Mush Food on Friday!

It’s interesting because I have been wanting to really post some recipes, some stuff I have created over the last year…all the recipes that have been a huge hit for my dynamic daughter (dd).  

Then I was thinking about some things I wanted to share with everyone as I have been journeying with my health this last year, but I kept finding myself putting it off.  

It has been so easy to just post little blurbs on Facebook.

I am not sure why I was putting it off because I LOVE writing.  I LOVE sharing.  Part of it is a timing thing.  I love doing things with a number, a goal, a significance in mind….maybe it’s the little part of OCD that is inside of me!  Who knows….  

But when a sweet wonderful friend of mine asked me for some help, to compile some “mush” recipes for a person she knows that is going into surgery and would like to maintain a clean healthy lifestyle post surgery, I knew I could help.  

This woman’s doctor had recommended things like jello, mash potatoes….all sorts of things that will spike her blood sugar levels.  

I understand wanting to not succumb to yuck choices post surgery…..

After all the last thing you need to do is feel even worse when you are already not feeling your best post surgery!

Thus, here are my favorite cookbooks I have on hand…that I think are the easiest to maneuver around….not too complicated yet full of great flavor and great inspiration! 

 I have tried to line it up that as you see the cover of the cookbook the order of recipes you see are the ones that correlate with that cookbook…hopefully I will get them all in the right order…lol….

 Check out each of their websites because each one of them have amazing websites.  

My intention is to not at all replace their cookbooks with these pictures of recipes but instead to inspire you to check out their cookbooks…
to give you just a sneak peak of all there is to learn and have with REAL FOOD EATING!

I am most partial to Wellness Mama just because I can totally relate to her and she totally is my kind of gal….but they are all really great.  I have only been following Brianna Emmitt of recent but her cookbook is truly my first go to right now since I am trying to prevent an autoimmune disease from trying to invade my body…thus keeping my immune system and body as de-flamed as possible is my number one priority right now.

Wellness Mama and Brianna Emmitt both use these Collagen proteins…they are a great way to add protein to something without altering the flavor.  The green label will mix without jelling thus really great to put into your tea or in soup.  The orange/red label does jell so it is great as an egg substitute to use as a binder or to create some fun healthy “jello”!

I hope this posting has been helpful and inspiring in that even when you are having limits and challenges…YOU CAN HAVE FUN AND HAVE FAITH….enjoy the journey….enjoy the moment…and be inspired to remember you don’t have to throw in the towel…it is not an all or nothing life…it is a life full of adventures.

PS…these foods are also really great to incorporate into your eating lifestyle if you are coming off of a really long spiritual or nutritional fast.  It ensures solid food doesn’t hit your system too hard too quick!

Til next posting….

Many blessings and lots of prayers always,
~Kelly 🙂

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