Tasty Tuesday: Back to School!

Create your own “lunchable”!

Please please please, don’t send your children to school with an overly processed, full of sugar and junk, wrapped in a cute handy package touting a healthy choice!
Instead create your own:
Chunks of ham from the deli. 
Slices of Boars Head pepperoni.  
Chunks of chicken from a roasted chicken.  (Then use the bones for bone broth!)
Slices of veggies: celery, cucumbers, snap peas,  steamed broccoli, carrots, apple, grapes, sunshine tomatoes…
Fat source:
Chunk of cheese, hand full of nuts, scoop of nut butter….
If you must have a grain:
some rice chips or GMO free corn chips. 
Almond milk, coconut water, bottle of water with effer-c….
There you have lots of options to create your own LUNCHABLE that will nourish them better than any boxed, overpriced, over processed item!
Lots of hugs,
-K 🙂

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