Think Love on Thursday

We all judge.  We may wish we did not but we do.  I’ve been pondering on this very topic quite a bit recently; and then this week when it was brought up by an amazingly powerful spiritual woman, it gave me pause once again.

Why do we judge?

Do we judge because we think we are better than someone?
Do we judge because we are insecure in something ourselves so it is easier to judge than to examine our own self?
Do we judge because others around us are doing it?

What does judging look like?

We judge when we say things like:

Wow that parent really needs to get a grip on their child.

I can’t believe she is wearing that at church.

Does he really think he can sing all that great?

What’s his problem, why did he just cut me off?!

She really needs to spend more time at home, no wonder her kiddos are “xyz”.

Does he/she ever do anything?  What does she do all day that the house isn’t clean?  What did he do all day that the trash isn’t even taken out?

These are all judgments.

Remember AGAPE LOVE?  Simply put….selfless…charity….love for others not own personal needs or wants…

Sooooo…..what if every time we had a judgmental thought enter our mind or even entertain our thoughts we turned it around instead to:

I wonder how I can help that mom who is really struggling with her kiddo during mass, church service?  I would bet she would really love to hear the message.

I am so glad she chose to come to mass, to church, to celebrate this beautiful day with the Lord.

It is wonderful he felt compelled to give of his time to one of the many ministry options at church and serve as Christ served.

OH…I sure do hope he or she is able to get safely to their destination.  I will say a prayer there is nothing terrible tragedy going on in their life at this moment.

I bet she really misses her kiddos when she has to work so much.  I will say a prayer she is able to spend time with her kiddos as she probably desires.

It is wonderful she or he are able to step back and not let little “undone” stuff overwhelm them.


I am just as guilty as the next.  Therefore this lent I am going to continue to work even harder at my quick judgmental thoughts.  Especially the ones that may come up while I am sitting in the pew at church with the intention of praise, worship, thanksgiving, and emptying my heart for forgiveness.

And one final thought on judging.  We not only judge those around us but OURSELVES!  QUIT!  We MUST remember OUR LORDS PRAYER.  “….forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us…..lead us not into temptation….

I do love lent….I love how it has me reflect and dig deeper on stuff that we all know but we need to maybe reexamine it or take it to the next level!

Thus today…THINK LOVE….instead of anything else when you see someone or encounter someone that you would rather think anything but LOVE….instead….embrace GOD’S WILL AND THINK LOVE….BE LOVE!

How do you love others?  Do you struggle with judging others?  Yourself?  Share below!  Lets love, learn and grow together!

Hugs and blessings,


BOOK:  We will continue today in the HORMONE RESET DIET….Dr. Sara Gottfried

MOVEMENT:  Turn on some favorite tunes and just dance for 10-15 minutes!  Dance however you desire!  dance til you are breathless!  Dance til you laugh!  Dance til you can’t dance any more….then rest and stretch!

UNDERSTANDING OUR HEALTH: Continuing in the Hormone Reset Diet….the second hormone to reset is INSULIN.  Going sugar free has so many benefits.  I am talking refined, white, syrup, junk sugar. (Starchy carbs and fruit yes effect your insulin but differently….and that will be a topic for another day)…  We need to understand INSULIN is the gatekeeper of many hormones of our metabolism.  High insulin leads to estrogen dominance. When insulin is out of whack our LEPTIN in out of whack (more on LEPTIN tomorrow).
Here is a fabulous write up from WELLNESS MAMA about sugar.  It has become the fad to do LOW LOW carb….but WOMEN especially need to be careful with this….see the picture of net carb threshold from the book.

TASTY TIP: Pickles!!!  Have a sugar craving…eat pickles…or anything fermented….sour….and lots of lemon water.  I love snacking on BUBBIE’s pickles in the mid afternoon.  This is when I tend to feel my insulin sensitivity spiking so I eat lots of fermented food at this time.  It not only is wonderfully crunchy but I am able to receive great probiotics and benefits from the fermented foods.

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