Marriage Love on Monday

I have known my husband for 23 years….married 21.  I met him while we were in the military.  I remember distinctly my evening prayers after I met him.  “Lord….take him back….I’m not ready to meet him yet.”  I knew at 18 that he was meant for me.  And I was not thrilled with God….lol.  Mostly because I had my plans….and meeting my future spouse at 18 instead of 30 was NOT part of MY PLAN.  But we all know that wonderful saying of making plans and see God laugh.

Fast forward…..

What I have learned from this man in my life is profound.  Many of us enter into marriage not prepared.  Maybe not even discussing some of the important topics.  We enter in blindly, and sometimes even selfishly.  Yet marriage grants us the opportunity to learn what true AGAPE LOVE is, if we allow it to grow and teach us!

My hubby and I have been through more ups and down than I can count….we have been through more times apart due to work than I would have ever desired….yet through it all we continue to learn from each other, put aside our selfish desires, and remember the person across from us looking into our eyes is LOVE.

Today as I go about my day and if I even feel the inkling of wanting to be frustrated about something he may or may not have done…I will instead think of all the wonderful things he does RIGHT!  All the little ways and little things he does that I probably overlook!

I know I am a better person….a better wife….a better mother…..a better teacher….a better Catholic…BECAUSE OF HIM!!!  Because of even the disagreements….challenges….the nuances……they all help me be a better me.

Marriage is truly about dying to yourself….and putting the other persons needs first.  What a wonderful way for GOD to create practice…..consistent….everyday……hard work practice of walking in HIS will…..HIS  love…HIS mercy……than through the sacrament of marriage!

How do you nurture your marriage?  Do you see GOD in your spouse?  Have you gotten kind of well…lax with your relationship?  Have you forgotten the deeper purpose of marriage?!

Hugs and prayers always,


BOOK:  Two more days……THE HORMONE RESET :)…….
MOVEMENT: Walk to the end of your block jog back to your house……do 10 push ups and 50 jumping jacks… this 3 or 5 times…..that will wake you up!!!!!

NUTRITIONAL/HEALTH NUGGETS:  Dairy!  I love love love cheese…..diary….BUT I know it is not good for me.  7 years ago when I gave up dairy it was not easy…..and re-reading the dairy section in THE HORMONE RESET book it has reminded me why dairy is so addicting as well as why it is truly not healthy for us. It effects our GROWTH HORMONE.  Some things to consider is: do you get congested? Do you have skin rashes, eczema, etc? Do you feel puffy?  Gut bloat?  These all can and probably are reactions to your dairy consumption.  I have noticed even when I partake in one meal that has some dairy it creates great havoc on my system.  For me it’s truly not worth it anymore ESPECIALLY with my thyroid condition….and for brain health!  Check out the pictures I have today that give you just some data and helpful tips on why to go dairy free.  And to understand more check out Dr. Axe, Dr. Datis, Dr. Sarah Gottfrieds websites.

TASTY TIP: What do I do instead of milk?  Well lets say if I want to have “cheesy” broccoli….I use nutritional yeast flakes.   If I want cream in my tea or my shake I use coconut milk from the can.  My daughters favorite ice cream recipe I have made is 3 ingredients: blend 2 cans of coconut milk, 1 tbsp of vanilla, 1/2 cup of maple syrup and if you need it sweeter about 5-10 drops of stevia.  I blend it all together then stick it into my ice cream maker and let it churn for 2-3 hours!  Bam instant wonderfulness…..dairy free…..allergen free…..and low in sugar!!!!

Wear Your Ashes with Love on Wednesday

Lent officially begins….40 days of stepping back, reflecting, praying, fasting, sacrificing, loving!

I find it interesting how we can get caught up on the sacrifice part, the fasting, the abstaining.  I find it a privilege, an honor to do something for God… grow closer to Him!

It’s funny because many will argue they can’t abstain because they just have to have their meat….but truly there are plenty of protein sources out there to sustain you for one day….one day!! We truly don’t need animal meat.  And our bodies can get what it needs from animal meat even just once a week. SOOO…..the argument is futile!

And fasting…..even an absolute…..well again bone broth, lemon water, and green tea all alone can sustain you for ONE DAY!  I have done exactly that for NINE days!  This is not to brag to boast….this is to help others understand IT IS POSSIBLE!!!

