Day 4: Beware of Jump Squats

“I can do everything through Him who gives me strength.”
Philippians 4:13

Do you like feeling strong?

Do you like having strength?

Do you like a bit of shape with no jiggle?

Do you want feel like an amazing woman?

Then do jump squats!!!

But beware…you will gain curves…you will gain strength…you will feel strong…you will feel like a warrior!

If you don’t want any of these side effects…then never ever do a jump squat ever…lol!

Some other great health benefits to jump squats is you can get a work out done in less than 10 minutes and reap the benefits for hours, days to come.

It will increase bone density.

They will improve metabolism.

They can be done ANYWHERE!!!

Make it into a game with your daughter….your children.   How many jump squats can you each do in one minute.  When traveling you have to do 10 jump squats before you can get back into the car.  Jump squat your spelling words!  Do jump squats to Philippians 4:13!

Final benefit:

You truly can’t help but feel the MIND BODY AND SOUL connection when you do jump squats….I dare you to take the challenge and start doing just 10 jump squats each morning for the rest of your 21 days and see if you don’t feel the connection!

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