Mind Body Soul of our Gut Health!

What resonated within me about all four of these podcasts that I am sharing the screen shots of…..is they all had the same theme of self-love.   They each were dealing with gut health or other health stuff….but ultimately they were all about self-love….balance…being in-tune to what is right for YOU….not the guy next door….not the super model….not your child….but YOU…..

I’ve had two weeks to really think about how is it that while I am on this cruise with less than perfect choices for my gut health and healing…am I able to maintain a pretty low level of inflammation yet I get home I start bursting with inflammation, gut issues, brain fog, water retention…..you name it….I felt it…..

Many of the things within each of these podcasts I listened to this last week rung true and reminded me just how entwined our WHOLE health is (mind, body, soul)!

For example on the Autoimmune Adventures podcast the guest talked about how as we are journeying into better health…..learning how to manage an autoimmune disease, or really trying to prevent on in my case (I actually have many autoimmunity conditions that most people don’t think twice about, but it is just a breeding ground for a full blown disease)…..

Anyways….so as we learn to manage…..grow in better health…..we can get caught up in trying to do things too perfect…forgetting to enjoy the moment…..because when we get caught up in the do’s and don’ts well that just creates another kind of stress….and we all know stress doesn’t allow your body to heal.

After all that is how I got where I am at….STRESS!!!

This is the thing…..what we may perceive as good things (weddings, pregnancy, promotions….) these are still stresses to the body….but then there are the stresses that take healing….deep healing….(conflict with work, miscarriage, hysterectomy, death of a loved one, tension at work, secrets,….)…..this all takes time.  And what if they all take place within a short window of time?  What if these stresses are compacted with too little sleep?  Too much alcohol to compensate?

Well it doesn’t matter how “perfect” you are eating….your system WILL break down if you don’t deal with all the underlying emotions!

Thus I loved loved loved….the guest on Dr. Ritamarie’s podcast.  He discussed the emotions that can be contributing to gut health.  Especially if you are doing everything nutritionally correct, and you are still having gut issues…..we need to dig deeper….the root….the mind body soul connection.

Each of these podcasts had something special and dear to me….

Underground Wellness…Sean Croxton…shared how he will sometimes compare his present self to what his 20’s self accomplished…..I think we can all be vulnerable to comparing.  But we must stop that….we MUST say I AM BEAUTIFULLY MADE…I AM WHO I AM SUPPOSE TO BE RIGHT NOW!!

I am done with comparing who I was 10, 5, 3 years ago…..each season of my life has its strengthens and weaknesses….and each of them have great value…..

Mind Body Musings….talked about intuitive eating and living….I LOVED IT!!  Because after the cruise it has truly been where I have been leaning even more so.   My nutrition coach has been helping me learn how to trust this even more so…..and I am so grateful to her for it.  

Being a bio hacker by nature….I am always gung-ho to try something new to improve my mind, body, soul…..but sometimes my enthusiasm to try something get’s in the way of what my “gut” might be saying to do…..

I think what I took out of these 4 podcasts (something I have been really reflecting on this last couple months)…..is that if I want to continue to truly heal and grow in my health (mind, body, soul)…..then I need to dig deeper….I need to get to the root of my emotions, I need to tap into my intuition even more, I need to quit trying to do my “lists” perfect, and I need to quit comparing my health to years of past…..because at the end of the day….I wouldn’t change any of it.

My journey defines me….molds me….strengthens me….teaches me…..loves me!

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