Day 5: Food for Energy

During this 21 day challenge as you are learning how to find our MIND, BODY, SOUL connection of your FAITH, FOOD, FITNESS think about how you connect with your food.

Eat to the point of energy not fullness…not sluggishness…not for punishment.

Eat in celebration of nurturing your body properly.

CPDR:  Cephalic phase digestive response….this is when you truly connect and are in the moment of eating.  Thus eating when truly hungry…being present in your eating experience.  Not running around while eating….not eating to the tv….not eating at the computer…not even eating while reading!  By becoming aware when you eat your able to not only become present to celebrate your experience but you are able to recognize the signal of fullness, satisfaction but you are able to create a more efficient metabolism.

ENS: Enteric Nervous System.  This is the interconnection of your brain to your digestion.   This is when we listen to our gut brain; when our nutritional and metobolic needs are being met.

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