Sabotaging Self-Love

When was a time in my past I truly felt comfortable in my own skin? Didn’t feel shame from traumas and choices?

Have I ever NOT compared myself?

What are the causes/roots?

These are all questions I really dug into about a year ago on my healing journey.  As I was connecting the pieces to the beautiful puzzle of me, I have had to realize…..this journey is ALWAYS….it will ALWAYS BE WORK…..and that’s ok!

Because I am willing to work on connecting my body-spirit health I am able to recognize all the times in the past when I was sabotaging my healing.  When I was sabotaging self-love.  When I was believing the lies of shame and ugliness.

So here is something to reflect on when you have said you were going to do something…make a change (lose weight, stop drinking, spend less, avoid sugar, be patient….the list goes on)…..and you find yourself “failing”….I want you to think about who doesn’t want you to succeed?

Who wants you to continue to sabotage your healing…..your connected health?

Then take it to God….tap with HIM about it!  Renounce the lies of the enemy and find GODS AMAZING HEALING LOVE!

Sit…pray….write…oil up…tap….share….

Hugs and blessings dear beloved ones…

~Kelly 😉


Psalm 30:2
“O Lord my God, I called to you for help and you healed me.”

I woke up this morning feeling empowered….renewed….convicted!

I will reflect back a couple days.  I finally had the amazing opportunity to visit with my nutrition coach about my genetic markers.  Instead of seeing it as a doom and gloom situation it was enlightening.  It was empowering.  It created conviction.

I will summarize: I have genes that don’t allow me to absorb certain important vitamins and minerals.  I have genes that do predispose me to some brain stuff, cancer stuff, gut stuff, fatty liver, gluten intolerance….etc.

I have a gene that shows I am sensitive to caffeine.

I have a gene that expresses I could have OCD, anxiety, addictive tendencies.

I have genes that lend to my adrenals being in distress and needing extra love and support.

What does this tell me?!

It puts a burning in my heart to be the best me!  To not have fear… not have worry…to not have shame but to be the best me!

Fear:  I could walk around wondering when the ball is going to drop.  But I refuse to  because this information is exactly that….information to empower me… give me tools to protect my body!

Worry:  I could walk around worrying that if I do this or do that I will fire up that gene…but instead I will continue to move forward in God’s will….in His strength!

Shame:  I could walk around beating myself up for any poor choices I may have made in the past that could have contributed to any one of those genes having been switched on currently…..but instead I own my actions, I pray for forgiveness and I move forward…..I walk in FAITH….I will knowing God loves me just as I am….I walk with knowing He is amazing and merciful!

Thus when I woke this morning I felt extremely convicted to ensure I do ALL I can to help my ADRENALS be the best they are meant to be for me!  And I WILL do my part to LOVE THEM AND CARE FOR THEM!

So I decided for 2016 I am giving up all: Sugar, Caffeine (this includes chocolate), ALCOHOL!

I know these things tax my adrenals.  Having read the ADRENAL RESET DIET book about 3 times now…..I know these things are NOT good for me.   Sugar really isn’t a problem for me…..I have it on occasion but I don’t want it to even be an occasion anymore.  The caffeine needs to quit holding me back.  And the alcohol…..well really the question is do I want to live the best me, a me of integrity, or a me who just looks forward to a glass or two of wine or gin at the end of the day because “I deserve it”.  

It’s interesting because I have reflected on many things over the last 6 months especially with my health and with the amazing team I have helping me heal my adrenals….and I realized I needed to own up to the fact I may not be doing ALL I could be doing to ensure my health to repair…..soooo… more!

2016 is going to be about me being the BEST ME….the me who I am proud to smile at God and say I AM TAKING CARE OF ME FOR YOU…….


The me who can say  I CRAVE NOTHING BUT YOU LORD!!!

How do I intend to help myself?

SLEEP SLEEP SLEEP…..I will feel NO guilt in 2016 for sleeping in or getting 10-12 hours of sleep to heal my body…..NO MORE short changing my sleep.  

SIMPLE SIMPLE SIMPLE…..My  1st 21 days of reflection and dedication of keeping my nutrition simple with shakes, soup, salads…..I like how uncomplicated it is….it allows me to focus on my health without feeling overwhelmed with too much production.

SAVING SACRIFICE…..I will strip away ANYTHING that could possibly be holding back my health…..that is why I I feel so compelled to offer up and sacrifice for 2016: no sugar, caffeine, alcohol.

Well I need to jump off now and get ready for an amazing Mass to Celebrate the New Year…the new me….the new life to live!

~Kelly 🙂

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