The tricky thing is when a person says well I have this condition or that condition that prevents me from fasting.  I am no doctor so I give no advice…I only share what I have learned and what I HAVE DONE…..and I say “consult your doctor for any medical advice” as my caveat to not get into trouble…lol…

So this is the interesting thing….lets take diabetics for instance….the argument, a great deal of times, is they need to keep their blood sugar levels stable…..yes I agree……BUT FASTING can actually do this!  The science is amazing now about this actually helps.  I am insulin resistant… 9 day absolute fasts have all been for medical reasons….and they have each time re-balanced my insulin levels!

I guess I have just never been willing to use the “loop holes” of getting out of fasting or abstaining.  BUT I have experienced and witnessed first hand how FASTING (whether an absolute, partial, or abstinence) CAN REAP SUCH MIRACLES!

A while back I pondered if I would ever stop taking communion in the form of bread and only take from the cup because of my gluten intolerance’s and all my health issues.  I knew for me I would not and could not stop receiving Jesus.  EVEN IF the simple wheat host will be the cause of me never fully healing physically.  BECAUSE THIS IS THE THING…..for me I KNOW I AM RECEIVING CHRIST…..HE IS PRESENT……I WILL NOT DENY MYSELF HIM..…I am aware that HE is still using bread.  And I understand that the molecular structure  is wheat BUT I look at (just like I heard and witnessed this weekend at the Divine Mercy Day of Reflection)…..there have been so many amazing miracles out there proving to the world that the HOST IS JESUS…..who am I to say that that is not exactly what is happening within me!!!

Doesn’t GOD ask us to trust in him?!  To go beyond our power, our will, and abandon it all to HIM!  Thus I give HIM my will… trust….my absolute everything!

I look forward to ALL this lent has in store for me.  Lent is never easy….for so many reasons….but it ALWAYS produces such amazing fruit.  I can’t help but be excited to fast….to sacrifice…to empty myself to and for HIM!!!

Lay ALL your burdens…your struggles on the alter for HIM this Lent to do miracles within you!  Sacrifice and fast not only as a petition, as a way to ask favor, but also as a form of PRAYER….a way to PRAISE HIM….TRUST HIM….LOVE HIM!!!

Have a a wonderful Ash Wednesday!

If you desire to share what you will do for lent to draw closer to HIM I would love to read about it below!  I would love to learn and grow with all of you!

hugs and blessings always,


BOOK:  We will continue today in the HORMONE RESET DIET….Dr. Sara Gottfried

MOVEMENT:  If you live close to your church walk to the church and reflect as you prepare to receive ashes….and if not…go for a walk somewhere anywhere….before or after mass.  Allow it to be the moment where you really reflect on how you can continue to care for your temple….and stay balanced with your hopes and dreams MIND BODY SOUL…..all to honor HIM!

UNDERSTANDING OUR HEALTH: In the Hormone Reset Diet….the first hormone she talks about resetting is ESTROGEN.  And the best way to do it is by eliminating meat and alcohol from your diet for a minimum of 3 days but really for atleast 21 days to ensusre all the other hormones have the opportunity to reset.  The science behind meatless is profound.  This article is a helpful overview. But the book really helps you see and understand in black and white! But this link also gives a great overview of Dr. Sara’s diagrams.

TASTY TIP: Your’e convinced you don’t like green tea.  It is bitter…etc.  The trick is to not let it steep for more than 2 minutes.  But even if you over-steep it you CAN FIX IT.  My 2 favorite ways:  1.  squeeze a full lemon in it, with a few drops of stevia.  2.  Lemon and stevia like #1 but add either mint (fresh or essential oil)  or add cinnamon (again fresh or essential oil). Drink warm or on ice…or even blend it up!

Food on Friday

Food Food Food….

We are an obsessed world about food!

We worry about feeding the poor yet we waste more than we ever have in history.  Have you ever gone by a restaurant or grocery dumpster at the end of the day!?

There are boxes and boxes of items in stores labeled and advertised as “food”…..but what are they really?  Can you read any of the ingredients?

There is an amazing history behind how wacky and far removed “food” has become from real FOOD!  The kind grandma and grandpa use to put on the table.  The kind of food that took time….real time to prep and appreciate.

Now we live in a time where there is a food war of what is the best quality…organic or non-organic….beans or no beans….rice or no rice….milk or no milk…..plant based…animal based…..ugh!

It is all exhausting for so many, but it is also exciting.

Exhausting for a a family trying to eat good healthy food on a limited budget.

Exciting because awareness is opening up eyes and consciences about WHAT REAL FOOD IS!

