Just say NO!

Do you have a hard time saying no to others?

I know I do! I won’t even get into the psychology of it today!

But today’s BOGO is truly the papa of all the BOGOs this week!

You might be thinking, “How Kelly?!”

How could dōTERRA possibly top yesterday’s BOGO of Frank and Jasmine?!

Well today’s BOGO ties ALL the days together and provides us with the amazing physical and emotional protection we sooo need!

I was so wowed by today’s BOGO that I did not one but three videos 🤓🤗😘!

So let’s not even spend any extra minutes writing but let’s start watching…lol!

This first video is how and why we need to say no!

Then here is a bonus video that usually only my private group received! Making Chai ☕️ with OnGuard!

Finally how our family personally uses OnGuard to protect us throughout the year. Especially with fall and winter and school seasons coming back up!!

Now the question is are you open to say NO to all the unnecessary….non-essentials in life so you can say YES to your authentic self?!

I’m ready to support and serve and bless you!

Sit with this….pray about it….write….tap and….

Oil up! (Do you need oils?!) let’s get ya started on your health journey of healing and hope!

My hugs and prayers always!


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