Holy Spirit: Show Me

The Holy Spirit is our first and number one advocate! The Holy Spirit is the example for us who are coaches, guides, advocates…to be that light and that support…..to never force or impose….only propose and pray!!!

Hope you’ll Join me today on Facebook for an amazing class full of fun and learning!!!

As always have an amazingly blessed day full of hope, healing and health!

And never forget: YOU ARE ENOUGH!

My hugs and prayers always…


Self Love with Melaleuca

Melaleuca supports a persons immune system.  I have found it interesting that here is an Essential Oil that assists purification of our body…system…..supports our emotional system with protecting us from toxic relationships.

Which we have to think about why do we put ourselves into toxic relationships!?  Why do we allow others to cross over boundaries?!  Lack of self-love!

When we have a healthy self-love we set health boundaries with others.  We create respectful connections with others.  We feel empowered, resilient.

Do you need Melaleuca to support healthy boundaries?!  To love yourself to respect and honor your connections to others!?  And thus strengthen your body and spirit immune system!

Sit with this….pray about this….write about this…..and share/connect with me in the comments!

Many blessings and hugs dear followers…friends….family….

~Kelly 🙂


Self Love with Peppermint

There are mornings I just don’t feel buoyant.  I don’t have my joy.  And when I don’t find my joy I struggle with self-love.  My aches and pains that are a side effect of the Hashimoto’s can feel intense, heavy, unbearable.

Yet, when I grab for my Peppermint Essential Oil I find myself feeling like I can take on anything.  I don’t want to avoid the difficult.  I find the energy to say YES I AM BEAUTIFULLY WONDERFULLY MADE!!!

Do you find loving yourself to be painful or difficult?!  Do you need to feel optimistic and renewed?!

Sit with this….pray about this….write about this…..share/connect with me in the comments!

Many blessings and hugs dear followers…family…friends…

~Kelly 🙂


Self Love with Lemon

Sometimes our energy is lacking.  Our focus is fuzzy.  And our mind needs to detox.

Lemon Essential Oil is helpful with cleansing the gut, cleansing our kitchens, and amazing for making lemon-blueberry muffins!

BUT…..it is a great oil to support focus….mental clarity….energy.   What happens when we don’t love ourselves properly we lack focus.  Focus on the things that are important like being able to be present in the moment.  Self love needs clarity that we ARE WONDERFULLY BEAUTIFULLY made.   When we focus our energies on self-love then we can find the joy in ALL situations.

Does your self love need a little bit of focus and zest?!

Sit with this…..pray about it…..write about it….share/connect with me below in the comments!

Many blessings and hugs dear followers….friends…family…

~Kelly 🙂


Self Love and Essential Oils

During the last post (Planting Seeds) I shared about planting seeds with my daughter.  I watch my darling daughter and see how amazing she is.  Here is a young lady who KNOWS she is wonderfully made.  She has NO DOUBT that God created her with ah and wonder.  She has NO DOUBT that all women should see how beautiful they are.

Do you want to have the same self-love, self confidence.  to confidently walk with the knowledge that God has wonderfully made you!?!?

Join me over the next 10 days as I share with you about the top 10 essential oils found in the 2 most popular Essential Oils start up kits through doTerra.

I will share how these ten oils can relate specifically to self-love!

Do you want to have a better relationship with YOURSELF!?  Do you desire to love yourself as God loves you!?

Sit with this….pray about this…write about this….share/connect with me below in the comments!

Many blessings and hugs dear followers….family….friends….

~Kelly 🙂


Planting Seeds

Last week I took a much needed break to reconnect with my darling daughter.  We connected with her lessons, our oils business, and our family plans for the upcoming move.   We have been trying to not get too itchy about waiting for this move to happen.  We know it’s happening but all the details are still being worked out, which requires patience.  Which also means we’ve been tapping into LOTS of different oils for support with the ups and downs of the emotions.

