Tasty Tuesday

Oh my goodness gracious…..I had the tastiest green shake yesterday! I totally loved the color as well!  It was refreshing….delightful….filling….and very detoxifying for the system!

For me being conscientious of what I eat, how I eat, when, and all those little details some may take for granted…well I can’t.  So when I find something that not only is enjoyable with no ill side effects it is fabulous! LOL….

I got the idea from a detox shake Dr. Axe had posted about….and I put my own spin on it:

1 scoop of collagen (non-gelling) 
3 leaves of cabbage
1/3 cucumber
2 slices of fresh ginger
1 tbs dried parsley (I didn’t have any fresh)
1 lemons worth of juice
2 drops of peppermint essential oil (food grade only)
3 drops of stevia
1 cup of coconut milk/almond milk mix
1 tbs chia seeds
1/2 cup ice
1/2 cup of water


Oh wow it was DELIGHTFUL!  So much so…..that I WILL DO THAT AGAIN THIS MORNING!

***I’ll save my thoughts about detoxes, diets, cleanses, self-care, self-love, and how it all relates to being a woman….how and when it can be helpful or hurtful…..for tomorrows posting…..


hugs and prayers always,
~Kelly 🙂

BOOK OF THE DAY:  If you have not discovered the super power house of coconut oil as of yet…YOU TRULY ARE MISSING OUT!!!  I truly survived on it back in Aug/Sept for our family cruise.  I brought a jar of it with me….and before most meals I would take in about a teaspoon of it.  If I felt cravings I have a spoonful.  If I was having low energy….I had a spoonful.  It helps boost the brain, immune system….they are now showing research in how it helps with many autoimmune conditions…and SO MUCH MORE!!  Check it out!

I love these amazing compact weights!
Total time was 20 minutes….this is what it looked like:
4 minute mini trampoline
1 minute deep (all the way down squat) holding 10lb KB come up push the KB all the way up in the air to do a shoulder press then bending only at the elbows bring the weight behind you to do a tricep press.
1 min 15lb KB (same movement as above) deep squat, shoulder press, tricep press
1 min 20lb KB deep squat, shoulder press
1 min 35lb KB hold at handle now, deep squat, upright row when stand
30 sec 10lb KB tricep kick back (left side)
30 sec 10lb KB tricep kick back (right side)
1 min mini tramp recovery
*if you look the KB part totals 6 minutes so I repeated all of that for a 2nd set.
4 minutes of cool down on the mini tramp

Stretch…..man that felt good!

***yesterday the other movement I got into the day other than my morning workout….I did lots of deep cleaning…climbing up for dusting….moving pictures and books around so lots of purposeful squatting, up and down…..and had a fabulous 30-40 minute walk with my handsome hubby!

Refreshing thoughts on Thursday!

Sarah Fragoso is probably my hero in the paleo world….with the balanced bites ladies coming in on a very close runner up!  That’s for the powerful paleo gals!  
As for the guys….well…Sarah’s podcast partner and friend, Jason Seib is probably my hero with Mark Sisson right after him!
It speaks to the heart of what these two stand for with the Paleo lifestyle.  And it speaks to what I try to not only live but to express to so many!
I don’t think they can talk enough about people (especially women) being metabolically broken.  My thoughts are that when a person is metabolically broken they are also mentally and possibly spiritually broken.
After all how do we get to be metabolically broken?  We get there because we are feeling desperate.  A person isn’t liking what they see in the mirror and how they feel.  They get desperate and go to extremes.  
My thoughts on getting desperate is great if a person chooses to kick themselves in the butt and really hit their nutrition hardcore, thus in return having them lose a bunch of weight real fast….but then stick with it!
Have that quick start be the turning point to make real life changing choices for the longevity, for the journey of life. 
Thirst to be more!
Be thankful for ALL that God is.   
Thankful He is always present!
Thirst to know Him better. 
Thirst to serve Him better.  

As you are thankful and thirsty for Him you are able to learn some amazing ways to be thrifty! 
Teresa had to have thirsted for our Lord! She had to have thanked him for all He is!
Thrifty tip for the day:
Use coconut oil for your face and hand cream.  You’ll save sooooo much and actually reap health benefits.   Plus the added bonus of not having to wash the lotion off when you cook!
I would imagine if I designated just one jar for my hand and face lotion it would last me the entire year for $10!!!!
I use to spend $35 on face cream every 3 months and $10 on body lotion every 2-3 months. 
Go forward today thirsting for God…
Thanking Him….
And honoring Him by being thrifty!
Hugs and prayers,
K 🙂



1 cup coconut oil
1 cup nut butter (almond, cashew, tahini)
1 TB cocoa
Pinch sea salt
1 tsp to 1 TB honey or pure maple syrup
*modifications are welcome!  Add bits of nuts, coconut flakes, cocoa nibs, cinnamon, cayenne, etc.  for texture if you would like!
Melt half of the coconut oil, nut butter, and honey together.
In a food processor blend all ingredients until smooth.  It should appear slightly oily. 
Oil a glass 9×9 pan with coconut oil or olive oil. 
Pour mixture into pan and press/spread into place.  It will be kind of stiff feeling because of the protein. 
If you are wanting texture/chunks at this point then fold the other items in at this point before fully spreading it out.
Once all spread out, place into refrigerator for about 2 hours to firm up.  Then cut into squares for a delightful nutritious packed treat with no guilt!!!
*** Protein Powder: Add a ½-1 scoop to any “treat” to bump the protein ratio for a more satisfying and balanced treat with less likely of insulin surges!
I live a very whole food, real food, life.  But I do find the benefits to a great, quality protein powder.  It is a way to bolster the protein level in some treats I create occasionally.  It is a handy source of protein when on the go or traveling.  And by creating this “treat” for my family they are not reaching for some artificially created protien bar full of gunk!
It is a great compromise for a family that I am dragging along on my wonderful adventure of life with food in a whole, real, paleo, primal sort of way!!!
Why do I use some of the ingredients I use?

nut butters: SATISFYING (not peanut butter…not a nut!)
Protein powder:  for me regulates insulin, for daughter ensures she is getting protein into a treat!
honey or maple syrup: NATURAL

***remember the disclaimer:  This is only my opinion and my life I am sharing about food, recipes, etc…..consult a professional for any real advice!

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