Time to Love on Tuesday

We all get so pressed and bothered about time.
We don’t have enough time for this or that.
We spend too much time doing this or that.

What I have been really learning this last year with this amazing health journey is what do I want to truly spend my time on?

Time is the ONLY thing in life we don’t get back.  We can’t make more of it.

I’ve been realizing for how much I LOVE LOVE LOVE writing and blogging…..I am starting to spend too much of my time on it.  It started out as I was going to spend only 15-30 minutes in the morning on it….keeping it simple and just blogging my immediate thoughts  It was to be a place for keeping myself accountable for many different things in life and with my 2016 goals.  But then I started spending time adding this or that….reading a bit more on something to share in it….. time adding the pictures…. time to possibly add links….time to post it all to Facebook….google plus….pinterest…..

Thus the question is: Am I spending time that I shouldn’t be spending?

I know my time here is good for me. And I hear from others how they enjoy it.  BUT I have to reflect: Is the time that I’m spreading ripples outside of my home nurturing ripples within my home?  Is it being spent where I should be spending it? Is it the best choice of my time?  Is it the best way I can share and spread my love for all!?

Am I utilizing my early morning hours to be the best of my abilities?  After all if I have lessons to figure out with some research and prep needed should I be spending that hour after my prayer time on the computer blogging or getting the lesson ready?  Is my blogging a distraction and then a frustration because our lessons weren’t as fulfilling as they could or should have been?  Has it given me the excuse to let my daughter sleep a bit later thus not giving her and I near as much time to just enjoy breathing side by side and read?  Walk?  Garden?  All the things that are SOOO life giving….and face to face! HUMAN CONTACT!

Should I be spending it on emails and Facebook or figuring out some household goals that need to be researched?

Am I allowing my love for writing and research to take more time than it should therefore only nurturing really my love…my desires but not doing what is the better love…the agape love….toward my family, toward my responsibilities…..?!

Isn’t there a time and place for everything?  Yes God gives us gifts and talents to use, He inspires us to take action.  BUT I don’t think He intends for us to do it all at once.  Sometimes He needs us to sit with a desire, a goal, for a bit to let it grow and grow within us so that once it is ready to bloom it will bloom like a firework!

Maybe my desire to share so much in one place is well TOO MUCH…..too much time being taken away from where GOD desires me to spend my time.  This is not to say that the time spent here isn’t something HE wants from me.  But maybe just learning the discipline of getting up in the morning and adding another type of focus in the morning outside of my morning prayers and workout was what He wanted me to learn and listen to?  Maybe the discipline of knowing if I can set aside an hour to blog, write, research, and FB then I can use that same time to do research and develop programs and stuff that I need to take care of for my daughter, family, for GOD……

Maybe this has all taught me that I need to still share but maybe it just needs to be a quick “Hello Good Morning….REMEMBER GOD LOVES YOU TODAY!”…..AND THEN SIGN OFF!!!  Maybe it just needs to be a picture of something amazing that inspires me.

The question could be asked why not just do the quick simple short stuff on FB?  My thoughts are well what if a person isn’t on FB and don’t have the opportunity to read this blog.  Then I step back and think….but who do I write this for?  If I am thinking of all who I can reach then am I thinking of myself and ego or is it truly pure in the thoughts that I don’t want to miss the opportunity of reaching the person it was meant to reach?!

So many thoughts….so much time…..so much love to think about….

Today I step back…..I add nothing more….I keep it simple to reflect on my TIME….TAKING THE TIME TO TRULY LOVE….FACE TO FACE…..THOSE IN MY LIFE THAT ARE SO DEAR AND IMPORTANT TO ME!  I take the time to interact in the way GOD intends us to interact with human contact!

God’s love and our ripples of love start at home!  Are you sowing your own field with HIS love?  Or are you tending to all the other fields with great love and attention but neglecting your own field that it is drying up….or just not quite blooming as well as it could and should with just a bit more attention?!

Where do you spend your time?  How do you spend your time? What can you abandon from your “list” to love fuller…love agape style……LOVE AS GOD DESIRES US TO LOVE!!!  

hugs and blessings always,

Marriage Love on Monday

I have known my husband for 23 years….married 21.  I met him while we were in the military.  I remember distinctly my evening prayers after I met him.  “Lord….take him back….I’m not ready to meet him yet.”  I knew at 18 that he was meant for me.  And I was not thrilled with God….lol.  Mostly because I had my plans….and meeting my future spouse at 18 instead of 30 was NOT part of MY PLAN.  But we all know that wonderful saying of making plans and see God laugh.

Fast forward…..