Patience is not always easy.  But through it there is always fruit!  This reminds me of the guest speaker at the Mother/Daughter Brunch we attended on Saturday.   This speaker shared how we are called as parents to plant seeds…a variety of seeds…..with the help of a variety of helpers (family, friends, like minded individuals).  This with the hopes, prayers, desires for even a few of the seeds to one day take root.  I loved what she said.  I saw how just as we plant seeds within our children there is an oil for each of these seeds.  There is an oil for each challenge.  I am so grateful to sow seeds with loved ones within my daughter.  And I am just as grateful to have the support of Essential Oils to help me and her along the way.

What seeds are you planting in your children?

  • Love?
  • Mercy?
  • Forgiveness?
  • Faith?
  • Compassion?

Sit with this….pray about it……write about it…..share/connect below with me about it!

Many blessings and hugs dear followers…family….friends….

~Kelly 🙂

Healing with Console…

Console is the COMFORTING BLEND.  The oil of consolation.

What’s in it?File Mar 26, 5 15 08 PM

  • Frankincense
  • Patchouli
  • Ylang Ylang
  • Labdanum
  • Amyris
  • Sandalwood
  • Rose
  • Osmanthus

I have found that I really like understanding what oils are behind a blend.  What is it about the comforting blend that supports a person dealing with grief, loss, trauma, emotional pain, burdens, and even anxiety and restlessness, or feeling unsettled.

And when I look it up, since an oil can have many functions emotionally, I focus on what is the purpose of this oil in the blend?   So I am going to list the emotional component that relates to CONSOLE…..being of comfort.

  • Frankincense:  TRUTH…loved….protected….wisdom.
  • Patchouli:  PHYSICALITY…balance….present…stability….grounded.
  • Ylang Ylang:  INNER CHILD…grief….heart healing….loss of a loved one.
  • Labdanum: *This one is not in the emotions book because it is not available as a single. But that didn’t stop me….centered….peace….balance.
  • Amyris: *Also not in emotions book, nor available as a single.   Alleviate depression, lift spirit.
  • Sandalwood:  SACRED DEVOTION…emptiness…surrender…spiritual devotion/clarity.
  • Rose: DIVINE LOVE…healing…closed/broken heart.
  • Osmanthus: *Also not in emotions book, nor available as a single. Decrease negative mood/depression.

Today as I reflect with fond memories of having Sam in my life for a short 12 weeks, I enjoy what CONSOLE does to support me.  It provides protection, balance, healing, peace, lift, clarity, love, and wisdom.

What do you need comfort in?  Think about it….pray about it….write about it….share below about it!

Many blessings and hugs dear followers….friends…family….

~Kelly 😉



Healing as a Warrior

Today I reflect on how healing is a journey.  I’ve come such a long way yet I know I have more work to do .  I remember dates and events that surround the moment that needs healing.  As many people are preparing for April Fools Day pranks/jokes, I  have a flash back of lying on a hospital bed.   Friday will be  the anniversary of me sitting in a doctors office feeling numb that my precious baby didn’t have a heart beat.  So today I lean on console to continue my healing journey.

I am so grateful to have an oil blend, CONSOLE, that will support my continual healing.  Because emotional hurts do resurface for all of us.  How we handle and process these emotions at whatever stage will either support our health on a healing path or hinder our healing path.

The pain isn’t stabbing like it once was.  Most of the time I feel great joy of the memories but I also have other emotions that get in the way.  After all the spirit of hurt and pain are not from God so they must be processed.  They must be cleared out.

What pain do you need to still process/work through:

  1. griefFile Mar 26, 5 08 38 PM
  2. loss
  3. trauma
  4. tragedy
  5. burden

Grab CONSOLE to find:

  1. comfort
  2. ease burdens
  3. serene heart
  4. emotional rest
  5. feeling whole

Sit with this…..pray about this…..write about this….and share below about this!

