwheels and other mornings they are climbing the pillows.  I love the creative ways my hubby makes our bed but what I love the most is his subtle way he is able to express his creative fun side.  He needs an outlet of creative fun and I am grateful that he has been able to find and embrace some softness…lol.

What ways can you create some random fun in your life or around your house to create a unique conversation for you and your spouse!?

Many blessings and hugs my dear readers…friends…family…
~Kelly 🙂

Family Faith Finances Food Fitness Fun…

And being feminine!!!

These were the F’s to the 7th power that I thought and pondered on this last week as we were on a family vacation.  

Family…needing to always protect family time.  taking time for family.  Remembering family is important. Whether it is immediate family under the same roof or extended family we only visit occasionally….we have the opportunity to always learn and grow together and from each other.  Family is the opportunity to practice grace, compassion, patience, kindness, generosity, mercy, forgiveness….love!!!
Faith….I was listening to a fabulous podcast on one of the last days of the cruise.   It was Taylor Marshall, sharing his conversion story.   I loved how his friend, who was interviewing him, shared how what one persons faith walk isn’t suppose to look like anther persons.  I was able to reflect and think how I may desire to be in the adoration chapel all day long but that is not being holy and faithful to my vocation and calling.  What may work for a monk or a religious doesn’t mean it is what I am suppose to to do.   And that I can actually be dishonoring Gods call for me if I don’t listen to how He needs me to come to Him.  

Finances…anytime you take a vacation you are aware that your budget is going to be stretched…modified….different.  For me it puts into perspective: did we plan well enough for the trip to ensure we have fun and don’t worry about spending what we put aside? My goal always is to not come home worrying about a vacation that created debt or took from another part of the budget that it shouldn’t have.  
I had the opportunity during this week to finish a book I started a few weeks ago: Living Well Spending Less by Ruth Soukup.   I loved it so much.  It was as if every financial and organization book or blog I read or listen too builds on the previous one.  And the most recent one is the one I needed to hear the most at that time.  She talks about a spending freeze for a month, no matter your financial situation and the benefits you will reap from it.  I feel this has come at the most ideal time.   What better thing to do right after a vacation and before the holidays to really put into perspective what we truly need as well as ensuring we don’t get stuck in the vacation spending mode.   

Food…this was an interesting challenge for my whole family.  As I have been noticing my darling daughter definitely has some gluten sensitivity I really wanted her to not feel compelled to go to all the treats that she was going to be bombarded with.   And I had to truly be willing to intuitively eat and choose my battles of deciding between foods that may cause joint inflammation or insulin issues or gut issues or a combination of it all.    So instead of worrying about it I planned as much ahead of time with nutritional supplements, and thinking out the possible options that would be available, and even meditating and praying over the fact that…ok Lord this is for a week, I know You will guide me and protect me during this time to ensure I am able to nourish my body, and minimize any pain or negative reactions…as a matter of fact I truly embraced a joyful led attitude and intuitive eating mindset.  I know taking this mindset helped my body take in the good energy and nutrition of the food that I did eat.  I didn’t view it as a license to eat whatever….I was full aware that I would have to come home and fix any pain, inflammation that did occur but I also feel empowered in knowing that I have learned so much about my health that I know my bodies threshold right now.  It was confirmation that what I do on a regular basis is worth it to ensure my health is functioning at its peak.  That I am truly honoring God by helping my body lead the healthiest life.  It also made me appreciate cooking my own meals. 
Fitness…is always fun for me when I travel.  Being a huge fan of body weight and HIIT workouts and again intuitive workouts gives me no barriers when I travel.  This time I had fun doing sprints and jumping jacks on the top deck with the walking track. I did a stretching class.  I used some machines I don’t normally have access to.  And I participated in an ab workout that was fun.  I enjoyed the climbing wall.  I walked the stairs….always!!!! Never the elevator.  As a matter of fact I’m sure my legs have been over trained this week that they truly do need a break.   

