2016: Taming Technology

I have pondered on what I desire for this new year….

The things that swirl in my head:

Less or no social media.
No distractions from my daughters education.


I think about all the amazing people I have connected with through social media.
I think of all the amazing people I have been able to share information with because of connections through social media.
I think of all the great research I have been able to accomplish because of technology.


With all the good….there IS bad….

It can easily distract us from real, everyday encounters with people we meet each and every day on the street, in a store….

It can easily become an “addiction” when we allow it to not be balanced with one on one contact with others.

It can easily consume us rather than be a small part of our day!

I thought about totally unplugging for a year.  I have thoughts that swirl in my head about how there are soooo many other bloggers, facebookers, etc….who share all the same information I share…so really what does it matter if I unplug….my voice isn’t needed….it won’t be missed….

THEN…..I meet someone who may not know the info I have learned…..and I get to direct them to some of the great people I follow….or direct them to  some of the great resources I have found.

Thus…I realize that maybe I shouldn’t unplug so much as remembering I don’t have to follow any one particular formula or agenda or schedule other than where, how, and when GOD leads me with all of this!

Thus my goal for technology during 2016 is to not unplug…but to remember what is more important to me:
My Lord
My Family
My Daughters Education
My Service….using my gifts and talents….

So the question I have to ask myself each day is am I utilizing my social media time to grow in each of these areas?  To learn in each of these areas?  To develop in each of these areas?

Or am I allowing it to become a distraction? An obsession?  A vice?

Am I being responsible with my time?

I have realized I can’t totally unplug because I respect the fact that God has asked of me to share what I have learned, to share my life, to share thoughts…..

BUT…He has also asked me to be a wife, mother, teacher first and formost…..so that MUST take priority…..I MUST make sure I don’t neglect those responsibilities…..I MUST remember to not become “OBSESSIVE” about blogging, sharing info, etc….that it takes away from my vocation…my first calling….

How will I know I am doing His Will and not mine with this matter?

There will be PEACE!

When there is peace even in the struggle….peace even during a hectic day….peace when I am juggling things….that’s when I know I am doing HIS WILL and not forcing my will….not forcing my agenda and rationalizing that it is what GOD is asking of me!

2016ths taming technololgy challenge will be tested by peace!

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