Thank you…

I woke up this morning with the anticipation of lots of things I needed to accomplish and desires for the day. Then…

I went to check email…..take care of computer needs…etc….and well all heck broke loose….

My computer starts yelling at me….this obnoxious noise….a big blue screen warning me to call Microsoft support because of craziness going on with my laptop.

Thus I call…a wonderful young lady, Stephanie, is extremely helpful.  She helps me understand ALL THE ISSUES that are going on with my computer.  She takes control of it…..and looks at all sorts of things…..discovered I didn’t have enough security set up on my computer….6 hours later after a diagnosis, a clean sweep, and all sorts of other computer lingo it is discovered I had many very serious viruses…..and almost 1000 other non-virus issues but still issues that could create “breaches” within my system.  UGH… ended up explaining some of the issues I had been having recently.

THEN…..I discovered some issues with logging into Facebook….like before….discovered what browsers are best for me….which ones are not safe, secure…..and which ones are having issues thus creating issues for me…..

Finally, I discovered there are some amazing technicians who really can talk to us non-computer types and help us understand things and not feel like an idiot.  This technician was Antonio!

So I give a shout out to Antonio and all those technicians who are truly helpful and willing to continue to be helpful and not talk above us non-computer lingo persons nor talk to us as if we are inept.

Today, I ended up having to spend WAAY more money than I would have liked to have spent….having to use from my emergency fund because of true needs…..but heck that’s what that fund is for…..and obviously I needed to add a security program that needed to ensure this didn’t happen again.


What did I learn about this day?!


I was able to just step back and realize I can’t control that my day was NOT going the way I intended with many things…..BUT I DID GET TO SPEND THE DAY WITH MY AMAZING DAUGHTER….LEARNING WITH HER…..HELPING HER…I GOT TO SEE THREE WONDERFUL FRIENDS…I AM ABLE TO NOW SIT AND LAUGH WITH MY WONDERFUL DAUGHTER AS WE ASSESS OUR DAY AND PLAN FOR TOMORROW!  And truly that is all that matters…..the ONE ON ONE CONTACT WITH LOVED ONES…..the actual conversation with someone I have never met, never will meet, but who treated me like a human being not a computer.

Thus I continue to learn detachment from technology….social media….distractions.  I continue to be convicted that I CAN SURVIVE WITHOUT THIS COMPUTER BECAUSE IN THE BIG PICTURE IT DOESN’T MATTER AND I REFUSE TO LET IT ROB ME OF MY JOY!!!!

Joy is being with real human beings.
Joy is putting pen to paper.
Joy is going for a walk in the fresh air.
Joy is studying side by side with my daughter.
Joy is laughing with friends.
Joy is snuggling with my hubby.

A computer can’t be or do any of that!

What is your true joy!?

Many blessings and hugs my dear readers….family….friends…..
~Kelly 😉 

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