Fishing for Faith…

I was thinking about how yesterday I shared with you all one of the Facebook groups I write, share, and learn from…..and I realized I wanted to feature each group.  One a day….for the next….ah who knows how many groups….lol…..   No but seriously.  I want to share with you other places I write and why. 

When I created the Facebook group Fishing for Faith, it was actually by a different name and it was a group specific to the college students I was working with at the time.  Then as I left campus ministry and started doing even more writing and pursuing networking of people and faith… became a place for sharing ways to create ripples in our faith….to cast our nets…..and to evangelize!

Thus FISHING FOR FAITH….is all about how can we live out what Christ asked of Peter….to be FISHERS OF MEN!

Take a moment today to pray….reflect….write about how you are living out your faith!?  How are you being a fisher of men!?  How are you evangelizing and being an intentional disciple for Christ!?

Many hugs and blessings dear readers…family….friends…
~Kelly 🙂

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