What I have learned from this man in my life is profound.  Many of us enter into marriage not prepared.  Maybe not even discussing some of the important topics.  We enter in blindly, and sometimes even selfishly.  Yet marriage grants us the opportunity to learn what true AGAPE LOVE is, if we allow it to grow and teach us!

My hubby and I have been through more ups and down than I can count….we have been through more times apart due to work than I would have ever desired….yet through it all we continue to learn from each other, put aside our selfish desires, and remember the person across from us looking into our eyes is LOVE.

Today as I go about my day and if I even feel the inkling of wanting to be frustrated about something he may or may not have done…I will instead think of all the wonderful things he does RIGHT!  All the little ways and little things he does that I probably overlook!

I know I am a better person….a better wife….a better mother…..a better teacher….a better Catholic…BECAUSE OF HIM!!!  Because of even the disagreements….challenges….the nuances……they all help me be a better me.

Marriage is truly about dying to yourself….and putting the other persons needs first.  What a wonderful way for GOD to create practice…..consistent….everyday……hard work practice of walking in HIS will…..HIS  love…HIS mercy……than through the sacrament of marriage!

How do you nurture your marriage?  Do you see GOD in your spouse?  Have you gotten kind of well…lax with your relationship?  Have you forgotten the deeper purpose of marriage?!

Hugs and prayers always,


BOOK:  Two more days……THE HORMONE RESET :)…….
MOVEMENT: Walk to the end of your block jog back to your house……do 10 push ups and 50 jumping jacks…..do this 3 or 5 times…..that will wake you up!!!!!

NUTRITIONAL/HEALTH NUGGETS:  Dairy!  I love love love cheese…..diary….BUT I know it is not good for me.  7 years ago when I gave up dairy it was not easy…..and re-reading the dairy section in THE HORMONE RESET book it has reminded me why dairy is so addicting as well as why it is truly not healthy for us. It effects our GROWTH HORMONE.  Some things to consider is: do you get congested? Do you have skin rashes, eczema, etc? Do you feel puffy?  Gut bloat?  These all can and probably are reactions to your dairy consumption.  I have noticed even when I partake in one meal that has some dairy it creates great havoc on my system.  For me it’s truly not worth it anymore ESPECIALLY with my thyroid condition….and for brain health!  Check out the pictures I have today that give you just some data and helpful tips on why to go dairy free.  And to understand more check out Dr. Axe, Dr. Datis, Dr. Sarah Gottfrieds websites.

TASTY TIP: What do I do instead of milk?  Well lets say if I want to have “cheesy” broccoli….I use nutritional yeast flakes.   If I want cream in my tea or my shake I use coconut milk from the can.  My daughters favorite ice cream recipe I have made is 3 ingredients: blend 2 cans of coconut milk, 1 tbsp of vanilla, 1/2 cup of maple syrup and if you need it sweeter about 5-10 drops of stevia.  I blend it all together then stick it into my ice cream maker and let it churn for 2-3 hours!  Bam instant wonderfulness…..dairy free…..allergen free…..and low in sugar!!!!

Sensational Love on Sunday


Well it looks like whoever tried to do whatever with my credit….my computer….did not succeed!  Thank you Jesus!

Today is Valentine’s day!

It’s funny because we get caught up on the commercialism of Valentine’s day and we forget what true….agape love is!

TODAY REACH OUT….call…write….fellowship with family, friends, a stranger….give of yourself in a way you have not ever done or haven’t done for a long time!

When things like my computer not working or internet being slow happens, it reminds me that technology is nice but WE WERE CREATE FOR INTERACTION….WE WERE CREATED FOR CONTACT….WE WERE CREATED FOR LOVE!

Isn’t it interesting that the hormones that give us a great feeling after connecting sexually with your spouse is the same hormone released during bonding with an infant (breastfeeding specifically)  and HUGS!!!


Today I am going to not think about my to do list….not not going to think about what I am “suppose” to do this week….instead I am going to enjoy the fact that I have an amazing husband who has been a fabulous trooper through all my health challenges.  A husband who may not always understand what is going on, and probably gets frustrated sometimes because I don’t “look” like someone who has crazy health storms going on…..BUT SUPPORTS ME THROUGH ALL OF IT!!!!


How are you going to create good hormone connections today?!  Walks, letters, talking, visiting, cuddles?!  Please share…..would love to hear your way to truly connect with loved ones that is away from the computer and technology!?

Hugs and prayers always,


BOOKS: The Hormone Reset…Dr. Sara Gottfried

MOVEMENT:  download the “7 minute workout” app.  You will have an amazing quick hormone resetting workout anywhere, anytime!