Fun…can be had no matter the circumstances!   Vacations can be great fun but they can also be stressful.   It’s truly up to the individuals to make it and keep it fun no matter what!  So whether it’s family members not agreeing on outings and activities or if someone wants to be pouty because they didn’t get to have a  sugary laden breakfast (like she gets it at home?!  Go figure!)….the big thing is to remember to have fun with all life has to throw at you! 
Femininity …I was able to reflect and put into even greater perspective the amazing complexity of being a wonderful warrior woman.   I was able to reflect on my amazing strengths…I was also able to acknowledge during my reflection moments of  what are triggers and weaknesses in less than loving thoughts to self…therfore knowing what I need to do to avoid it….as well as continually smiling and knowing I am so amazingly wonderfully made…and beautiful right now…no matter what…no excuses…no buts…just am!!!!

As I conclude with my reflection of the seven day cruise I realized it was a perfect way for me to give each day… to reflect on each F in my life that is important.  So for me F isn’t for failure… it’s is a math equation instead: F to the 7th….
Now that’s fantastic freedom!


Today is about simplicity!

Look out your window, all around you.
What do you see?

I see a sandbox that provides hours or creativity for my daughter.

I see my punching bag…that I really need to incorporate into some of my workouts!

I see a bench I love to sit on, read a book, sit my tea or a glass of wine!

I see trees that shade my yard, that provide amazing life to my yard!

I see a hammock that I often see my hubby napping on!

AND….I see GOD!  All around each of those items.…I see how God provides us opportunities all the time to have fun with our family; to experience our faith as a family.


Thus, this week I truly keep it short and sweet because I am going to have fun with my family as we live out our faith in all that we do!

How do you keep your family life simple?  
How do you keep your faith all around your family and your fun?
How do you ensure they are all encompassing and simple?

Blessings and hugs always,
~K 🙂

TASTY TUESDAY: "Hummus & Chips"


For the chips…
Slice the veggies into round chips.
layer of avocado
layer of favorite chunky salsa or pico-de-gallo
layer of cilantro
layer of pine nuts
layer of greek yogurt (optional)
layer of green onions
squeeze lemon and lime all over
salt to taste
1 cup of steamed cauliflower
1/2 cup of tahini butter
1/4 cup of olive oil
1/2 -1 squeezed lemon 
salt to taste
***any of your favorite hummus seasonings and add ons:  spicy, roasted peppers, olives, pine nuts…etc.
***another variation I do this recipe is considered more my “ranch dip hummus”.
Instead of olive oil I use coconut cream
instead of lemon about 2 tablespoons of greek yogurt (but this is totally not necessary)
The seasoning is an organic greek blend.
Mix together the cauliflower, tahini butter, olive oil and lemon juice in a food processor until very smooth.
Add seasonings you like in your traditional hummus, pulse again until fully blended.  Transfer it into the dish you are wanting to serve it in.  Garnish the top with the other items you want.  Let it set and chill for 2-4 hours.  I have found that really brings out the flavors and lets them rest and blend into each other very well.
****My pre-paleo days I loved gatherings with the chips and dips.  I realized it wasn’t the chips so much that I missed as the dips.  I really loved the full flavor of these two types of dips.  The mexican layer dip was easy for me to modify because I love the texture of the nuts versus the beans and the tanginess of the greek yogurt instead of the cheese and the sour cream.  
When I first turned to whole food eating I was still partaking in beans from time to time.  It was during this time I had fallen in love with hummus.  But the more I learned about legumes and what they do to our digestive system and inflammations with our body I realized it made sense why I had some troubles still.
Thus I found some faux recipes that I pretty much just looked at and then created my own.
Then the chips were easy!  That was fun because I realized we all get use to seeing veggies in sticks but what if we cut them the width of the veggie to create a better space to scoop!  Thus, I started showing up to parties with my veggies cut into rounds and a dip to go along!  For me it guaranteed I had something fun to eat too! 😉
***disclaimer:  These are my thoughts, my opinion, my creations…consult a professional for any real health advice!
Now get cooking and have a family game night with some new ways to snack!
hugs and blessings always,
~K 🙂

Daniel Fast: Day 9


Today we offer up this fast for…

For families…parents…to take back FAMILY TIME….sitting at the table…even for coffee, tea, hot cocoa….to talk, communicate, play games, put together a puzzle….be together…without gadgets!

