Fresh and Renewed

I woke up this morning feeling a sense of peace and renewal.   I know life isn’t perfect.  I know family isn’t perfect.  I know I am not perfect.

What is perfect?
Who is perfect?


I take great peace in this very simple yet amazing fact!

I know that even though I felt sluggish, frustrated, overwhelmed, and hormonal yesterday… is a new day and I get to be a better version of myself today.

I have to chance to be a better example to my daughter on how to love your parents even as an adult..heck probably especially as an adult.

I have a chance to overcome hormonal fluctuation and practice great joy even when you feel yuck inside.

I have the chance to live this amazing life another day…to wake up and say THANK YOU GOD for my AMAZING LIFE… AMAZING FAMILY….my AMAZING LEARNING OPPORTUNITIES….my AMAZING EVERYTHING!!!

Thus as my body continues to detox with all that I chose to give up for 2016: caffeine, chocolate/sugar,  alcohol…..

I WILL be patient and loving with myself…..
I WILL be patient and loving with those around me….
I WILL praise and thank GOD for the opportunity to have struggles to grow from!

Have a glorious day!  I know I will!

Oh side note…I have totally decided to approach exercise and movement in an even deeper way this year as I help heal my adrenal glands.  I’ll try to remember to take the time and share tomorrow!


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