So here is my take….how I manage the hurtle of keeping costs down as well as instilling all I have learned over the last 7 years….and trying to not get freaky about it.

First….NO processed junk in our house!  A boxed meal DOES NOT EVER enter into our home!

ALL single ingredient food:  meat, fruit, veggies, nuts, coconut milk, other non-dairy milk, spices, oils (no vegetable,…junk oils), vinegar, beans, rice, nut flours, tea, coffee, seeds….you get the idea.

If on the occasion I have something in our pantry that is from a box: granola, rice crackers, etc…..they have to have just a handful of ingredients and I have to be able to understand them….ie: oats, brown sugar, cinnamon, molasses….or rice, salt, potato starch….

Okay so back to how I shop….

First….especially if a person isn’t going to eat organic then at least take a good pre/probiotic to encourage healthy gut flora!


I really try to not get freaky about it.  I strive for the dirty dozen, clean 15 list.  Especially celery!!!  But no matter what….organic or non-organic….I rinse all of them off in a vinegar bath….even the thick peeling fruits and veggies.  This bath helps ensure any bugs or toxins from ground to store are removed.  As far as organic….I look at if it has a really thick skin (oranges, bananas, avocados) then I will go for sales…try not to worry about organic.  I would love to do 100% organic but I have to be practical and respectful to my husbands income as well as our entire families needs. This is where the probiotics really become important.  So something a person can wager is what is the cost difference of buying a good probiotic and quality multi-vitamin with greens to supplement not going 100% organic?  Basically would 100% organic actually cost less or about the same…..because good quality supplements aren’t cheap!!

I do shop only the sales for the produce…..and then add a handful of our mainstays…..and luckily the stores are becoming more and more aware of the want and push for organic….so my carrots, celery, and lettuces are ALWAYS organic!


This has it’s own baggage of health concerns, just the make up of dairy….but for the most part the big thing about dairy is if it is hormone free and if it is overly “cleaned”, processed.  This is the thing….if a person can tolerate dairy…..raw, fresh is the best.  It still has all the good bugs in it.

That being said….truly the only dairy that enters our home is greek yogurt and cheese for beans…and this if for darling daughter.  I can’t tolerate it….dd really shouldn’t but it is not a battle worth fighting.  I would rather dairy than sugar!   Anyways… MUST come from a grass fed cow….hormone free for me to be comfortable with it coming in my home.

Which brings me to….


This is where I am probably going to get in trouble with A LOT of people….even friends.  Living in the middle of FEED LOT country…..BUT….I am only sharing what my practices are and why….I am not here to cause another OPRAH incident!

This is the thing….there is some amazing, compelling studies about corn, grains, etc….and how these create inflammation in our systems.  How they are not healthy for us.  Also there is some interesting documentation on how this even creates issues in the animals.  But let’s say it wasn’t an issue….here is the biggie….most grain fed animals are also coming from farms that are being pumped with hormones and junk.  AND that is not good for us!!

So for my family it is a no brainer…..MEAT HAS TO BE HORMONE FREE….AND GRASS FED!

Luckily my hubby hunts so most of our red meat is venison.  But when we have beef…..I really pick up the sales.  I always look to see when Natural Grocers has sales.  We have bought into a part of a cow before.  Chicken is easier to find.  For example I found at United several months ago 4 amazing whole chickens on sale that were hormone, antibiotic free, free range……



Now we live in an MEAT obsesses world.  WE ARE OMNIVORES!  Therefore I truly and firmly believe we should eat seasonally….eat what is in season to get the most bang for your buck as well as get the most nutrition form the food.  Our protein can and should come from a variety….not just ANIMAL.  We truly don’t need red meat every single day!  We don’t need animal meat every single day.  We CAN THRIVE on having animal meat just a few times a week and then using fish and plant based protein throughout the rest of the week.

This world of MEAT MEAT MEAT has become crazy and obsessive.

What it really comes down to is…..


Now at this point I could plug in a bunch of links and info to compel you but at the end of the day we each have to decide what is best for our own situation…our own family….our own convictions.  Thus my thoughts are if a person really wants to know more about some of this THEY TRULY WILL RESEARCH IT!

But where to look is always a good questions.

So with that I will share with you my go to people, resources that lead me in the right direction:


Those are my biggies.  There are many others but I know even if they don’t have the answers I am looking for they are going to lead me in the right direction.

I would love to hear your take on FOOD….and how you manage not getting obsessed with all the conflicting and sometimes overwhelming information put out there!  Leave comments and/or questions below so we can learn together!