NUTRITIONAL/HEALTH NUGGET:  GLUTEN equals glue…equals gut issues….equals so much havoc.  I am only going to share ONE aspect of how gluten and grains are not so great for you today!  Your THYROID!!!  It already taxes your thyroid to begin with but then once a person starts having thyroid issues you become even more sensitive to other non-gluten grains….like rice…check out the pics I am including today that come straight from THE HORMONE RESET book.  

TASTY TIP:  What do I do when I am just really craving bread? For me the only bread I really miss is for pizza.  I realized it wasn’t the crust but all the toppings I missed.  Thus I created a pizza soup!  I take ALL my favorite toppings and pizza sauce throw it in a crock pot to simmer for a good 4 hours so all the flavors can blend!  Voila! Pizza in a BOWL!!!  Stay tuned….I am tweaking my pizza soup and actual pizza as well to be AIP friendly!!!

Think Love on Thursday

We all judge.  We may wish we did not but we do.  I’ve been pondering on this very topic quite a bit recently; and then this week when it was brought up by an amazingly powerful spiritual woman, it gave me pause once again.

Why do we judge?

Do we judge because we think we are better than someone?
Do we judge because we are insecure in something ourselves so it is easier to judge than to examine our own self?
Do we judge because others around us are doing it?

What does judging look like?

We judge when we say things like:

Wow that parent really needs to get a grip on their child.

I can’t believe she is wearing that at church.

Does he really think he can sing all that great?

What’s his problem, why did he just cut me off?!

She really needs to spend more time at home, no wonder her kiddos are “xyz”.

Does he/she ever do anything?  What does she do all day that the house isn’t clean?  What did he do all day that the trash isn’t even taken out?

These are all judgments.

Remember AGAPE LOVE?  Simply put….selfless…charity….love for others not own personal needs or wants…

Sooooo…..what if every time we had a judgmental thought enter our mind or even entertain our thoughts we turned it around instead to:

I wonder how I can help that mom who is really struggling with her kiddo during mass, church service?  I would bet she would really love to hear the message.

I am so glad she chose to come to mass, to church, to celebrate this beautiful day with the Lord.

It is wonderful he felt compelled to give of his time to one of the many ministry options at church and serve as Christ served.

OH…I sure do hope he or she is able to get safely to their destination.  I will say a prayer there is nothing terrible tragedy going on in their life at this moment.

I bet she really misses her kiddos when she has to work so much.  I will say a prayer she is able to spend time with her kiddos as she probably desires.

It is wonderful she or he are able to step back and not let little “undone” stuff overwhelm them.


I am just as guilty as the next.  Therefore this lent I am going to continue to work even harder at my quick judgmental thoughts.  Especially the ones that may come up while I am sitting in the pew at church with the intention of praise, worship, thanksgiving, and emptying my heart for forgiveness.

And one final thought on judging.  We not only judge those around us but OURSELVES!  QUIT!  We MUST remember OUR LORDS PRAYER.  “….forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us…..lead us not into temptation….

I do love lent….I love how it has me reflect and dig deeper on stuff that we all know but we need to maybe reexamine it or take it to the next level!

Thus today…THINK LOVE….instead of anything else when you see someone or encounter someone that you would rather think anything but LOVE….instead….embrace GOD’S WILL AND THINK LOVE….BE LOVE!

How do you love others?  Do you struggle with judging others?  Yourself?  Share below!  Lets love, learn and grow together!

Hugs and blessings,


BOOK:  We will continue today in the HORMONE RESET DIET….Dr. Sara Gottfried

MOVEMENT:  Turn on some favorite tunes and just dance for 10-15 minutes!  Dance however you desire!  dance til you are breathless!  Dance til you laugh!  Dance til you can’t dance any more….then rest and stretch!

UNDERSTANDING OUR HEALTH: Continuing in the Hormone Reset Diet….the second hormone to reset is INSULIN.  Going sugar free has so many benefits.  I am talking refined, white, syrup, junk sugar. (Starchy carbs and fruit yes effect your insulin but differently….and that will be a topic for another day)…  We need to understand INSULIN is the gatekeeper of many hormones of our metabolism.  High insulin leads to estrogen dominance. When insulin is out of whack our LEPTIN in out of whack (more on LEPTIN tomorrow).
Here is a fabulous write up from WELLNESS MAMA about sugar.  It has become the fad to do LOW LOW carb….but WOMEN especially need to be careful with this….see the picture of net carb threshold from the book.

