Disordered: Mind, Body, Spirit

This was probably the hardest chapter to write so far!  Mostly because it is the area in my life that needs the most amount of healing still.  This is because it’s not just about me healing emotionally but because this involves a mental imbalance and it involves generational DNA.

I find it fitting and interesting that just this last week I had a trigger with dysmorphia.  I found myself obsessing, comparing, judging, and so much more.  Which reminded me: its a journey.  I MUST not give up.  I must not get lax.  I must not give into negative vibration.  AND I MUST continue to do the inner work to be the best version of myself to be that intentional disciple for others.

What was my trigger?  Social media selfies of friends.

I want others who don’t understand dysmorphia to maybe take a moment and see through our lenses for a moment and think before you post something.  And this is not just for us but for yourself as well.   Because every time we place ourselves out there to be looked at just for our physical flesh “accomplishments” we are making ourselves vulnerable to be coveted and lusted after.  Plus we are not building up the body of Christ by creating these temptations when we want to just vainly post our aesthetic accomplishments….

But please hear this…..this is not judgement…because I know some amazing people who post these selfies who truly don’t think they are doing harm….they think they are doing good….but let me help you see it from our lenses...

Dysmorphia sees:  I will never be that pretty….I am too fat….I will never be that thin….I am too short….I can’t go out with them because everyone will wonder why do they hang out with “her”…..I am ugly….there is something wrong with me…..I am not lovable….what did he/she mean by that comment?….

The mental chatter can be endless….

Those with dysmorphia do have a responsibility to minimize their triggers….but dear ones you do to!  We all have a responsibility as children of God to not lead anyone into sin….to not lead anyone deeper into their struggles.

So my challenge to you is to truly reflect before you post that selfie: is it going to draw your brothers and sisters in Christ closer to Him? or farther?  Is it going to draw YOU closer to Christ?  Is it helping or hindering your Christ walk?  Is it causing you to focus too much on your flesh and not enough on the spirit of your being?

May you all find this next chapter healing and full of hope….and may what I shared above cause us all to reflect in how we can truly be a better version of ourselves always….especially when it comes to being an intentional disciple!

My love, hugs, and prayers always!

Kelly 🙂

chapter 11


After speaking up it felt like I was finally free from being a magnet of sexual harassment and sexual grabs…..but very aware, actually hyper aware,  by this time in my life, the micro-looks of a pure look and a lustful look from ANY man.

I learned how to truly stay away from men, situations, and events that could make me feel vulnerable.  But by this time I was so self-conscience of my body that I still felt the need to “be perfect”  I just knew if I looked a particular way then maybe just maybe I wouldn’t attract the wrong men, I would love myself better, and I would finally find peace and freedom.

What I didn’t know was the years of being objectified had created a mental disconnect with my mind and body called dysmorphia. This actually took place at a young age.  There are many different factors that cause a young girl to develop dysmorphia at a young age.  This IS a mental condition that usually becomes obvious by the teen years.  A side note:  There is a huge difference between a girl just not liking what she sees in the mirror and moves on, versus dysmorphia.  With dysmorphia a girl looks in the mirror and doesn’t like what she sees and will go to extremes to change it.  Even avoid contact with others because she feels she is hideous looking.

I also experienced disordered eating.  Depending on how I felt I would eat to punish or not eat to punish myself.  If I did eat something that I deemed “wrong” or “too much” well then I would work out too much.  You see I wasn’t real keen on the throwing up part.  Don’t get me wrong if I felt I had eaten too too much….I would occasionally force myself to throw up but I knew too much about our health to know that the acid destroys the esophagus and destroys gut health, and so much more.  So my purge of choice was beating myself up at the gym for hours at a time.

Some women because of pain and trauma of sexual abuse hide behind weight I chose to hide behind punishment.  If I could master the chiseled body…the perfect diet…..I would then no longer be a victim of sexual distortions!  And that was the distortion in my own mind, heart and soul!

Do you find yourself obsessing over food? Exercise? Your Body?  Does this obsession take on a life of it’s own in your mind?  Do you sometimes wonder if it’s bigger than you?

