Open my eyes part 2

As I was reflecting on what I wrote yesterday I realized one facet of why I find myself comparing at times…especially this last year is because of this last year!

There have been many blessings and revelations with learning my physical body has hoshimoto’s/hypothyroidism.  But that’s just it: it is my physical body that has a struggle I don’t have to allow  it to disease my mind or my soul.  I don’t have to let it infest my thoughts.

I MUST remember that so what if I can’t physically do some stuff I could 2 or 3 years ago keeping inflammation down is more important.  
And again I MUST remember that my physical internal health is 10 fold more important than having rock hard abs and muscle striations down my legs. 
I have been pondering where all this unrest with my physical body has been coming from.  Because I truly thought I was healed from all this negative thinking.  But I have learned healing is a continual process.   Yes I was better I had done some good clean sweeps in my “house” over the years…getting deeper to the root but this last year has me recalling, digging deep and uncovering some major cobwebs I didn’t realize was there still there.   
Thus I am realizing that what I must clean out of my basement is the generational wounds.   I will share more about that tomorrow!

Have a glorious day my dear readers….family….friends….
~Kelly 🙂

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