TASTY TIP: Pickles!!!  Have a sugar craving…eat pickles…or anything fermented….sour….and lots of lemon water.  I love snacking on BUBBIE’s pickles in the mid afternoon.  This is when I tend to feel my insulin sensitivity spiking so I eat lots of fermented food at this time.  It not only is wonderfully crunchy but I am able to receive great probiotics and benefits from the fermented foods.

Loving to THRIVE on Thursday!


I pondered last week if I should keep my memberships for many different on-line sources and big box stores.  As Sunday rolled around….needing to make a decision about my THRIVE membership…..I found myself hesitating to cancel the automatic payment of my yearly membership.

As I sat in the quiet of my morning….praying about what were things to cut this year to continue to be THRIFTY AND THRIVING…..I realized part of my reason to want to continue to cut back even more is to open up the opportunities to give more!  More or my time, more of my talents, more of my treasures!

I then re-read the mission of THRIVE.  And I knew I wouldn’t cancel.  Because even if I don’t use my membership once this year (which I know I will!)….I have ensured another family does have the gift of utilizing THRIVE.  I have ensured another family has access to quality products to nourish their family.  MIND BODY SOUL!!!

Thus…..I was able to truly LOVE as God intends us to continually LOVE with AGAPE.

I feel beautiful and peaceful about the decision because I know God pressed it upon my heart.

How do you THRIVE!?  How do you love others….others you may not even know!?  What has GOD pressed upon your heart recently!?  Share below!  Let’s all be THRIFTY and THRIVE together!

Hugs and prayers,

BOOK OF THE DAY:  Really it doesn’t have to be this book…..it can be what ever book pertains to your area…..or one that inspires you to want to garden.  But basically if you want to really cut costs and feel amazing about providing for yourself and family…..get a GARDENING BOOK!  And you can’t say….but I live in the city…..or I don’t have space.  YOU CAN garden in ANYTHING…..ANYWHERE!!!  Check out Pinterest if you need some inspiration!

MOVEMENT FOR THE DAY:  Kettlebells!!!  This dvd was a great way for me to start and learn about proper for but really you can YouTube 10 minute Kettlebell workouts for beginners and receive a vast array of choices.  Don’t let these things intimidate you!  They are amazing!

Tastes I love on Tuesday!

Am I a foodie?

I looked up this word to find the definition.  I read lots of different opinions and thoughts behind the word.  What they all had in common was:  Someone who has an interest in food….all aspects of it….where it came from….etc….not just to eat for eating sake.

 I would have to say I am a foodie! 
 I LOVE learning how a food can nourish us.  I LOVE learning how different foods can create such different flavors by just changing the way you cook it and the spices you use.

Take an avocado for instance.  Sprinkle some salt squeeze some lime on it….it bursts with zing and zest.  Same avocado sprinkle some cinnamon and drizzle some honey on it instead….and it tastes like a rich deep pudding.

Growing up, I remember going out to dinners with the family and ALWAYS having to taste what everyone else ordered.  I never wanted much.  I just wanted to take one bite.  I am still the same.  I love experiencing even just one bite of something new.

Now some foodie definitions give it the spin of a refined, almost snobbery sense to food.  Not me.  I have always been intrigued with even if I didn’t cook something just right, or even burned something….I still had to taste it and see what could I have done different.  I can almost imagine where it went wrong and if if if it is salvageable.

How does this all relate to AGAPE LOVE…..lol….

Wikipedia says:

Agape (Ancient Greek: ἀγάπη, agápē) is “love: the highest form of love, especially brotherly love, charity; the love of God for man and of man for God.”

I don’t love food for foods sake…..

I love how food can heal….

can nourish….

can create fellowship…..
can build bridges with people. 
I love how food can bring out the best in us….
and even the worst in us…
and then we learn from that experience.

It is a struggle for me from time to time when I am not able to eat something that I know is not healing for my body right now if ever, because of my adrenals and thyroid and hormones (I am so thinking cheese!…lol)….but instead of focusing on what I “can’t” or “shouldn’t” I focus on the amazing choices I DO HAVE!!!

I focus on the LOVE God has for me to provide for me so many choices to learn how to heal my body…mind…and soul…..with FOOD!!!

Would you describe yourself a foodie?  What’s your love for food?
How can you change your relationship with food?
I would love to hear!  Leave comments below and let’s learn and love together!

Hugs and prayers,
Kelly 🙂

BOOK OF THE DAY: If you’re a foodie in any shape of form, these are the cookbooks for you!  They bring out the amazing flavors of real fresh food; all jam packed with bursting flavor and amazing nutrients!!