Let’s take a look at the blend of: Serenity, Patchouli, Douglas Fir

Serenity:   Disorders….especially dysmorphia has a person’s mind not being quiet, being overactive in the negative chatter.  Serenity brings about tranquility.  It reconnects you with your inner self to find peace within.  It opens you up to acknowledge the imbalance and find space to reflect on your personal healing.

Patchouli:  Plain and simple dysmorphia is about body judgement.  There is such a deep need to find peace to be truly present in your body.  This oil is so amazing in releasing deep issues of judgement and feeling dirty from sexual abuse.  It is the oil of Physicality so it connects your body and spirit to become deeply united.  It opens you up to appreciate the magnificence of your body!

Douglas Fir:  There are many things in a girl’s life that can cause dysmorphia.  One of them is generational.  Having a mom or family member who has dysmorphia increases the likelihood of inheriting it.  Douglas fir is about generational wisdom.  When we have knowledge we can learn from the past.  We can break free from the destructive traditions and behaviors of our families past.  We can bring new life and new growth and healing into our own life as well as to those in our future.

Diffuse these three oils together or create a roller bottle so you can place them on pulse points.  These are especially powerful oils to tap with.  They will encourage amazing emotional release through your prayer and tapping.


Oh Heavenly Father….I know that I know that I know I AM MORE THAN THIS BODY….this BODY has served me so well….it loves me by holding me, carrying me through the day….breathing for me…beating for me…yet I am mean to it….I look at it and judge it….I compare it…..I hide it in shame…please break me free from the bondage of the past generations who did the same….break me of the pain of my abuse and how I view my body….help me to remember I AM NOT MY BODY…but most of all grant me peace to be truly present in this body and to love it fully as you love it…..AMEN.

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{Weight} Stop

I don’t weigh myself!  I shared this fact last week.  So why do I not weigh myself (anymore)!?

The last time I did was in February; and it had been about 6 months before that.  It was the most unloving thing I had done in a long time.  I had felt “bullied” into doing it.  My darling husband didn’t realize his suggestion of me weighing myself for my health journey to track my thyroid health was actually a terrible idea.  He thought it would be helpful if I knew a reference point.  But he didn’t realize how much of a trigger weighing myself is for the dysmorphia.

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I have found freedom and a sort of kinship to two other amazing women who have created a voice to empower other women.  BeautyBeyondBone (blogger) and Maddy Moon (blogger, podcast-er, personal development coach).  They both provide amazing inspiration and hope to women all over within their given gifts and talents.

They have each shared in the past how they know they don’t want to weigh themselves.  They realize how destructive it is for them in their self-love.  I am there.  I have not seen a conventional/traditional doc in so long that I haven’t had to be weighed.   Now I feel empowered and strong enough to know how I would handle the institution if a doc asks me to get on a scale.

I will first ask if it is necessary.  I will be upfront about the dysmorphia and would rather not be weighed.  If they feel it is necessary I will let them know I will only be weighed if I step on it backwards and I don’t want to see the number nor be told the number.


Some may say well then you haven’t overcome!?  Are you really free!?  But this is the thing…..when we KNOW ourselves and we continue to journey on our living in God’s will we learn even more about ourselves.  Because of the fall we all have an area (or two or more) in our life where we struggle, where  we need to be vigilant.  I am free from the pain and burden of dysmorphia because I DO AVOID TRIGGERS.  I am aware of what could be potential triggers and I don’t tempt the line.

Do you struggle with the number you see on the scale?

Stop weighing your value or worth based on the number you see on the scale.  God doesn’t care about that number and neither should you.

Sit with this…..pray about it….journal about it….

Let’s oil up and tap about this!

Using grapefruit essential oil:  diffuse or put on your pressure points or even on your tapping fingers…..however you feel grapefruit is going to be most supportive. This is the oil of honoring your body.

Now start your set up:

Karate chop spot: Even though I feel anxious about my weight (or fill in what it is about the scale or your weight that you feel most emotional about, be as specific as possible), I completely and totally love and accept myself. (3 times)

Let your heart guide you through the sequence tapping words of bringing to surface the emotions of it.

When I have checked in after 5 rounds, whenever I tap, I like to do a round of tapping thanking God.  So I may end with something like, “Thank you Lord for how beautifully wonderfully made I am!”

