Monday’s Motivation to Move: to cardio or not?!

Apparently this morning when I went to turn off my alarm I inadvertently took a photo shot of my alarm going off!

When I started to look for the picture I was going to add for todays posting on Motivational Movement I realized I wanted to share it.  I have been listening to podcasts with …

His story is amazing!   Which got me to thinking that I, yes, need sleep….but what I really need to be doing is getting to bed earlier because I REALLY REALLY REALLY love getting up early.  I accomplish so much more….I feel so refreshed…and alive!  Thus this last week I bumped my waking time back to 5 in the AM….like it was several years ago…..and I have totally loved it!   Now I’m not saying there may be a season where sleeping to 6 again is going to be necessary but I truly understand sleep in such a better way than I ever did before, that I KNOW that I will not sacrifice my bodies need for sleep on a consistent, regular basis.  But, that will be a posting for another day :)…..
I want to share about cardio….about walking….about running….
This podcast from BODY DO OVER  (follow the link in the highlight to check it out)… great in that it really helps a person understand what is true cardio and what is a “rat on a spinning wheel”….which is what many think is healthy, or think it is cardio…but instead is truly creating havoc in their bodies!
When I cut back my running last year I started to not only feel the great restorative effects of backing off and actually stopping for a good period of time.  Now that I am running again, with great moderation,  I have seen great improvement in my strenght and my speed time.
There are so many great Walk/Run workouts, sprint work, etc….and with greater results without the cortisol release…..
Heck take a look at the pictures of the Prevention book I have here on this posting….it gives a really great way to interval your walk/run and feel great.  What is even better when you do interval workouts…it is a shorter time….with better benefits!  Who doesn’t want to save time!
My next posting on Motivation Movement I will share more on what my weeks workouts look like!
Til then….have a fabulous week!
hugs and blessings always,
~K 🙂

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