Too Many Emails…

Do you ever feel like you receive WAAAAAY too many emails!?  And you just don’t know which ones to keep…which to delete…..thus you find yourself not wanting to subscribe to just one more informational site…blog….etc!?

That’s how I feel lots of times! 

I will get in a research frenzy and I’ll come across many blogs or sites that I feel I just MUST get their info or I am going to miss out.  AND THEN….I will have over 100 emails in my inbox by the end of the day.  Thus I take the tedious time of unsubscribing to a bunch of things.

I don’t want ANYONE to ever feel like that toward my blog!

I started out this year with the goal of writing each day.  It was to be my accountability.  My place that I just shared all my thoughts…big or small.

It HAS been awesome but I realized what if because I post something everyday it stops someone from reading or even subscribing!?  I write for me……but I would be dishonest if I didn’t say I would love to see thousands following my blog….because through my writing for me I am writing for the reader.  I don’t write for pride or vanity…but knowledge that I am being able to be a light and spread great ripples.

Most bloggers put out something about once or twice a week….that is the average.  But this is the thing…..I am not wanting to conform to the “norm”….but I also don’t want others to not catch something just because I give TOO much… maybe this is where discernment….discretion….prudence come into play.

So it has had me thinking how I love that DYNAMIC CATHOLIC sends me daily motivational sayings/scripture.  They are short but lovely.  I ALWAYS want to open those first thing in the morning….and I usually want to spread the message thus I instantly share it to Facebook on one of the many groups I manage or on my own timeline.

This had me thinking some more…..
What if I just did that most days of the week…..gave a quick reflection…..scripture…..or information tidbit….or even just a link to check out….!?
Then once maybe twice a week I would write on what’s going on….something longer….more in-depth….!?

It’s a work in progress…..but I feel it is the right way to go…the direction I should take….especially with all the little projects I am currently working on….because I am getting writing time everyday!  I have been able to hone in on that discipline.  So now I need to be true to what I posted yesterday and realize that maybe it’s that time and season again to shift gears with this blog and other things in my life!

How about you!?  Let’s all sit today….pray….reflect….and journal about what do we need to “weed” out of our lives to make sure our message is being heard and we are devoting our energy to the areas in life that create great ripples for ourselves and for others!

Many hugs and blessings my dear readers….family….friends…
~Kelly 🙂

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