Tasty Tuesday: Fun Fizzy Healthy Drink!



1 Packet of Effer-C Elderberry Packet
1 TB of Lemon-Raspberry Magnesium
Mineral water
lemon slice…optional


Empty a packet of Effer-C in a glass, with 1 TB of Magnesium.  Add about 2-3 ounces of regular water.  Mix together.  It will foam up and bubble.  So let it settle a bit in between bubbling.  Once the bubbling and foaming has settled add ice and mineral water.  Squeeze lemon slice if desire.

***This for me is a wonderful refreshing little drink that not only replenishes my minerals and essential vitamins but also meets that sweet bubbly drink fix!

Did you know most of us are deficient in essential minerals?
Vitamin C is great for replenishing hydration, recovery after a workout, and so much more!

***Please remember…this is all my opinion….this is my life I am sharing…I am not a professional…seek a physician, a professional for any health advice, concerns, etc…..

Have a great TASTY TUESDAY!!!! 🙂

Hugs and blessings,
~K 🙂

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