Many blessings, prayers, and hugs dear beloved ones!

~Kelly 🙂

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Body Peace…

I was generously blessed last week.  A friend was getting rid of many bags of clothes.  I was able to go through them and find a few things that sparked amazing joy for me.  I always love getting clothes versus shopping.  I don’t know why but there is something more intimate about community and helping others versus just going out and trying to “fend for yourself.”

Anyways….it’s situations like this that I have to be careful because clothes can trigger my dysmorphia.  In the past I would have had toxic thoughts like, ” Nothing in that bag will fit me….she’s smaller than me…”  It’s moments like that when I try on something from someone and it does fit I am reminded how my dysmorphia can play tricks on me.   So there were clothes that didn’t fit.  BUT… there were clothes THAT DID FIT.  it was a reminder to me that we are all uniquely and beautifully different.  we have different body types and so of course some clothes will fit and some won’t.  But more important it was  a reminder that a mental distortion disorder needs daily prayer and care to keep ORDER in the mind and the heart and soul.

I knew there would be a chance I would have a trigger so before I even tried on any clothes I did some self care.  I took a relaxing bath with Serenity and Breathe essential oil blends.  I then used my body oil that has lots of self love oils like: Grapefruit, Frankincense, Patchouli, Peace blend…..all with the intention to support my BODY SPIRIT CONNECTION so that my mind wouldn’t take me to dark places.

I had more fun trying on clothes than I think I ever have….even more fun than when I was 97 pounds right before my thyroid storm, when I was experiencing hyperthyroidism and losing ALL my muscle, strength, and flexibility.

I felt free and amazing and I felt like the beautiful warrior woman I know that I am.

Do you have a mental distortion of how you should look, feel, act?

How do you nurture that body-spirit connection?

do you take it to God?

And what essential oils do you think could help support your journey?

Sit with this….pray about this…write about this….share below about this!

Many hugs and blessings my dear followers…friends…family….

~Kelly 🙂


Body Armor…part 2…

I’ve been reflecting a lot about my Monday’s posting about Grapefruit Essential Oil and loving our body.  

Since I have committed to taking Jui Juitsu classes it has meant lots of self care and even more internal, spiritual and emotional growth.

In the past when I did something physical with people, groups, etc… I would find myself comparing my body to others and even to myself.  It would be a mental mantra of: I’m not strong enough, not thin enough, not fast enough, not this, not that.  I would become obsessed with having to be “perfect” physically in order to accomplish the goal at hand.  I also have limited myself in the past of doing something because my mind didn’t feel I was physically “perfect” enough….yet…..

I would go through the mantra of “if only….then…..”…..and it was always about my body.

I now know that it was related very much to my body dysmorphia.

When I decided to commit to Jui-Juitsu classes, not just the videos I’ve been doing for over 6 months, but to actually “roll” with others…..I was excited… still am.   Yet, as the day came upon me to take the class I found myself fearing I would get too sore for my auto-immunity….concerned it would not be what was right for my body….I was giving it some resistance.  So I took it to prayer.

Why Lord am I resisting this change in my life?  A change that I prayed about before and YOU expressed it was right me.  It was time.  It would not hurt me physically anymore than if I didn’t have an autoimmunity issue?  So why am I making excuses to not go?

And God’s response was clear, beautiful, and healing:  Physicality!  Body shame, body judgement, body tension, body disconnect!

I realized through prayer this was my next level of healing from my past that MUST take place!  This next level of healing was through this VERY PHYSICAL art.  It would help me overcome the body shame that had rooted deep within me since the age of 8.  This would give me the opportunity to dig deep to be present and expressive in my body.  And to FINALLY have contentment and balance in my very own skin.

You see with any disorder, disease, dysfunction…..the key is to find the CONNECT…..to remove the “dis”…..to leave you with ORDER, EASE, FUNCTION…..HEALING!!!

I found myself gravitating toward Pachouli Essential Oil this last month and I now know why!  It’s the oil of Physicality.  It supports individuals in becoming fully present in their physical body.  It addresses all the negative emotions I listed above and it brings about all the positive support of CONNECTING OUR BODY AND SPIRIT!!!  WOW!!!  This oil was MADE FOR ME!!!

