The Picture of God: How I love and care for myself!

I have soooo many thoughts…soooo many ways I want to share with all WOMEN about how AMAZING each and everyone of you are!!!

I have thoughts I want to share about all the ways we can love ourselves.
Thoughts on how to love ourselves through illness, disease, or any physical complications.
I want to share how struggles can make you you amazing and strong.
How we don’t have to compete, compare, or complain.

How to love ourselves NO MATTER WHAT!

This month I am going to share all the ways I have learned to LOVE EVERYTHING about myself…and how I love myself each and everyday!

Loving myself hasn’t always been easy….hence why I want to start  with the hardest one…lol….body image….

I read recently about how we should “eat our frogs” first thing in the day.  Meaning do the tough stuff first therefore feeling quite accomplished the rest of the day.

Here I go….eating my frogs…lol….

My journey to loving my body has been beautiful.  It has molded me. It has made me amazingly strong and beautiful!

Through nurture I became susceptible at a young age to dismorphia….I LOVE how this doesn’t stop me from pulling the mental curtain aside and seeing GOD every time I smile or glance at the mirror!

My body has been through being objectified….reminding me God sees my true beauty….my soul!

By body has been betrayed by someone I trusted…..strengthening my trust and love to God.

My body has changed many forms, sizes….I HAVE LOVED each size!  I have learned something amazing about my faith….and so many virtues through each size….each shape….how can I not LOVE each size!!!

My body fought and struggled to have my one and only child….my body GAVE LIFE!!!

My body can’t carry any other children…BUT IT CONTINUES TO GIVE LIFE TO SO MANY!!!

My body has been extra curvy, straight, firm, soft, slightly curvy, strong….AND I LOVE SEEING A WONDERFUL WARRIOR WOMAN….in each shape…

My body is fighting for it’s immune system….I LOVE the electricity my body puts out reminding me it’s alive!

My body’s hormone system, thyroid, has been asking for extra TLC recently…..I LOVE that I get to do exactly that!

I LOVE knowing this physical body is a shell holding ME….for SO MUCH GOD has in store for me.

I LOVE how GOD strengthens me….teaches me….holds me…LOVES me….IN THIS BODY….ALL STAGES OF IT…AND SO MUCH MORE….

What I love most about this body!?  Is truly, deeply, spiritually knowing I AM MORE than this physical body!!!


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