Speak Boldly with Life and Cheer! (Tuesday July 17 BOGO)

For so many years I didn’t speak up about all the different forms of sexual abuse I had been experiencing over the course of 20 years plus. I was afraid no one would listen, would really hear me, would even blame me or make excuses like “well you know boys will be boys!”….. So I kept my mouth shut.

The problem with this was even when I thought I was “over it” and healed…past it….my body, my spirit knew I had work to still do!

The unspoken lack of confident of stating out loud, “I WAS WRONGED!”….well this slowly robbed me of my zest for life.

I was losing my ability to find pleasure in the simple things I use to love love like crafting and creating things with my hands.

My body was starting to hold on to the toxins of the burden I had put upon it by remaining silent. I was becoming a lifeless shell with no passion for anything.

My thyroid storm was my body’s wake up call to address a much bigger emotional issue. My body was begging my spirit and my voice to have courage and to find fulfillment in the healing process.

When was the last time you didn’t speak up for yourself? How did it make you feel? How can you bring some courage and cheer back into your life?!

Essential oils are that bridge for us. That bridge for our physical and emotional health!

In todays video I highlight three oils that can address exactly that.

My prayer is it will help you find hope and healing in your health!

Many blessings and prayers always!



The three oils I highlight today are also the BOGO for today….that is they are for today only! Tuesday July 17, 2018!

I pray you won’t miss out on starting this journey with me.

In a world where you can pick so many educators, advocate, coaches…. I want you to know I’m here to serve and bless you! I coach you, support you, and empower you to transform your life, transform you mind, transform your body, transform your spirit!

Are you open to start your transformation today?!

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