How about you!?

How can you release yourself from shame, judgement, tension, all things related to obsessing about your physical body!?  Sit with this….pray about this…..write about this…..connect and share below with your thoughts, comments, insight!!

Blessings and hugs dear followers….friends….family….

~Kelly  😉


Body (Armor) Honor…

Today I have the great opportunity to share on a Facebook Group about the essential oil Grapefruit.  This FB group is a private group for oilers to receive continual help/support about using essential oils and so much more.  This particular group comprises of many up-lines in this fabulous doTerra family.  This group is meant to share and learn from many leaders.

One of the leaders created an opportunity for a different oil to be featured for 16 days in March.  The 16 oils were already selected.  And us leaders were asked to volunteer if so desired to do a FB Live about that oil on a specific day.  When I saw Grapefruit was one of the oils….I KNEW I HAD TO PICK IT!


Grapefruit is the essential oil that supports my dysmorphia!  I have shared many times here with you all about my healing and understanding of body dysmorphia; how it is multifaceted with triggers and causes.  But since one of the aspects has to do with brain chemistry it is something that I must armor myself about each and every day!

I armor myself with affirmations.  I armor myself with looking directly in the mirror and saying I LOVE YOU….YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!  I armor myself with nourishing food that won’t cause hormonal fluctuation.  I armor myself with prayer and renouncing ALL negative thoughts that are not from God that try to seep into my brain.

And I armor myself with GRAPEFRUIT essential oil!

Even if you don’t have dysmorphia do you find yourself ever:

  • hating your body
  • obsessing about food
  • excessive dieting
  • eating issues/disorders
  • anxiety over appearance

Do you desire to:

  • respect your body
  • meet your physical needs
  • have body acceptance
  • have a healthy relationship with food

Then maybe just maybe Grapefruit Essential Oil is the oil that could provide some support with your prayers for HONORING YOUR BODY!

Have you used Grapefruit Essential Oil?  Do you struggle with loving your body?

Sit with this…..pray about this….journal about it!  And connect with me by sharing below!

Many blessings and hugs my dear followers….friends….family…

~Kelly 🙂


My Story Begins….

Last week I promised you I would share what I had prepared for the interview that took place.  So below is what I put down on paper.  It was just notes I made to myself to organize myself….the interview did not in anyway shape or form go according to how I wrote it out…..but it is still a great starting place to start filling in all the gaps to write and share with others who have been hurting to find amazing joy in the life they are living NO MATTER WHAT!!!

My notes:


Disordered eating


Self love







Growing up….

I was the kid with the homemade sandwiches with sourdough bread, sprouts, homemade mayo, chicken (that we butchered and grilled up)…

Sugar was not allowed in the house.

My story began when I was probably about 8, if not even earlier (if you believe in generational hurts)….but about 8 was the earliest I remember.

But I will start with the current part of my story….

I met laura Ricci about 5 or so years ago.  I actually knew of her from church and there was just something amazing about her spirit.  I wanted to get to know her.  As I was going through my own spiritual journey and learning things about my health and life that had me making changes to eating clean….and realizing that food is meant to be one ingredient…..I was hearing about Laura’s story and I had to know more about this amazing woman.  So I invited her over for tea about 3 years ago.  We visited.  I think she had just started her nutritional coaching certification.  And I was wanting to hear all about it because I really wanted to do that but I knew I wasn’t at a place in life to pursue something like that.  We shared about nutrition…she even asked me some questions and I was given the gift of having a seed planted within my soul…a ripple with this amazing woman who I only hoped would grow from there.

Fast forward…..about 2 years ago my health started to take a nose dive….all the conventional docs I was going to were not giving me answers…my labs were “normal”….I was told I was just too stressed….too little sleep….blah blah….

I was use to bio-hacking my life and health…..but I was tired of not having answers…..

I hit my wall….when there was a week where I was sleeping 12 hours at night and still naps in the day…..I knew something had to give…..

I remembered Laura had just finished her certification….so I contacted her…..I told her I wanted to see her as a nutritional coach.  I wanted to employ her services.

