Feeling Fabulous on Friday

I remember the first piece of clothing I ever altered growing up.  It was a red and white polka dot summer dress.  It had wide straps that crossed in the back with this large bow of the same material.  It wasn’t an A-line, it had gathering for the seem at the waist for the skirt part of the dress.  I loved this dress when I found it on the clearance rack of what ever store I had been perusing.  The problem is it was 2 sizes too big.  But the price was great! It was under five dollars!  I couldn’t pass it up.  My thought was even if I totally mess it up I at least have only spent five dollars and I can always use the material for something.

I have never sewn clothing from a pattern or from scratch.  That requires way more disciple and rule following for my type of artsy mind.  I have always enjoyed seeing something I have and tweaking it.  Or seeing somethings potential.

The last 5 years I fell out of the habit of altering and sewing stuff for myself.  I still love looking for my bargains either at department stores or thrift shops but trying to find something that sparks that perfect joy or that wonderful fit is sometimes not so fun.

As I have become more aware of self-love, self-care, and owning only things that spark joy I have been finding myself leaning toward altering things again. I have realized there are some clothing I really like but I don’t like how the manufacture designed it to be.  If it’s on the clearance rack and I really like it and the only thing holding me back is because it is too big then I am going to evaluate if I am capable of the alteration job I would want to do to make if feel fabulous!?

That is what I did yesterday for a about an hour and I loved every minute of it.  I really love the smooth material of yoga or running pants but it seems like any more you can’t find ones that are made like jogging pants style.  They are all designed to cling and fit tight to your body.  This is just not what I want to wear.

 A while back I found a couple of yoga pants on crazy clearance but they were too big, especially in the waist.  But I really liked how they felt and fit.  I decided to bite the bullet and get them.  For several weeks I kept pinning the waist or rolling them til I could do what I really wanted to do.  The day finally came I was able to sew them and tailor them to my body, my shape, my life!  AND THEY MAKE ME FEEL SO HAPPY….THEY TRULY SPARK JOY!  Not just because of the way they make me feel, but because of the opportunity to also delve back into a craft I once loved dearly and had let fall to the way side.

Thus my message today has many layers…lol…

1.  Only own clothing that makes you feel fabulous.  That reminds you how amazing and beautiful you are RIGHT NOW!

2.  Only own clothing that spark joy to ensure you see nothing but the amazing and beautiful being you are RIGHT NOW!

3.  Rediscover a lost art, talent, craft, hobby, whatever……THAT SPARKS JOY IN YOUR LIFE….and dig in…don’t put it off….start doing it again today!

I think these 3 things are so pivotal with self care and self love…..especially for women!

Our society has brain washed us about sooooo many things but I think the number one is setting us up to compare ourselves to other women all the time.  Whether it is the model in a magazine or on a billboard.  Whether it is the mom who seems to do it all and have it all.   Many of us have fallen for this lie and trap, at-least once in our life,  to think we are not ENOUGH because we don’t have the measurements to fit into a particular brand.

I say you’re not the wrong size, the company got it wrong so you have to just move on to the next brand, company, or dare to create your own size that is catered…tailor made just for you!  Made to put a smile on your face, a skip in your step, and a flutter in your heart when you look in that mirror and say HELLO GORGEOUS YOU ARE ENOUGH!

Have a fabulous Friday….and remember you are amazing….I know I am…..especially in my new “K” Brand of pants :)…..

Blessings and hugs,

PS….today’s book picture is a unique and amazing book about health and wellness.   Here is a man who truly was able to get into a woman’s mind and peel away the layers of what stops so many women from succeeding with health goals.  His book is I believe a fabulous way for women and men to start seeing health and nutrition in the whole body experience and to therefore learn how to truly love yourself and to create a habit of self care.   I had the amazing pleasure to meet him several years ago and he is truly an amazing man!

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