Truth & Trust = Hope & Healing

I’ve been having some symptoms with my physical health coming up recently but hey has been well….frustrating the daylights out of me!

So yesterday I was praying and asking God: what do I need to be doing? What oils have I not thought of? What emotion having I not tapped on? What have I not addressed?!

He gave me part of the answer yesterday but then told me wait….

I was like ugh…how long do I have to wait!!!!!

Then this morning as I was doing my morning prayers, reading the daily readings and gospel…..I open my email and see which two oils are the BOGO….and I about weeped with joy and peace.

Because HE knew that these were the two I literally needed!

We all want to hurry along healing but as many years as there is of hurts pains and trauma we have that many years of emotions to clear out. This doesn’t mean we stay stuck in the muck.

It means we are patient and loving to ourselves. It means we give ourselves grace. It means we walk with the truth that our yoke May feel heavy but His burden is light!


I got a bit well…personal… on my personal Facebook page today…lol…

I did this because…..

If there is anyone who you think can use this message of hope and healing through sexual trauma please share this and pass it along!

Maybe you know someone who could really use the encouragement and reminder of how beautifully wonderfully made they are!

Let’s spread hope and healing….because that is the way we are going to take our true health back. That is how we are going to connect our physical and emotional health and watch the fireworks of our health skyrocket!

Click this video to uncover the lies behind our sexual huts and traumas!

Are you open to start? Go to or private message me on Facebook at Kelly Frick: Connect or email me at

And in this video I talk about the physical and emotional connection of Frankincense and Jasmine for our liver health!

Yes our liver health! We hold anger in our liver! When we have trauma….we have anger! We must cleanse that out!

Let’s heal! Let’s spread hope! Let’s shine! Let’s be the best version of ourselves so we can be the intentional disciples God created us to be!!!

What is holding you back from your healing?

Sit…pray…..write….tap….and oil up!

Then let’s talk! I want to serve and bless you on this journey!!

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Or….private message me on Facebook at Kelly Frick:Connect

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Many hugs, blessings, and prayers….ALWAYS!!!

Kelly 🤗💧💜

Fired up for Life on Friday

My parish priest is an amazing homilist. Well forever ago he did a homily that just resounded in me from the readings and Gospel!  It was themed on how we all have choices.

We can choose life or death!
We can choose to walk our faith or not.
We can choose to be a disciple or not.
This  resonated within me because, that week, I had just written in  my journal at adoration how we have choices with family, with finances, with food, with life…..
Something I like to think about is how Jesus had choices:
He could have disobeyed Mary and Joseph when they went to find him at the temple.  They told him to come home with them.  HE was God made man.  He could have said no….but he said yes I will obey.
He could have given in to all the temptations during his 40 days in the desert.  Yet he chose to become stronger by making sure his yes meant yes and his no meant no!
And finally he could have kept himself from ever having to endure the cross.  Instead he chose LIFE!
He chose LIFE for us….he chose LOVE for us….HE CHOSE US!!!
My challenge to ALL of us is to say YES to….
Loving ourselves…
Loving our neighbor…
Loving our enemies…
Loving our daughters….our sons…
Loving our spouse…
Loving one another!
Truly…AGAPE…kind of love.

We must remember that each choice we make can be for life or death.
What does that mean?
To me it is:
Are my actions, my words, my thoughts life giving or taking?
Am I wounding and harming my relationship with my husband if I snap at him about his shoes in the middle of the room?   Instead can I smile, love him, and think:  I am so grateful his shoes are there because that means he is home and safe with our family.
Am I giving life to my family when I feed them nourishing food and ensure we have great conversation at the dinner table….or are we taking away from our family life when we all go in different directions?
Some of my big life decisions, were they life giving or taking?
I like to think and hope and desire all I do is about life giving.  This is what I strive for.  Because if I am life giving, then I am nurturing my family in a way that will continue to bond us.  I am nurturing in a way that will strengthen my daughter as to encourage her to continue to be the amazing Godly woman she is becoming.  I am nurturing relationships around me to share about our passions and concerns.
Walk with me…
Run with me…
Get FIRED up about life with me…
Let’s all make LIFE CHOICES today!  
What a wonderful, glorious day it will be!
blessings and hugs always,
***Remember I would love to hear any thoughts or comments to this post!

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