She helped me unfold my root causes…..she led me to Dr. Vennell who helped me figure out my thyroid/adrenal issue…and eventually uncovering that Hoshimoto’s was at the root of all this……

My system was shutting down….not because of my nutrition but because of the stress in my life…..

You see I had experienced three great losses (stresses on the mind body and especially soul) in a very short period of time about within 16-18 months I had lost a baby at 12 weeks,(after having struggled with infertility once again),  lost the grandmother I was very close to, and had needed a hysterectomy for serious medical reasons.

I had preached self-care to everyone but wasn’t practicing it.

But really my thyroid storm of the 3 events wasn’t the only thing that caused it…..it had been brewing for years….I just didn’t realize it….or better really…..I wasn’t listening to what my body was telling me…

What I have always known but was getting a very up close and personal reality check about health was that our physical body IS connected to our mind and spirit….and eventually our bodies have a breaking point.  Our physical body will say hey you need to nurture the soul….the mind….

A part of me knew all this because shortly after my miscarriage I started blogging.  It was very therapeutic for me.  Plus for several years before that God was having me share parts of my story, my past, more and more with others….to create hope….to see amazing healing and love through even some not so great stuff….

I had in the middle of this a breakthrough; I was following several podcasts and had heard the phrase body dysmorphic and disordered eating…..

Which brings us back to my true beginning story….

When I was between 8 and 10 that was my first experience of being objectified by a boy/man….it was at that age I was inappropriately touched by a friend’s older brother while “helping” me tie my bathing suit.  That was just the beginning of such abuses…..and further moments of being objectified by boyfriends, co-workers, men in many situations and walks of life…..it put me in a situation of not always trusting my instinct….as well as not always making the greatest of choices because after all I was basically being told I am only valued by my body.

Add to that I had a mother who didn’t speak lovingly about herself.  She was critical about her physical body.

Dysmorphia is where a person doesn’t see correctly what the mirror is showing them…..there is truly a chemical imbalance in the brain.  It takes place at an early age…..usually brought on by a role model who doesn’t practice good body image love…..a trauma (usually of sexual nature) at an early age…..and or a chemical imbalance usually low levels of serotonin and other stuff.  There are several other signs but these are the key three….I have all three which set me up at an early age for it.

But God helped me….he purposed in my heart to never believe the lie of the “carnival” mirror.

Fast forward about 5 years into my marriage we discovered I had serious infertility issues.  I learned NFP to better understand my body…..and that began the next level of self-care…..self awareness of our mind body soul connection and taking charge of my health….my whole health.

It took us 5 long hard years to become pregnant.  We learned my difficulties were because of PCOS and a severe bicornate uterus….and so much more….let me interject here…..I also had eczema which PCOS and eczema are both autoimmune conditions…..autoimmunity likes company…..so I truly was a breeding ground for the Hoshimotos….

Once I was pregnant I purposed myself….my heart….with God’s help to not pass on to my unborn child dysmorphia or disordered eating…..(at that time I didn’t even really realize I had a disordered eating issue…..it’s not like I ever didn’t eat or that I punished myself with food but I didn’t have a healthy relationship with food because of what I saw in my parents…..they used/use food to self-sooth, boredom, and for emotions….)

But the big thing for me during my pregnancy was to think only loving self-care thoughts.  I promised to never speak negatively about my body in front of her, around her, to her, or ever to anyone even if she wasn’t around…..I would break that cycle.

I am proud to say I have been able to keep that promise.

Now the dysmorphia did try to rear its ugly head after my miscarriage…..but I was able to work through it and do some amazing healing from it.

How I discovered the disordered eating was really an issue or the potential of an issue is as I have had to do different elimination diets to get to the root cause of my inflammation to help heal from the Hoshimoto’s…..I would find myself feeling guilty eating something that is healthy but maybe not so great for my body…..or I would find myself wanting to sooth as I saw my parents……and that is when I truly realized the power of nurture versus nature.  And heck I studied that in school specifically being a sociology/psychology major.

Because of it all, I have been able to come out stronger…..I have been able to realize when I was having to not only eat super clean but do periodic elimination diets to figure out my inflammation….I have been able to create a better relationship with food and even better with body.

