Have you every thought about how EVERYTHING that is GMO and artificial is unhealthy for us!?  And why!?

Because it is not what was intended.  It is not how GOD designed it.  God is brilliant and beautiful and HE designed everything on this earth with life…to thrive…to have purpose.  Yet, we silly human’s think we can or should tweak things to make things “better”…”bigger”…..

Let’s take a look at just some of the things we have tried to “improve” yet have created more havoc!


Sweetener.….designed to “cheat” with something sweet….yet the chemicals have created more health issues….

Refined sugar….wheat….processed….designed to make things quicker….easier…yet instead has increased gut issues…disease….cancer….

Birth control….other meds....designed to “cheat” to give into impulses whenever we want…yet BC has been linked to soooo many female issues….BC and other meds are linked to brain health issues….gut issues….and so much more…..

NOW….Let’s take a look at if we kept LIFE ORGANIC….the way God designed us to live….

SWEETNESS…..fruit….herbs…all things that can actually help the gut…the body…..thrive with nature…

FOOD FROM THE EARTH…..harvested with hard work….full of amazing nutrients because it “fought” to live so we could thrive…..

OUR BODY’S NATURAL RHYTHM…..It  takes work yes to learn how your body works and functions to monitor your fertility….to pay attention to inflammations…..but man the rewards of living in harmony with your body’s personal energy….to live with harmony with GOD….to KNOW you are living as HE DESIGNED US TO LIVE…..

SCIENCE… beautiful and helpful WHEN IT IS WITH GOD ALWAYS in mind……when it works with what GOD not against GOD!  It is sad when we humans get arrogant and try to start controlling life…..and “cheat” with ALL the artificial choices….thus leaving our true nature behind…..forgetting our life is to be ORGANIC…..


And oh how much sweeter and peaceful it is….

How can you make your life 100% organic!?

Hugs and blessings always my dear readers…….friends…..
~Kelly 🙂

Sugar: not so simple!

What harm could gum be?!  It’s not like there is much sugar?  Or heck it’s just a little bit of an artificial sweetener!
But it can truly make that much of a difference.
Let’s just look at the “P” word alone.  This stuff is NASTY!  It has been associated with mental deterioration!
And there is the fact that many of the sugar free gums contain aspartame that is just one nasty sweetener. 
Further, what many don’t realize: gum fakes out your digestive system….thus sending mixed signals!
Artificial sweeteners are just not a good idea!
Please take the time to check out all my highlighted links.
Bottom line is:  artificial sweeteners set up your body with confusion.  Thus making your digestive system to think it needs to do work when it doesn’t.  Thus making you hungry?  Artificial sweeteners mess with your chemical receptors!
So, personally we should try to stay away from all gum!  But I understand the need or want to have gum from time to time.  I like to chew gum while I work out.  So, I have found that the spry gum is the less offensive of all the choices.  It’s not perfect….but at least I receive no spikes in insulin.  I won’t experience brain fog, or other potential gunky stuff.  
I hope my humble opinion is helpful!
Many blessings to all of you try and striving to live a whole food, REAL life!
hugs and prayers always!
~K 🙂

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