Have a glorious Friday!
Hugs and prayers always,

BOOK OF THE DAY:  This is one of the funnest cookbooks I have.  If you are just tired of veggies and dishes having the “same old” flavor.  Feel like you need some pizzazz with not too much work?  NOM NOM PALEO is the one for you!  Plus it is fun to read the comics in it!

MOVEMENT OF THE DAY:  Usual wake up push-ups, kickbacks, stretching.   But this morning I opted to not do the mini-trampoline.  I knew I was going to be taking my daughter to her guitar lesson this morning and there is a gym at the church so I will have the opportunity to walk laps for about 30-40 minutes.  But to still get some great lymphatic drainage going I did jumping jacks, and for growth hormone stimulation pull ups.  I did 4 sets of 5 pull-ups and 1 minute of jumping jacks.  Done in 7 minutes….felt great!

Marvelous Moment on Monday

I sit here preparing for my day…my Monday.  Thinking of  all I will need to accomplish for this day.  All that needs to be spaced out for the week.  Knowing I need to probably get going, but not feeling pressured….not feeling stressed….not feeling guilty in just sitting.  Just breathing.  I have completed my morning prayers…my offerings.  I have moved my body to wake up.  

I sit here with my tea looking around me and smile.

And listen.

I hear the fish jump in their tank.
I hear the filter pushing the water through the tank.
I hear my laundry machine in its spin cycle.
I hear the house settling.
I hear my heart beating.

And I wait…..

I wait to hear HIS VOICE!

And that is why I am not in a hurry to move from this spot.   I know He still has stuff to share with me….and all the “to do’s” can wait.  I know all will be accomplished with peace and proper timing if I continue to WAIT, BE STILL, AND LISTEN to what He has to share with me on this morning, for this day, for this week, for anything…..I WILL WAIT!  Because HIS WILL is much more peaceful and enjoyable to do than MY WILL.

Have you stopped to listen yet this morning, this day!?

How do you ensure you take time to listen to God’s voice in the middle of mind clutter, life activities, and world chaos?!

I would love to hear your thoughts!

Have a marvelous Monday!
blessings and hugs,

PS…’s book….I absolutely love Dr. Gottfried.  She is passionate about women’s health….true health…..she is continually learning and growing and willing to share……I can relate to her on so many levels.  her books are profound in understanding just how unique a woman’s body is and how we need to take care of it nutritionally, physically, mentally, spiritually.   It is not only a must read for women, single, married, moms or not…..but I think even young ladies.  Maybe even mom’s read it first and see what areas of the book you would want your preteen read, and then what areas as they enter into their teen years….and then young adulthood.  The more prepared our young girls are to take charge of their whole health at a young age….the better they will live the life of abundance and thrive!  (The book I have above is great about understanding the cycle of hormones, and her other book THE HORMONE CURE is a great read as well!)

Dynamic Daughters: In Need of Energy!

ADRENAL FATIGUE! This is not something to play with.  There is so much information out there but let me tell you it is real.

In January my doctor pretty much gave me strict orders to lower my stress and to be in bed by 9 and not be up before 6.  He also said to do restorative movement not running or HIIT kind of exercising. I needed to reduce my caffeine and alcohol.  Blah blah blah…I listened pretty strict for the first month and then we entered into lent and again I was able to keep to the dietary needs and sleep but I started allowing running and more intense workouts to creep back into my life.  After Easter more red meat…more coffee..more wine…pushing the bedtime…and I found myself hitting a wall again.  
I started reading Dr. Sara Gottfried newest book on the hormone reset and the more I read it the more I thought about my adrenals; I started researching again.  
I realized I must truly give my body the rest it is begging me for.  I continue to be en-flamed.  And all  I’ve been reading about how if I don’t get my adrenals in full health before I enter menopause it will make that stage in life much more difficult. Thus I MUST not think of vanity right now but about health…true internal health!
Everything I’ve been learning about the symptoms and causes of adrenal fatigue make total sense to me.  It confirms for me that I did push myself too much  3 years ago. I can’t take it back. What  I can do is accept that I must do the right thing for myself now and be healthy: mind body soul. 
It’s the perfect opportunity for me to truly live a life of saying I love myself no matter what.  That I am still strong…still healthy…still amazing…even if I don’t ever run again. 
My trying to recover from Adrenal Fatigue has brought out healing and facing body images issues that have been freeing.  (More on body image and it’s relationship to Dysmorphic Disorder in a future post).