I have to add that another huge key during this last year has been learning about the amazing gift of SPLANKNA…..my dear friend Jennifer Glenn introduced it to me…..and it is an amazing experience to help a person uncover healing that they may not even realize needed healing…..if I could, I would do a Splankna session every week!

I have put so many things into practice this last two years besides the clean eating journey I started in 2010…..that most would say I am beyond hippy dippy….lol…..but that’s okay…..I love waking and doing my prayers and meditation then yoga with my daughter…..later a workout based on the true inner feeling of a HIIT workout or a walk….

I feel even more  passionate about teaching young girls and women to LOVE the body they are in…..to love self….to know and see the beauty they ARE…..that they are enough right now.

I have taught my daughter from little on about the beauty of her human sexuality  How she is more than her physical body….that we must care for our body’s….respect it…nurture….and nourish it properly but we must care for the whole body: mind body soul.   And our soul is the first.  WE must be in harmony with the three to thrive.

Just recently I realized I wanted to do more to help others, especially girls and women to truly love themselves no matter where they are at in this journey of love. I am involved with a fabulous group through church to help share and learn about the beauty of our human sexuality…..and how God designed us for amazing beauty.

But I also realized it needed to be understood at the core of self….it needs to be reached to all the woman and girls who need to just understand and know and believe they are enough….they are beautiful.

I realized that through all I’ve been learning with meditation, nutrition, essential oils and so much more I was ready to utilize not only my formal education/degree but my non-traditional training.

I realized I want to provide one on one and or small group self-care life coaching. 

My dream is to have learning lunches where I can have group sessions/gatherings and share the different ways individuals can care for their whole body: spiritually, emotionally, physically….

Teaching many different ways to achieve the whole body health approach.  And to connect individuals with the professionals and practitioners to meet their specific needs.   By understanding a person’s temperament, where they are at in their self-care journey, and even what their love language is… I can better help them find who they can benefit from as well as what I may have in my tool box of knowledge to empower them to learn to love the life they are living!

We all need help to stop the hurt to move to healing to thriving!

***That was the end of my notes for the interview :)…..

What hurts do you need to heal from!?  Can you find the joy in the middle of your jolt!?  Take a moment today to sit, reflect, pray, write, meditate….and then decide to THRIVE!

Many hugs and blessings always,

~Kelly 🙂

Mind Body Soul of Fasting…

I had the privilege and experience a couple nights ago to share with a group of amazing individuals about fasting.  The history, types, gifts, and my personal journey relating to fasting.

It was exciting and invigorating…..AND therapeutic.  It allowed me the opportunity to reflect later in the quiet of my home over the next day and during my journal time how MUCH FASTING HAS IMPACTED MY LIFE.

I shared with this group how when we are fasting (whether an absolute, normal, partial….liquids only….Daniel….etc) there is ALWAYS going to be a mind, body, soul connection.  When we do things for our spiritual health….our physical and mental health will reap benefits…..and when we do things for physical or mental health…..it will impact our spiritual health….the question is will it be helpful to our spirit…to our mind….or will our physical pursuits create more havoc!?

Thus this pondering….this reflective post discussion….allowed me to see all the amazing moments of mind, body, soul connection with my fasting over the course of the last 6-7 years.  It has allowed me to realize how much fasting has helped me heal through sooooo many things….but especially my dysmorphia….how I TRULY LOVE MYSELF EXACTLY HOW I AM!

Here is how I see it….

My first fast was a Daniel fast for over 40 days.  I entered that fast with a very serious spiritual purpose.  In the course of that fast not only did God open and close doors for my husband and for me….but HE revealed some things about my health that were important.  I ended up losing over 30 pounds.  I maintained that weight for quite a bit of time….it was healthy.  So imagine me where I am at today carrying 30 more pounds….it wasn’t healthy for my frame.  But what I didn’t know at the time was I was probably already dealing with thyroid issues and didn’t know it. Because I had put on that 30 pounds over the course of a year and it wasn’t easily explained because I hadn’t done anything different in my eating, exercise, life routine.

Over the course of the next 2 years my fasting for others also helped me heal from a miscarriage and from having to choose to have a hysterectomy for serious health reasons….as well as losing my grandmother.   Fasting sustained my faith in some of the darkest days of my life.