Many hugs and prayers dear followers….friends….family…

~Kelly 🙂


To Hope…

Last week, I shared about a friend and the root reason for her passion with sex trafficking.  Today I want to share about the HOPE TOUCH  oil blend.

“dōTERRA Hope Touch is a distinct essential oil blend combining the fresh scent of Bergamot with Ylang Ylang and Frankincense, then sweetened slightly with the warming aroma of Vanilla Bean Absolute. It’s inviting scent is only one thing that makes dōTERRA Hope Touch truly unique. The full purchase price of each dōTERRA Hope Touch bottle is donated to the dōTERRA Healing Hands Foundation™ which supports O.U.R. Rescue. O.U.R. Rescue is an organization that consists of the world’s experts in extraction operations and anti-child trafficking efforts. They have come together to bring an end to child slavery and sex trafficking. With each application of dōTERRA Hope Touch, breathe in its uplifting scent while knowing your purchase is part of a bigger cause—to help rescue precious children throughout the world.”  ~Quote straight from doTERRA.com

I pulled the full quote because I know we can all get busy and not click on the links within blogs or articles.  I get it trust me…..I skim my fair share of blogs and books.

This is TOO important to skim.



  1. 100% of the oil purchase goes to the Healing Hands Foundation.
  2. O.U.R. Rescue is fighting for these women and children.
  3. The oils that are in the blend.

I want to share with you about the oils that are in this blend…

Bergamot~ The Oil of Self-Acceptance…..relieves despair and feeling hopeless.  This oil provides support of hope and feeling good enough.

Ylang Ylang ~The Oil of the Inner Child…..releases emotional trauma.  This oil connects you to your inner child to feel free.

Frankincense Oil~the Oil of Truth…creates protection when feeling abandoned.  This oil reminds us we are loved.

I only highlighted the key emotions to each oil that I thought pertained to the cause at hand.   Think about it:  Self-Acceptance, Inner Child, Truth.

These women and children are robbed of their childhood, of their innocence.  They are surrounded by an evil that creates despair and hopelessness.  And once they are rescued, if they are able to be rescued, they will struggle with feeling abandoned and unloved….heck they already feel that.  These feeling will be compounded more than likely with a severely severed connection to our Heavenly Father.


I remember when I first heard, read, and watched about the Hope oil.….it brought tears to my eyes.  It still does.  I feel so humbled and so proud to be part of a company that cares so much about the care and dignity of truly the lost and forgotten.  But doTERRA, as well as many other organizations, have NOT forgotten these women and children.  They are fighting for them each and every day.

What inspires you so much to help bring HOPE to others?!  Sit with this….pray about this….write about this…..and share below about it!!!

Many Blessings and Hugs dear followers, family, friends……

~Kelly 🙂


Essential Oils 101

Yay!  I’m so excited!  Tomorrow I am finally taking that leap to start teaching the amazing benefits and support we are able to experience with essential oils!

I fell in love with essential oils about 5 years ago!  I have literally tried all brands! 
So why have I decided to finally start pursuing teaching and sharing about essential oils?!
Because I see their value…their purpose…their amazing support in ALL aspects of life: mind body soul!
I see how they enhance all aspects of my furthering my sharing and teaching about self love and mind body soul life coaching.  
I see how if someone wants better cleaning supply choices….oils will help. 
I see how if a person is struggling with their physical health….oils will support what they are doing. 
I see how as I start taking this new chapter of my life of helping others/women/girls through many mind body soul/ self love coaching aspects of life there is a place for oils in all of it!
I feel so blessed to be able to share with others.  
I’m not worried it will take away from family because I look at it as essential oils have actually given our family the gift of truly slowing down and being mindful of choices.  
Take a moment today to reflect….pray…journal about what in your life supports all aspects of your life?  Mind body soul?!
Many hugs and blessings dear readers…family…friends..
~Kelly 🙂  

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