We Pray:

1 Lords Prayer
1 Hail Mary
1 Glory Be

Silently add any other intentions!

Spend about 5-10 minutes with the Lord!

September Sunday!

I am beyond excited today!!!

It was extremely hard for me to contain myself to not get up and just start writing/blogging but I practiced some good discipline….lol….after all if I am spending all my time blogging well that sort of defeats my “fasting” from Facebook, right!?

Well today is September 1st!  Thus the beginning of my new chapter…my new challenge…in life.   I had a dear friend last week express how she loves how I am continually challenging myself.  I laughed cause I am sure many people think I am just bonkers.  But I can’t help it…it is my nature :)!

So anyone who is new to reading this…I have chosen to “unplug” from many modern conveniences during the month of September.  The point of it is to challenge myself in re-evaluating time management, as well as true necessities in life.

I have many stores that are within a mile of where I live that allows me to truly get everything and anything I could possibly need to manage a month of responsibilities and then more.  I can grocery shop, household needs, clothing, reading, spiritual….you name it I truly have it within arms distance.

Therefore, I cannot drive for any shopping this month.   I decided to add the element of only getting onto Facebook but once a week on Sunday for approximately an hour ( a little in the morning….and any follow ups in the evening).

What’s my point….my purpose?  My purpose is to slow down again….to remember there is a time, a place, a season for things.

I thought it was fitting for me since I just recently made some pretty big changes in my life that I will be sharing with you all over the next month.

I wanted to really start my new chapter with a renewed sense of time and needs.

Needs:  about 3 years ago I did this whole purging of stuff from our home and in the process it was a wonderful cleaning of the mind.  But just as prayer is a practice and discipline you must do each day to not get rusty, it is easy to find yourself starting to slip into old habits of holding on to stuff you really don’t need and/or buying stuff you really don’t need.

Thus, the purpose behind only walking is to examine while I am shopping I have to realize I have only a backpack….and how heavy do I really want to fill it….what in my basket is a true need and what is a want!

Time:  We have become spoiled and taken it for granted that we can just jump into our cars and zip from this place to that place.  And sometimes we get so caught up with going going going that we forget just how long it may take to do something or get somewhere….thus over budgeting our time.  We all suffer from this.  We add stress to our bodies, our minds, our souls.  We take time from our kiddos….our friends.   We become impatient with other people around us….less loving….less compassionate because by golly we have places to go, people to see, things to do!!!!

Thus, by walking it reminds a person: how bad do I really need to go to the store….how much time do I spend in the car zipping from store to store….and possibly not managing my time as well as I thought I was.

Both of these tie into the added element of Facebook.   We all know FB can be a huge time sucker and it really isn’t a need….we can survive without it!

Do not get me wrong….I love being able to connect with dear friends, family on FB.  I also enjoying reading about other like minded people with some of the things I follow on FB.  But we can become obsessive and even egotistical when we spend too much time in anything that is that sort of setup of open dialogue.  We can obsessively check who read a post.  We can egotistically think we are the only ones who can offer certain thoughts, or wisdom, or information.  It is always good to give ourselves a check and balance.

I am not sharing something that is foreign to anyone.  I am just willing to be out here, a vulnerable, open book for all to see and read!   NONE of us are perfect….and anyone reading this who may find themselves saying I don’t ever get obsessive or egotistical about my FB posting (or anything in life) is lying to themselves because we are all vulnerable to it.  And we all need to check ourselves from time to time!

Okay well…..I think that is enough for now….I have the sweetest little girl who is ready for me to play with her!  And that is one date I do not plan on being late for :)….

Blessings and prayers to each and everyone of you!

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