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I decided it was important to bring my inflammation under control.  I KNOW my toxin load is just more than my body can handle and process.  When we have chronic inflammation there is a disconnect going on.  I have been learning even more about toxin loads and I am looking forward to continuing my sharing with you all.

But more important I would love for you all to join my OILS FAMILY/TRIBE!  I love it when we get to share, learn, and be accountable to others….it provides connection…..growth!

So my question for you is….

Does your mind body soul spirit need to detox?!

💧 What if the May flower 🌺 was you?! Would you grow and flourish?!

💧We all need a detox atleast once a year! We all experience toxin overload, even with clean eating. But what about toxic emotions?

💧We can all use encouragement and accountability when we are connecting with others doing the same detox!

💧this is a detox like none other you have ever done before!

💧This May I will be leading my oils family in a detox. The detox will be with the amazing Cleanse and Restore program doTERRA has developed. In addition I will be providing daily encouragement, support, and tips on how to finish your 30 day detox of mind body soul spirit!

💧What to expect:
Pre-detox prep.
Grocery shopping list.
Suggested oils/supplements.
Connecting with others.
Daily wake up support.

💧Support that includes:
Daily scripture
Journaling suggestions
Food recommendations
Access to private FB group.

💧I would love ❤️ to have you join my Oils family and have access to private content JUST for you, my oils family!

💧Don’t hesitate! I have 3 available appointments this week.

Connect to the “Marvelous Me” within YOU this May…..

Sit with this….pray about it……journal about it….and comment/connect below about it.

And if you want to make a virtual or face-to-face appointment email me at or FB message me at Kelly Frick Connect  

Let’s take a MIND BODY SOUL SPIRIT detox journey together!

Many blessings and hugs my dear followers…friends….family…

~Kelly 🙂

Fighting Limiting Beliefs

Today I woke up feeling well…blah….yuck….and well not my usual sunny self!

I don’t believe in dwelling in the yuckiness and spreading yuckiness…..but I also don’t believe in not sharing real life with all of you.  Because after all, if you all thought I NEVER had a blah day….WELL THAT’S NOT FAIR TO YOU NOR is it REALISTIC!

So how do I overcome BLAH!?


I acknowledge:

I had a full week with traveling.

I had exposure to toxins.

I had exposure to foods even for how clean I tried to specify my needs at the restaurants.

My sleep wasn’t its best.

I remind myself MY PLATE IS FULL right now.

Further I realized I need to acknowledge what have I recently put on my plate that IS NOT ESSENTIAL!?  I have gone back over the tools and tips from ESSENTIALISM to remind myself what is and should be my priority during the next 2 months!?

Thus all the little things I sometimes WANT to do are distractions from the real work.  And I need to dig in and give the ESSENTIALS of my life my GRIT my BEST my ATTENTION!

How much time do I spend fine tuning my FB posts or checking in with my tribe/oils family that I really don’t need to be spending so much time there!?  I need to nurture yes…..but I also need to not obsess!

I need to stop to read for ME as well!

I need to remind myself it’s okay to just focus on stretching and walking right now instead of HIIT workouts.

I need to STOP and realize that some of the things I WANT to do….even with my blogging….ARE NOT NEEDS!!!

And this is why I am going to continue to use the Zendocrine (detoxification blend) to support my mind body soul spirit health during this transition!

File Apr 21, 1 16 08 PM

This oil of VITALITY AND TRANSITION was designed to cleanse the physical body…..our organs.   But it also can DETOX US DURING TRANSITION.….and LIMITING BELIEFS!!!

Sometimes we think we can’t do something during a transition….we start putting up walls.   But when we shed that apathy and see what IS POSSIBLE…we are able to embrace this amazing life!

What limiting belief do you have that has not created space in your life to detox from physical and emotional toxins?!  Sit with this….pray about it…..write about it….share below about it!  Let’s connect!

Many hugs and prayers always dear followers…family….friends….

~Kelly 🙂


New Life…

It’s the day after Easter!  Now we experience Jesus in a whole new way!  He is with us for 40 days before he ascends into heaven!

It’s a chance to cleanse…to do away with the old and in with the new!

This had me thinking about how when we think and reflect we can see and understand how our physical and spiritual life truly ARE CONNECTED!

I have spent the last 2-3 weeks painting, cleaning, doing lots of different things to help our house get on the market.  And to transition into a new phase of life.

My system (physical and emotional) has become toxic.  I know this because I can feel it.  It doesn’t matter that I eat 100% organic.  It doesn’t matter that I have been working on my sleep.  It doesn’t matter that I have been doing lots of things to continually heal my thyroid.

Paint is toxic.  Stress (good and bad) are toxic.  Moving things around stirring up junk in the air along with seasonal changes are toxic.

Toxic meaning…..we are expecting our bodies to do a lot of things and it can only process so much at once.  Then it starts to get sluggish, holding on to things, not functioning as best it can/should.

