Has Rape Become Normalized?

I have been unplugging for the month of October.  I purposely turned off all my social media. Deleted the apps even and have not checked anything.

It has been refreshing.

I did this with the intent to regroup, restore, and refocus.  I knew I was in a transition, a season of change and I wanted to have no distractions so I could really hear what God had to say to me.

Now I have been on YouTube… but I don’t view that as social media because I use it for research, watching some amazing faith content, and personal growth content.  For me, I don’t engage in it.  I just watch what I want to watch. I don’t even scroll or read people’s comments.

Well, the other night I was catching up on some of my favorite YouTubers.  Learning about what is going on with the Church. Catching up on what is going on in the world and what is going on in the news.

I was horrified when I listened and watched about a rape that took place in Philidelphia on a train and how 10 people…..let me repeat this 10 people…..stood by on this train with many stops between the 40 minutes…..as they watched… and some even recorded this EVIL crime take place.

No one did anything for 40 minutes!!!  They didn’t yell at the guy.   They didn’t try to group together and stop him together.  They didn’t even call 911!!!


I wept!

I will not lie…..I wept.  I couldn’t believe that our society has gone so far as to just stand by and watch evil take place in front of them.

Being a woman with past traumas (more than I care to count)….NOT ONE OF THEM WAS PUBLIC!

The healing I’ve worked through is not owning my traumas, not sitting in victimhood, and truly learning to love the skin I am in.  I have had to repair my relationship with my body,  my relationship with food, relationships with everything in my life.  

BUT….I didn’t have the added trauma and horror of knowing that others were watching the evil take place and THEY DID NOTHING! I didn’t have to try to add that to my healing.

MY HOPE…..is knowing GOD can redeem all! 

 I remember when I heard Christopher West give some of his testimony not only on a video series but at a live event about how witnessing his roommate at college rape a girl in their dorm room late at night was his turning point of how he was not honoring God with the beauty of his sexuality.  How he himself was allowing himself to use and be used.  

Maybe just maybe all 10 of these bystanders will wake up and realize they MUST change how they view and participate in this amazing world.  As well as how they view themselves.

Because this is my humble and deep belief… when we believe our own selves are unworthy of TRUE LOVE AND RELATIONSHIP with our amazing God……then we don’t even love our own self.  And if we can’t love ourselves how can we recognize that someone around us is worthy of that same true love and dignity.

My absolute first prayer in this evil is that this woman who was stripped of her dignity, made to feel worthless and in a crowd, will choose healing on the journey she has ahead of her.  I will pray she is able to not let the scars become deeper and close herself off to God….to not close herself off to loving herself…..and not close herself off to relationships that are holy and true.

My next prayers are for the ones who were bystanders to repent of having participated in the evil by doing nothing and may it transform their lives in glorifying God.

And probably the hardest prayer…..but I believe the most powerful one because I have done this with each of the men in my life who violated my dignity…..I will pray that this man who chose to allow such evil to consume his mind, body, soul that he acted upon this evil…..I will pray that he has a conversion so powerful that he actually becomes a warrior for Christ just as Saul converted from his evils to become who we know as St. Paul!

May your day be filled with hope and healing on your whole health journey of loving the skin you are in!

Hugs and prayers always,


101 days until 2022!

More real and raw going on…lol…

I woke up this morning knowing I wasn’t in the right head space to go on social media for a video. I usually do one every Tuesday mornings.

Yes I could’ve done some digging deep, come on and be bubbly and encouraging….

But I didn’t want to…..I’m in a space and season where I want to be 100% authentic even if it means I’m sharing my not so great days.

Too many of us come on only sharing the rosy….only sharing the positive….or those who are on platforms to be inflammatory well they only say triggering things….

But we don’t live in a bubble…..even people like me who is often referred to as “walking sunshine”…..there are times we even can’t cheer our own selves up.

There is this fallacy that those of us who are always bright and sunny (especially when we have built our coaching on helping others transform their mind and their thoughts)…..there is this misconception that we don’t have down days….

Or that if we share about it we are being either unprofessional or how can we coach someone on transforming those thoughts about their well-being and health if we aren’t able to transform our thoughts all the time.

That doesn’t give us room for growth…..for learning side by side….and for being human.

I’ve never actually claimed to be an expert in my field or in my life…..quite the contrary…..I started pursuing supporting and serving women over 20 years ago with the whole platform/ foundation of being vulnerable and real about what I had gone through that was relatable or was currently going through.

And it doesn’t matter how many times it has shifted how I serve women (personal training, fertility charting/appreciation, Bible studies, empowerment workshops, body/food coaching, EFT, Essential oils…my blog…the list goes on)….I was always be real and share how even in the midst of really heavy or dark or overwhelming seasons God is ALWAYS there with us. He gives us so many tools to support ourselves with. But most important He gives us Himself.

This had me realizing…we have 101 days left of this year!

Journey with me during this last 101 days. Don’t put off making changes, shifts, discoveries in your life til January 1st.

Grab a composition notebook. They have 100 pages in them. Put at the top of each page the day and date. Take the time today and tomorrow to really write it all out. On the inside of the cover flesh out what your want to accomplish the last 100 days of the year.

Whether you’re want to track your food relationship better, your exercise habits, your thoughts, your growing in your faith.

Give yourself some actionable and measurable thoughts.

This will allow you to see your progress.

And each day you’re going to be raw and real on the page.

You’re not going to just write I did xyz workout and ate abc…..you’re going to talk about how you felt….why you did or didn’t do something.