MOVEMENT OF THE DAY:  Today set a time something so that every 45 minutes you get up from your desk, seat, couch, whatever…..and do 10 reps of something: jumping jacks, push-ups, squats, burpees, lunges, bicep curls, dips, something…..by the end of the day how many sets where you able to get in?  Think of how amazing you felt creating all that energy for your body!  Energy begets energy…..so move your body ALL DAY not just for one hour in the gym.  It doesn’t take much to feel the energy return when you expel some energy!

Loving Moments on Monday

February is all about hearts…cupids….cards….candy…..and so much more!

It’s valentines….

It’s heart awareness…

It’s love love love…..

BUT…..is it about TRUE LOVE?….AGAPE LOVE!

This month I want to share all the ways I love…all the ways I want each of you to love.

Ways you can:

LOVE your self.
LOVE your spouse.
LOVE your child.
LOVE your body.
LOVE your health.
LOVE your heart.
LOVE your finances.
LOVE your cooking.
LOVE your fitness.
LOVE your food.
LOVE your family.
LOVE your friends.
LOVE your church.
LOVE your mission.
LOVE your calling.
LOVE your purpose.
LOVE your struggles.
LOVE your journey.
LOVE your house.
LOVE your shopping.
LOVE your community.
LOVE your chores.
LOVE your responsibilities.
LOVE your sleep.
LOVE your fun.
LOVE your relaxation.

That is 28 days of LOVE LOVE LOVE…..AGAPE KIND OF LOVE…..in all aspects of life!

How do you share and show love to yourself and those around you?
Leave a comment below and we can learn together!

Have a glorious First day of LOVE on this Marvelous Monday!

Hugs and prayers always,

BOOK OF THE DAY:  I read this book (picture above) to my darling daughter as she was still forming and growing in my womb.  I still read it to her.  Even as our children age…and try to protest they are “too old” for baby books…..their inner self LOVES and longs for those cuddle moments.  So today pick up a long lost loved picture book and LOVE on your child with a bedtime story….even if they are 18!!!

MOVEMENT OF THE DAY:  Now that you guys have seen what  a weeks worth of workouts/movements look like for me these days….I am going to start sharing just some other ideas and resources so you can find the right fit for you….in this season of your life….a movement that you will LOVE!!!  Today’s movement suggestion is to go to u-tube and check out the different 10 minute rebound routines that are out there!

Sunshine on Sunday!

No it is not sunny outside at all….well not yet.  I have no idea what the forecast is going to be, I haven’t checked my phone or the paper as of yet.  Heck I really don’t ever check that stuff ahead of time.  I am the type who can read or watch what the weather is going to be but it doesn’t fully compute or process unless I really step outside take it in and determine “OK, this is what 43 in winter is like with a slight breeze at 10 in the morning versus 3 in the afternoon.”

Therefore NO I am not talking about the weather :)…….

I am talking about life!

Yesterday I woke up with a great deal on my mind.  I had a great deal I needed to visit with my wonderful hubby about.  And a great deal of desires for the day to be accomplished.


I can’t voice enough just how much I adore and love my husband.  He is truly the most amazing man.  Here is a man who is a choleric….very alpha…..who is willing to continually adapt and learn and nurture is phlegmatic wife!  We were just laughing yesterday that probably why we are able to actually understand each other is since we both have the secondary temperament of sanguine.  Which of course is a great compliment for his primary but unfortunately a conflict within my primary temperament.    Thus the fact he is willing to role with me is just flat out amazing!

I feel beyond blessed that this man who has been my husband for 21 years and my best friend for 23 is willing to continually learn and grow with me and for me.

Marriage is not easy!

It takes time…..care…..patience…..nurturing….forgiveness…..and AGAPE love!!!!

My advice to  couples….dating….married…..young…old….new to relationship….years under the belt……is ALWAYS date each other…..ALWAYS  learn together……ALWAYS  communicate…..ALWAYS set goals……ALWAYS sacrifice……AND ALWAYS FIGHT FOR EACH OTHER!!!!

I love love love (to infinity and beyond) my honorable hubby….I wouldn’t be the WONDERFUL WARRIOR WOMAN I am today if it truly wasn’t for him.  

Today I challenge all couples to reflect and consecrate ONLY on the great things in your significant other.  Focus on that let that resonate as you work on the the tough stuff and NEVER give up!!!!

Have a glorious Sunny Sunday!
Hugs and prayers always,

PS…..today’s book picture is about health transformations….but you could also take it as a challenge to transform together as a couple!  I love Mark Sisson and his real world approach to eating real food, moving our bodies in a real sustainable way, and living life to it’s fullest!

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