Truth & Trust = Hope & Healing

I’ve been having some symptoms with my physical health coming up recently but hey has been well….frustrating the daylights out of me!

So yesterday I was praying and asking God: what do I need to be doing? What oils have I not thought of? What emotion having I not tapped on? What have I not addressed?!

He gave me part of the answer yesterday but then told me wait….

I was like ugh…how long do I have to wait!!!!!

Then this morning as I was doing my morning prayers, reading the daily readings and gospel…..I open my email and see which two oils are the BOGO….and I about weeped with joy and peace.

Because HE knew that these were the two I literally needed!

We all want to hurry along healing but as many years as there is of hurts pains and trauma we have that many years of emotions to clear out. This doesn’t mean we stay stuck in the muck.

It means we are patient and loving to ourselves. It means we give ourselves grace. It means we walk with the truth that our yoke May feel heavy but His burden is light!


I got a bit well…personal… on my personal Facebook page today…lol…

I did this because…..

If there is anyone who you think can use this message of hope and healing through sexual trauma please share this and pass it along!

Maybe you know someone who could really use the encouragement and reminder of how beautifully wonderfully made they are!

Let’s spread hope and healing….because that is the way we are going to take our true health back. That is how we are going to connect our physical and emotional health and watch the fireworks of our health skyrocket!

Click this video to uncover the lies behind our sexual huts and traumas!

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And in this video I talk about the physical and emotional connection of Frankincense and Jasmine for our liver health!

Yes our liver health! We hold anger in our liver! When we have trauma….we have anger! We must cleanse that out!

Let’s heal! Let’s spread hope! Let’s shine! Let’s be the best version of ourselves so we can be the intentional disciples God created us to be!!!

What is holding you back from your healing?

Sit…pray…..write….tap….and oil up!

Then let’s talk! I want to serve and bless you on this journey!!

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Many hugs, blessings, and prayers….ALWAYS!!!

Kelly 🤗💧💜

Loving the Cenacle on Sunday

I experienced the most amazing opportunity yesterday!

I attended a DAY OF REFLECTION ON THE DIVINE MERCY held at our Diocese Cathedral.

It was beyond beautiful.  Words cannot describe the sense of peace and purpose that was resonating there.  I wish everyone I know could have attended it.

Many people, even fellow Catholics, don’t really know or understand the full story of St. Faustina and her diary.  How the Divine Mercy Chaplet came about, and the painting of the Divine Mercy of our Lord.

Below are some highlights from yesterdays amazing guest speaker: Dr. Bryan Thatcher:

~  He did an overview of the Divine Mercy.  A quick history of who St. Faustina was: poor, uneducated, suffered probably from tuberculosis and intestinal issues.  She only had 2 winters of education and could barely read and write….YET SHE IS A DOCTOR OF THE CHURCH!

~  Feb 22, 1931 Jesus appeared to her.  She started a diary that records all her encounters, visits with Jesus.  Jesus told her to spread mercy!

~  We as Catholics, Christians, need to reach outside of our comfort zone and touch the lives of the poor, the dying, the forgotten.

~ Dr. Thatcher discussed how the CENACLE’S are a way for people to gather and learn more about their faith, read and learn more about the diary and grow together as a community.

~  He further discussed the importance of teaching, learning, understanding the amazing beauty of the REAL PRESENCE of Christ in the Eucharist!

~ I loved how he emphasized that GOD IS LOVE…..WE MUST BECOME THE HANDS AND FEED OF CHRIST!

~ At one point in the day he spent a good amount of time sharing all the amazing sites of Eucharistic Miracles.  My favorite of those was the miracle that took place at Buenos Aires Argentina 1996.  Google it….youtube the doctor testimony on it.  There will be several aspects about this miracle that will astonish you.

~He shared how forgiveness opens our heart to God…which opens the door to DIVINE MERCY!

~ Probably my absolute favorite quote from the diary was: 
“Suffering is a great grace; the suffering sou becomes like the Savior;….in suffering love becomes crystallized; the greater the suffering, the purer of love!”  Take home:  Suffer out of love and love while we suffer!

~ Another quote to ponder:  “Mankind will not have peace until it turns with trust to my mercy.”

The day then ended with Exposition, the Chaplet of Divine Mercy sung, and Benediction.  

What made the day even better for me was I was scheduled for Adoration at my parish chapel.  I quickly took myself across town and sat with Jesus as I took in all the amazing information I had just experienced.  Some of it new, some of it confirming and strengthening, but all of it beautiful and fulfilling.  Thus, if anything it reminded me why and what I am doing when I sit with Jesus for an hour.  It reminded me that I can and must continue to do anything HE asks of me.  It reminded me I don’t need to know the WHY when He asks, or the WHY when I go through my own struggles.  HE KNOWS THE WHY and that is ALL that matters!

What do you know about the Cenacle, Divine Mercy, Saint Faustina, Eucharistic miracles?!  Take a moment today or this week and do some searching.  Then share with me what you discovered!  I would love to read and learn below together!!!

Blessings and hugs,

BOOK OF THE DAY:  The Diary of St. Faustina.  I will definitely reread this now!

MOVEMENT OF THE DAY: Sit in peace.  Meditate. Yoga.  Stretch.  Be kind to your body today by remembering we don’t have to always be in motion to help it strengthen.

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