I know I am healthy.  I know I am beautiful.  I know I am amazing.  I have amazing strength.  I look great. 
I had to face the fact that between my bio-hacking experiments (more on that in another post) and my adrenal fatigue  has created a huge hormonal mess… I find myself not always feeling great about what I see.  
But this is where faith …tapping into my spiritual life… is vitally important.  Because I don’t let those negative voices sway me. I tell them to go away…I look myself in the mirror…I smile and I say: I am beautifully made!!!!!
And I am!!!!
God doesn’t make junk!!!
Thus, I will continue to live up to the promise I made my dynamic daughter over 12 years ago while she was still in my womb…to never ever speak negatively about myself.  To always show her through my life and love that we are defined not by what we look like but by our heart.  
And you know what if I have to never run again, never have caffeine or wine again, never stay up late again, and weigh a bit more than my mind thinks I should than that’s OK.  Because the picture of Health isn’t always what it appears to be.  
I love what Maddy Moon shared about how she experienced being at her leanest and how it about destroyed her.

AS we raise dynamic daughters to become wonderful warrior women we must be willing to always evaluate our own self…
What are the things that we value:
vanity over virtue?!
Ascetics over health?!
Pain over purpose!?

So I again say…I am okay with if I can’t ever run again.  And I will continue to show my daughter through my actions:
 I am a valuable amazing person just as I am!!!

I love my life….especially with all it’s challenges….all its hurts, pains, struggles….because I continue  to grow and learn from each experience.  And I continue to experience God’s amazing power through my weakness!

Ephesians 5:29

For no one ever hated his own flesh, 
but nourishes and cherishes it, 
just as Christ does the church.


hugs, prayers, and lots of blessings,
~Kelly 😉


Selfies: 10 pound follow up!

JANUARY 2015 – gotta love my daughters mirror!

I’m not a huge fan of selfies….

Yet, I was refelcting the other day of the time when Sarah Fragosa wrote a fabulour post “Own It”.  She was able to show all her hard work in the posting.

I recently shared about the difference of ten pounds and how it can or can’t look on a body.  I realized sometimes a person can talk and talk and share but another just won’t believe it unless they see it.  Oh how very doubting Thomas of us, right….lol!

Thus, here it goes…

This picture is of me when I met with Jason Seib back in July.

JULY 2014 – 

Last week I took the two pictures on the right with basically the same outfit.

I share this because WOMEN….GIRLS….LADIES….and even men…..I want you to understand YOU ARE NOT THE VALUE OF THE NUMBER ON THAT SCALE!!!

JANUARY 2015 ~side shot…

Don’t let that rediculous tool take hold of your happiness!  I  truly do not care what that number says.  That number will not, does not, define my happiness.

I don’t care if I am not “twiggy” this year….or ever again…..we are all unique and beautiful and amazing!!!

How about a unique and different kind of challenge; one that has nothing to do with how you exercise, what you eat, what you want to change physically…..

What if instead… for 21 days you challenged yourself to truly love yourself exactly where you are at!?

What if, first thing in the morning you said:


Then pick movement that inspires you.

Eat with passion not punishment.

The cool thing is you could start your 21 day LOVE MY BODY, LEARN FROM MY BODY, LISTEN TO MY BODY….this SUNDAY, January 25th!  And complete it as a Valentines gift of love to yourself!!!

Google Marc David.  He is a great resource to help you shift your mindset about eating for your body, mind, and soul.  Check out all he has to say about the psychology of food.  He has a fabulous book, “The Slow Down Diet: Eating for Pleasure, Energy, & Weight Loss”.   An excelllent read.

And then there is Dr. Sara Gottfried….she has a fabulous podcast….THE HEALTH BRIDGE….helping others learn and understand the psychology behind food as well as the hormones that effect our mind, body, soul experience of food, fitness, and fun!

I feel committed to help you with this journey so I will post something for 21 days, starting on January 25 thru February 14.  I will post something short each day that will be encouraging, loving, inspiring for you  on this journey of change….in all the different ways to love yourself through mind, body, soul experiences….whether it be with nurishing recipes, health changes, movement, encouraging scripture,  great reads…..and so much more…

Join me for 21 days to not only change your body, but change your mind, to enlighten your soul!   

What better gift to give yourself for VALENTINES DAY but to start loving yourself RIGHT NOW….EXACTLY WHERE YOU ARE AT!!!

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