2016 Blogging Goals!

Over the course of 5 years I have evolved so much through this blog!

It started out me wanting to just share about books I had read…give a review and/or summary.
I transitioned into comparing things going on and in the world and how it relates to faith.
I have written about:
I have always aspired to write each day on the blog.  I have allowed so many things to distract me from writing each day.   
Some of my many excuses:
I don’t have much to say.
I don’t have time to add links.
I don’t have any pictures picked.
I don’t have good enough pictures.
I don’t have time.
I don’t have anything new from what has already been said.
I don’t….
I don’t….
I don’t…
Then I listened to a wonderful webinar talking about the 5 secrets of high achievers.
1.  Believe you can win!   Overcome an invisible barrier, more than likely exists only inside our head.
2.  Get past Failures….use any past failures as a launching pad for what is possible for the future.
3.  Set specific goals…write 5-7 goals that are specific, concrete, and have a deadline.
4.  Know your why….why are you doing what your doing…don’t bail when it gets tough.
5.  Get started now….it is important to start….our biggest obstacle:  procrastination…with a big, looming obstacle we tend to make elaborate action plans but never do it….we need to break down our plan fast…and just start digging into it, even if we don’t have it perfectly planned out.
And this had me realizing….I want to just write!
I want to take what I have been sharing and learning this last year and just write.  I want to each day…whether it is many times a day….one line…2 pages….whatever….just write.  Share about my dreams, my thoughts, what I am reading, what I am learning, what I am feeling….I want to have 2016 posts to be about “in the moment”…not about too much prepping…too much planning and never doing….too much comparing and thinking someone else has already said that….
I am going to blog similar to how I journal…..I am going to share all my joy….all my love….all my learning about this amazing life I have been gifted with.
So whatever is pressing on my heart that day or thoughts it will be what I share about….
The excitement of a creation I came up with in the kitchen….
A frustration about my faith…
A mommy moment….
I blog because I love to write….I love to learn….I love to share….
I blog because I know it is the service that God has called me to.. just as He called me to home school….
I blog because I have so much love for life…so much life for humanity….so much love for my FAITH, FAMILY, FUTURE….
And I can’t help it but shout my joy, excitement, adventures,…all of it…from the roof tops!
So here is to 2016….365 days of 365 posts!
~Kelly 🙂

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