After my hysterectomy my weight dropped even more….20 more pounds. Family and friends started to associate my weight loss with my fasting. God then asked me to actually fast from fasting.  Thus for 1 year I took a break from fasting.  It broke my heart that God asked me to stop.  But I knew He had purpose and I trusted Him. 

What it revealed during that year was that my weight stayed the same.  It wasn’t my fasting.  And it revealed other things about my health that weren’t explainable.  I kept trusting.  Then over a course of 2 months I put on over 10 unexplained pounds.  That’s when the health storm hit.  I started seeing my functional doc and discovered all I did and have about my thyroid. 

The amazing beautiful thing was during the first appointment he talked about the amazing health benefits to fasting and if I would be open to fasting.  I started to laugh because I knew it was God saying ok it’s time to fast again.  My husband was a witness and was able to truly understand the amazing mind body soul connection to fasting.

Hindsight that period of time when I had dropped down below 100 pounds was my thyroid going into overdrive (hyperthyroid)….it was not my fasting….and it was not something sustainable. 

It comes back to the beginning statement of how my fasting has truly healed me with my dysmorphia and sooo much more.

Since my body….my physical body…..has changed radically over the course of over 7 years…..I have been able to reflect, pray and fast on the importance of mind body soul health.  I have been able to strengthen my love of self.  I have been able to heal from past wounds and hurts that created the dysmorphic mind in me at a young age.  I have been able to heal and see GOD’S HAND in ALL walks of my life.

I am able to FINALLY see the beautiful body I have been trusted to care for is more than just a body……that I AM NOT DEFINED BY THIS BODY…my SOUL is extremely important….and my mind must continually remember that I CANNOT SEPARATE THE SOUL AND THE BODY……God created us BODY AND SOUL…..BUT the TWO MUST be at peace and harmony with each other….only then will we truly thrive in our TOTAL HEALTH….and only then are we TRULY in COMMUNION with GOD!!

Do you have a disconnect in your mind, body, soul health!?  What aspect do you need to really work on to make sure you are in communion with God!?  Take a moment today to reflect….pray….write about it!

Many blessings and hugs dear readers…..family….friends….
~Kelly 🙂

Spiritual Warfare….

Some people don’t believe in SPIRITUAL WARFARE.  An argument that it is in our heads….it is our own manifestation…..or it is our own humanity that creates the spiritual battles around us.



I have experienced it time and time again.  And each time I encounter such a battle I am able to recognize it quicker and proceed to pray and call upon my prayer warriors….aka: my powerful prayer friends!!

What does SPIRITUAL WARFARE look like!?  

Each of us are different so I can’t speak for others but I can speak for myself.

Spiritual warfare for me is when I am doing something amazing for GOD…..I am truly living in HIS will…..fulfilling a request or task HE has asked of me….and then……I START HAVING SERIOUS SYMPTOMS TO MY HOSHIMOTOS-HYPOTHYROID.…even though I have been eating well, sleeping good, and minimizing stress.  A really crazy attack on my spiritual life is when I start having old thoughts with BODY DYMORPHIA

When you combine symptoms of those two it can look something like a tired/wired, feeling sluggish, foggy, judging self, comparing, feeling less than worthy….don’t want to get out and do things.

BUT….I don’t find it discouraging!!!


So the next time you feel like the whole world is against you…..you have health issues kicking up…..mental battles….even brain fog….AND YOU KNOW YOU HAVE BEEN TAKING CARE OF YOURSELF PHYSICALLY…..don’t hesitate to enter into the possibility of SPIRITUAL WARFARE.

And the greatest solution is to tell Satan to go away in Jesus’s name!!  HE IS NOT ALLOWED TO STAY WHERE HE IS NOT WELCOME!!!  Thus my solution is even if you are not sure…..do this anyways….it will solidify it for you….it will ensure that if that was the problem….it will go away!

I hope today’s posting isn’t too out there for any of you…..I know this is hard to digest for some.  But the more I walk closer to JESUS, with the HOLY SPIRIT, and in GOD’S WILL, the less I find all this spiritual warfare kooky.  I hope you will too!

Many blessings and hugs dear readers….friends…family….
~Kelly  🙂

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