Celebrations on Saturday

I have this thing about dates.

For every date in my life that had a sorrow or a pain THERE IS something to celebrate on THAT SAME DATE years later.

Sometimes the order is reversed….or sometimes it is just a realization of “oh wow, this happened on this date years ago.”  And sometimes it is truly a saving grace, a resurrection of a deep hurt that needs some light shed upon that date.

Just a few examples of this type of date correlation in my life is:

February 14: While still in high school a dear friend of mine died in a car accident.  It was horrific.  I loved this boy not romantically but in the familial/agape love.  He was my dear confidant.  My cheerleader.  He helped me feel normal in the midst of uncertainty in high school.  I was crushed by his death.  His family asked me to do his eulogy.  I wasn’t even sure I would be able to get through it.

Fast forward….I met my hubby while we were in the Navy.  He was constantly out at sea.  THE ONLY HOLIDAY he was EVER CONSISTENTLY HOME FOR was VALENTINES DAY!!  It became our Christmas!  We made sure Valentines Day was always celebrated in a really big way.  I truly never saw at the time what God was doing with that day.  That He was giving it life again!

August 15:  We chose this amazing date for our daughter to be baptized.  My hubby and I chose it to honor Mary.  It is her feast day of  Assumption.  On our daughters baptismal day, so many years ago, my wonderful hubby received a call from his aunt.  She was thanking him for picking his moms birthday to honor her memory, her death.  My hubby truly had not remembered it was her birthday, he was so young when she died and there were lots of things he had blocked out from his childhood. And I had no clue.  Again…God was creating healing….shedding light on dark…on sorrow!

I have written about my miscarriage and April 1.  You can read it here…..

I have written about my Daughters birthday….read here…..

There are many other dates in my life that may not be as big or some people would maybe not even see the significance but I do.  I see the correlation….

I smile that my amazing Grandmother who had also been in the Navy died on the Anniversary date of my enlistment.

And then yesterday as I was reflecting on the Roe V Wade date….my hubby reminds me it was his anniversary date of his job.  His job has brought us many adventures, has provided for us, and we have actually both grown closer to our Lord because of his job.

BUT EVEN BIGGER….is last night we attended a Mass Celebrating the 25th Anniversary of our amazing parish priest.  Here is a man who is truly a Godly man….a man who is peaceful….strong…an amazing homilist….and so much more.


I challenge you today to reflect on dates and times in your life.  Can you remember a dark date….a day the devil tried to create havoc in your life or tried to keep a dark cloud around it because of hurts, pain, mistakes….and maybe just maybe years later GOD renewed it?  This may take time.  Write down these dates in a journal, piece of paper, anywhere….and allow your heart and soul to reflect on them over the next few weeks and see if you can’t find the light shining out of the darkness!!!

I would love to hear your story!

Have a blessed day!
Hugs and prayers always,

THE BOOK OF THE DAY:  Angel in the Waters by Regina Doman.  This book was and is still my favorite book.  I started reading this book to my daughter when she wasn’t even a month old.  I wanted it to be ingrained in her soul how very special she was.  How much of a miracle she was to us.  And how very precious HER LIFE was…not only to us but to GOD.  It is a beautifully written story about the journey a baby makes from the womb to the world!!!

April 1st: Healing is No Joke…Just Joy!

Today I re-enter into the social media world for a brief moment.  I choose to blog today because four years ago I wondered why I had to lay on a hospital bed to be wheeled away for my D&C from my miscarriage.

I had been able to experience the joys, fears, delights of my precious Sam for 12 short weeks, yet all the joy, all the lessons, all the amazing things that have taken place because of that loss, that experience, of that deep sorrow in my life…

Well…I am a better, stronger, richer, deeper person…woman…wife…mom…servant to God because of that pain..that sorrow!

I can’t be angry with God because ALL of my life’s experiences even those that caused me hurt, pain, sorrow or even harm….have all lead me to…love, redemption, peace, joy, gratitude, faith, hope, commitment, endurance…and so many more.

Take today’s date as an example:


Each year it has fallen on a day within lent.  This year it is in Holy Week.  I will enter the next three days with great appreciation, healing, hope, love, deep understanding of being a mom! One year it was Palm Sunday.  Another year it was the Easter weekend the year we were asked to be god-parents to some dear friends children.  Wow…that was a powerful year!

I feel so blessed to know my God so loved me that he gave us his only son!  Now that is somehtng to live for!!!

Join me here for the next three days to prepare and celebrate the Triduum…to reflect on His mercy….His Joys and Sorrows….

Blessings, hugs, and lots of prayers always,
~Kelly 🙂

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