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I’m going to talk about topics that not everyone likes to admit about them selfs….things that are important to bring out so the true healing can take place:

  • Orthorexia
  • Disordered eating
  • Dysmorphia
  • Chronic exercise
  • Self hate

And how through these challenges we can grow stronger to realize:


And that we are NOT our body!

I’m super excited to share deeper with each of you my hope and healing journey into true, full, whole health: mind body soul spirit!

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I have a passion to bless and serve as many people as I can in my lifetime…and I know I can do this one drop at a time…and one person at a time….and you can help me with that mission!

Have a wonderful warrior Wednesday. And as always remember you are wonderfully beautifully made!

Blessings, hugs, and prayers always!

Kelly 🤗

Dynamic Daughters: Understanding Dysmorphic Disorder


Okay so here is a summary of all I have learned….and I am going to highlight specific aspects and explain why….but if you want to understand this disorder even more there are lots of great resources out there.  And I will give you the the whole MIND, BODY, SOUL….connects at the end of this post.  But for now…..

Dysmorphic Disorder:

(follow the above link to get the full details….but below is a summary)

A type of chronic mental illness.  The individual has a perceived flaw that is either minor or totally imagined.  The point is they obsess over it.  They obsess over appearance and body image for hours a day.  This obsession impacts daily decisions.  There is never a satisfaction with their body.  They seek procedures: minor or major, to “fix” these flaws.  They may lean on excessive exercise.

Just some of the symptoms…

preoccupied by appearance
extreme self-consciousness
frequent examination of self in mirror or avoid mirrors
believe others notice you in a negative way
avoid social situations
excessive grooming
compares self to others
don’t want to be in pictures
obsess over specific body parts: face, hair, skin, breasts, muscles…etc

Brain differences (structure or neuro-chemistry)
Genes – more common in a person who has a family member who has this condition.
Environment – life experiences, culture

Risk Factors:
This is just a short, very slimmed down explanation….
Some of the factors that increase risk of developing or triggering condition include:

relatives with disorder
life experiences: childhood teasing, trauma
personality traits
societal pressures or expectations
having another mental disorder such as anxiety or depression.

***Dysmorphia usually starts in adolescents and it affects men and women.

Why does this all matter to me?

I see more and more young women being bombarded by social media’s imagery of what a woman “looks like”….and how we “should” look like!

Even though we KNOW that there is airbrushing involved…there is some extreme things that are done…..and that the magazines, movies, shows, commercials….represent a very small percentage of the population….we are talking like less than 10%.

I recently read/heard that genetically speaking…there is only 1% of women who come by thigh gap naturally….born with it.

YET WE ARE OBSESSED WITH IT….all others who obtain in….do it at great costs…..

And further it is destroying the self-esteem and self-image in our young girls!

Which brings me back to Dysmorphic Disorder!

It is real…it has ranges, just like many other mental disorders.  Just like a person who may manage many other mental disorders, or a person who compensates with other mental “handicaps” of sorts….

Thus a person can have more severe cases than others….some may not have bouts come on all the time or infrequent.  Yet it is always there in the background.  It is how a young girl nurtures herself, and manages her daily stresses, daily influences that will make all the difference in my opinion.

Things that can help a young lady is to be in tuned with herself and admit when she needs help.

She needs to ask herself: how can I help myself?  Do I need to seek treatment? Or is this something I can manage with the help of a great confidant or support system?

Lifestyle/home remedies that can help:

Taking supplements/herbs that support the serotonin levels.
Learn more about the condition.
Pay attention to warning signs.
Avoid situations, even people that my trigger bad self talk.
Avoid: food, alcohol, drugs….substances that are going not support a nurturing mindset.
BE ACTIVE.  Yoga, walks, sprints, HIIT….are all great ways to keep the mind clear.

Other ways to support yourself/cope:

Write in a journal.
Don’t isolate yourself.
Stay healthy.
Read self-help books.
Join support groups.
Stay focused on goals.
Learn relaxation/stress management.
Don’t make important decisions when feeling despair/distress.

Prevention may not be possible but identifying if you are at risk and learning to truly love yourself early on can help.

Here are some great articles/self help/resources…
 to love self better:

Seriously, Let’s End the War with our Bodies

Understanding Body Types: How our Genes are a factor

A strong/amazing Woman not caring what Society Says she should LOOK LIKE


hugs, prayers, and lots of blessings,
~Kelly 😉

Hungry for Change

I am a strong, beautiful, amazing woman!
Physically, emotionally….spiritually!
NO I am not egotistical….I love myself because I KNOW I am made in the image and likeness of our amazing Lord.  And I know He doesn’t make junk!
This is such a hard thing for so many women, and even men, to realize…to wrap their minds around.  I wish deeply everyone could see their value.  Could feel their value.  Would TRUST that GOD doesn’t make mistakes!
Now I am not perfect…trust me….I have my moments of hormones, of gunk, of “girlie-ness”.   I have grown so much in love with my Lord, that now when those moments happen I am able to reset, very quickly my mind, actually within the minutes of the thought, versus days or weeks.  I am able to reset my thoughts to their proper order:  I am a temple of our Lord!

Do you need a reset?  Do you hunger for change?
I watched a really great documentary on Netflix recently: “Hungry for Change”....
I have watched my fair share of nutritional documentaries always wanting to learn, grow, and spread good knowledge about how our health (mental and physical) are connected, related to our faith (our spiritual).
Many documentaries can start out really great but then they go into a direction that I usually don’t agree with, or I think they have taken something too far, etc.
What I valued the most was how it was finally a nutritional video that not only talked about the science of why eating whole food is so important for us but it also talked about the mental health….even the spiritual health!
One of young ladies talks about accepting yourself unconditionally RIGHT NOW!!!
I love it!
I have spoken those words to so many, over so many years!
One of the most important things for a person to understand….is in order for change to truly happen a person must believe it from within.   And a person must must must love themselves and accept who they are right now!   I am not saying they have to accept being unhealthy, making poor choices, or dont need to make changes.  What I am saying is they MUST see the beautiful child of God they are RIGHT NOW!
Thus….as you HUNGER FOR CHANGE…..
Hunger GOD even more!
Have anything to share?  Please feel free to leave comments, thoughts, share!  We are all here to grow and learn together….life is a continual opportunity to grow together, learn from each other, and walk in LOVE!
Have a glorious and beautiful day!
My prayers for all, always!

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