Wear Your Ashes with Love on Wednesday

Lent officially begins….40 days of stepping back, reflecting, praying, fasting, sacrificing, loving!

I find it interesting how we can get caught up on the sacrifice part, the fasting, the abstaining.  I find it a privilege, an honor to do something for God…..to grow closer to Him!

It’s funny because many will argue they can’t abstain because they just have to have their meat….but truly there are plenty of protein sources out there to sustain you for one day….one day!! We truly don’t need animal meat.  And our bodies can get what it needs from animal meat even just once a week. SOOO…..the argument is futile!

And fasting…..even an absolute…..well again bone broth, lemon water, and green tea all alone can sustain you for ONE DAY!  I have done exactly that for NINE days!  This is not to brag to boast….this is to help others understand IT IS POSSIBLE!!!

The tricky thing is when a person says well I have this condition or that condition that prevents me from fasting.  I am no doctor so I give no advice…I only share what I have learned and what I HAVE DONE…..and I say “consult your doctor for any medical advice” as my caveat to not get into trouble…lol…

So this is the interesting thing….lets take diabetics for instance….the argument, a great deal of times, is they need to keep their blood sugar levels stable…..yes I agree……BUT FASTING can actually do this!  The science is amazing now about this actually helps.  I am insulin resistant…..my 9 day absolute fasts have all been for medical reasons….and they have each time re-balanced my insulin levels!

I guess I have just never been willing to use the “loop holes” of getting out of fasting or abstaining.  BUT I have experienced and witnessed first hand how FASTING (whether an absolute, partial, or abstinence) CAN REAP SUCH MIRACLES!

A while back I pondered if I would ever stop taking communion in the form of bread and only take from the cup because of my gluten intolerance’s and all my health issues.  I knew for me I would not and could not stop receiving Jesus.  EVEN IF the simple wheat host will be the cause of me never fully healing physically.  BECAUSE THIS IS THE THING…..for me I KNOW I AM RECEIVING CHRIST…..HE IS PRESENT……I WILL NOT DENY MYSELF HIM..…I am aware that HE is still using bread.  And I understand that the molecular structure  is wheat BUT I look at (just like I heard and witnessed this weekend at the Divine Mercy Day of Reflection)…..there have been so many amazing miracles out there proving to the world that the HOST IS JESUS…..who am I to say that that is not exactly what is happening within me!!!

Doesn’t GOD ask us to trust in him?!  To go beyond our power, our will, and abandon it all to HIM!  Thus I give HIM my will…..my trust….my absolute everything!

I look forward to ALL this lent has in store for me.  Lent is never easy….for so many reasons….but it ALWAYS produces such amazing fruit.  I can’t help but be excited to fast….to sacrifice…to empty myself to and for HIM!!!

Lay ALL your burdens…your struggles on the alter for HIM this Lent to do miracles within you!  Sacrifice and fast not only as a petition, as a way to ask favor, but also as a form of PRAYER….a way to PRAISE HIM….TRUST HIM….LOVE HIM!!!

Have a a wonderful Ash Wednesday!

If you desire to share what you will do for lent to draw closer to HIM I would love to read about it below!  I would love to learn and grow with all of you!

hugs and blessings always,


BOOK:  We will continue today in the HORMONE RESET DIET….Dr. Sara Gottfried

MOVEMENT:  If you live close to your church walk to the church and reflect as you prepare to receive ashes….and if not…go for a walk somewhere anywhere….before or after mass.  Allow it to be the moment where you really reflect on how you can continue to care for your temple….and stay balanced with your hopes and dreams MIND BODY SOUL…..all to honor HIM!

UNDERSTANDING OUR HEALTH: In the Hormone Reset Diet….the first hormone she talks about resetting is ESTROGEN.  And the best way to do it is by eliminating meat and alcohol from your diet for a minimum of 3 days but really for atleast 21 days to ensusre all the other hormones have the opportunity to reset.  The science behind meatless is profound.  This article is a helpful overview. But the book really helps you see and understand in black and white! But this link also gives a great overview of Dr. Sara’s diagrams.

TASTY TIP: Your’e convinced you don’t like green tea.  It is bitter…etc.  The trick is to not let it steep for more than 2 minutes.  But even if you over-steep it you CAN FIX IT.  My 2 favorite ways:  1.  squeeze a full lemon in it, with a few drops of stevia.  2.  Lemon and stevia like #1 but add either mint (fresh or essential oil)  or add cinnamon (again fresh or essential oil). Drink warm or on ice…or even blend it up!

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