Our liver is our major detoxifier!  It helps our bodies function.  And if there is one thing I have learned about my thyroid is when everything is running well together then it means everything is connected….everything is communicating.  But if not…..well what could be the disconnect?!  And one of my first thoughts is always my liver!?  What is it possibly taking on that could be creating a disconnect between my adrenals and my thyroid… pituitary gland to my adrenals……my……you name it……where is the disconnect……

So during this 40 days as Jesus is creating change and opening eyes and detoxing old ways of thinking…..I will detox my body from the overload it has been experiencing that I think could be a liver root issue!  I am going to definitely take advantage of Zendocrine to support my detox!

***More on this amazing oil and products in the next post…..but until then…

What do you need to detox from?  Environmental?  Emotional?  Nutritional?

Sit with this…..pray about it….write about it….share below about it!!

Many blessings and hugs dear followers….friends….family….

~Kelly 🙂

Tasty Tuesday

Oh my goodness gracious…..I had the tastiest green shake yesterday! I totally loved the color as well!  It was refreshing….delightful….filling….and very detoxifying for the system!

For me being conscientious of what I eat, how I eat, when, and all those little details some may take for granted…well I can’t.  So when I find something that not only is enjoyable with no ill side effects it is fabulous! LOL….

I got the idea from a detox shake Dr. Axe had posted about….and I put my own spin on it:

1 scoop of collagen (non-gelling) 
3 leaves of cabbage
1/3 cucumber
2 slices of fresh ginger
1 tbs dried parsley (I didn’t have any fresh)
1 lemons worth of juice
2 drops of peppermint essential oil (food grade only)
3 drops of stevia
1 cup of coconut milk/almond milk mix
1 tbs chia seeds
1/2 cup ice
1/2 cup of water


Oh wow it was DELIGHTFUL!  So much so…..that I WILL DO THAT AGAIN THIS MORNING!

***I’ll save my thoughts about detoxes, diets, cleanses, self-care, self-love, and how it all relates to being a woman….how and when it can be helpful or hurtful…..for tomorrows posting…..


hugs and prayers always,
~Kelly 🙂

BOOK OF THE DAY:  If you have not discovered the super power house of coconut oil as of yet…YOU TRULY ARE MISSING OUT!!!  I truly survived on it back in Aug/Sept for our family cruise.  I brought a jar of it with me….and before most meals I would take in about a teaspoon of it.  If I felt cravings I have a spoonful.  If I was having low energy….I had a spoonful.  It helps boost the brain, immune system….they are now showing research in how it helps with many autoimmune conditions…and SO MUCH MORE!!  Check it out!

I love these amazing compact weights!
Total time was 20 minutes….this is what it looked like:
4 minute mini trampoline
1 minute deep (all the way down squat) holding 10lb KB come up push the KB all the way up in the air to do a shoulder press then bending only at the elbows bring the weight behind you to do a tricep press.
1 min 15lb KB (same movement as above) deep squat, shoulder press, tricep press
1 min 20lb KB deep squat, shoulder press
1 min 35lb KB hold at handle now, deep squat, upright row when stand
30 sec 10lb KB tricep kick back (left side)
30 sec 10lb KB tricep kick back (right side)
1 min mini tramp recovery
*if you look the KB part totals 6 minutes so I repeated all of that for a 2nd set.
4 minutes of cool down on the mini tramp

Stretch… that felt good!

***yesterday the other movement I got into the day other than my morning workout….I did lots of deep cleaning…climbing up for dusting….moving pictures and books around so lots of purposeful squatting, up and down…..and had a fabulous 30-40 minute walk with my handsome hubby!

Fresh and Renewed

I woke up this morning feeling a sense of peace and renewal.   I know life isn’t perfect.  I know family isn’t perfect.  I know I am not perfect.

What is perfect?
Who is perfect?


I take great peace in this very simple yet amazing fact!

I know that even though I felt sluggish, frustrated, overwhelmed, and hormonal yesterday… is a new day and I get to be a better version of myself today.

I have to chance to be a better example to my daughter on how to love your parents even as an adult..heck probably especially as an adult.

I have a chance to overcome hormonal fluctuation and practice great joy even when you feel yuck inside.

I have the chance to live this amazing life another day…to wake up and say THANK YOU GOD for my AMAZING LIFE… AMAZING FAMILY….my AMAZING LEARNING OPPORTUNITIES….my AMAZING EVERYTHING!!!

Thus as my body continues to detox with all that I chose to give up for 2016: caffeine, chocolate/sugar,  alcohol…..

I WILL be patient and loving with myself…..
I WILL be patient and loving with those around me….
I WILL praise and thank GOD for the opportunity to have struggles to grow from!

Have a glorious day!  I know I will!

Oh side note…I have totally decided to approach exercise and movement in an even deeper way this year as I help heal my adrenal glands.  I’ll try to remember to take the time and share tomorrow!


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