And when you feel like you’re failing….you’re going to write notes and thoughts to God asking Him to help you understand xyz.

And when you have wins in an area you’re going to write notes of thanksgiving to Him.

Let’s finish out 2021 being the best version of ourselves…of loving the skin we are in just a little bit better!!

The blessings from my dads death!

I miss my dad…

There are some days it hurts more than others.
There are some days it doesn’t even feel like he is gone.

Then there are those days that I know I can’t just pick up the phone and hear his encouragement or his love.

Yes I can speak to him in my heart….my soul…my spirit… even in my mind…..but the reality… it isn’t the same.

There are some days the grief is so powerful that it take my breath away.

What I do know about grief is I must be willing to allow myself the permission to truly feel it. To embrace the uncomfortable and climb the mountain.

If I don’t…..it not only can consume my mind and spirit but it can effect my physical health.

I know that grief can settle into our lungs and St. Hildegard talks about this quite a bit.

So using my tools of tapping, oils, journaling, fresh air, walks and sleep….giving myself permission to not push so hard in this season of my life has been extremely important.

I have to be honest…..I have tried to ignore it…..I have tried to think I could fast track it. I figured since I “know” this stuff…..teach about it….coach on it….blog about….I’ve done workshops and presentations on this…..heck I’ve got this!

But I didn’t…..and I’m still working on it.

So when I find myself really sinking into the sorrow and the pain of it I actually flip it. I try to focus on the blessings of his death.


💜 …He won’t haven’t go down the road of dementia. It ran in his family.

💜…He isn’t able to mediate between my mom and I anymore. The friendship and bond that her and I have been creating is soo powerful and beautiful.

💜… My brother and I don’t allow our difference to keep us from calling each other.

💜 … I was able to reassess what was really important in my life and not allow pride to keep me from making some hard changes.

💜 … It reinforced the importance of communication…..which I’m extremely passionate about…but I can sometimes not speak up for myself or not want to rock the boat.

💜 ….. it has reminded me to live in the moment and not pass up being there for family and church.

💜….and finally his death has been teaching me that is truly okay to press the pause button to focus on God even more…. so I can properly heal during this season of my life.

May my honestly on grief being you blessings in your own journey.

Have an amazing Monday!

I’m pursuing simplicity!

As I’ve entered into this season of change…..this quote from St. Teresa of Avila brings me even more comfort.

This is in anything we are doing…

Wanting to dial in our health?

Grow closer to God and we will discover the simple solutions.

Wanting to grow in business?

Grow closer to God walk away from stuff that distracts us from the big picture of heaven and pulls us away from Him; then we will discover how simple the solutions will start presenting themselves.

Want to grow in faith?

Definitely spend more time with Him and we will discover the narrow path is truly simpler and less messy.

This had me thinking how I’ve always had a pretty good relationship with God. This is not a brag. This is a “just is” fact.

But over the last year I’ve been learning how in any relationship we do need to continue to work on it because it can get stale. We can take the other person for granted.

When my dad died at the end of December I never once felt like God abandoned me.

And as I’ve been digging into life decisions and challenges I’ve known He is right there beside me.


I wasn’t aiming as high or intense in my relationship with Him as I could be…. as I wanted to be.

I was allowing the distractions of the world junk….business….and even my dad to keep my relationship with God the same rather than digging in deeper.

What is amazing about our awesome God is that He waits patiently for us and gives us opportunities or permits situations to gently and lovingly remind us we need to keep pursuing Him because that is where true happiness and peace is at.

So today I’m reminding myself that I was getting lazy in pursuing Him. I was pursuing things of this world that in the big picture of my soul aren’t going to serve me. And the fact that I’m pursuing Him and listening to His voice not others voices I WILL get answers about health, about business, about being that intentional disciple and leading others to Him.

These are just my Sunday thoughts and reflections.

Many blessings and hugs always,

Kelly 😘

St. Hildegard

Yesterday….SEPTEMBER 17….was the feast day of St. Hildegard….

If you’re not Catholic this means absolutely nothing to you…lol…and that’s okay!

For us Catholics we look to Saints as examples of living out our faith to draw nearer to God, Christ, and the Holy Spirit.

They are kind of like a mentor or a hero we can go to for encouragement and guidance.

There are Saints for every passion, every gift, every challenge. So we can learn from them for anything specific.

So back to St. Hildegard….

She was a mystic…an artist….a writer…the first holistic health healer/practitioner…..an activist…a music composer….

She mentored to important leaders of her time…to bishops and more….

She understood the beauty of our sexuality and taught on it….

And her holistic health of teaching about plants, animals, herbs, nature, stones…..all of that was to help us understand the connection of our physical and emotional health….And even how our sins effect our health. Not in a judgment way but a matter of fact way.

She was truly a woman before her time….born about 1098…..they aren’t entirely sure her exact birthday.

But….her teachings get distorted and hijacked by non-Christians…..or get misunderstood by other believers.

I relate to her in so many ways because of her array of gifts…and how she didn’t just focus on her writing or her art…..

She let God lead her…..

I can only imagine what it might have been in her mind writing and teaching about herbs in the morning….

And maybe mentoring a leader in the afternoon….

Or teaching about sexuality one day…..and having visions to be put into art the next…..

I think I relate to her because I too don’t feel called to just pigeon hole myself to one thing…..but instead say “Lord how do you want to use me today? Which of my gifts and talents are going to bring the most glory to you this day? This week? This season?….is it a combo or just one of them?…..what ever it is….your will be done!”

What season are you in with your gifts and talents?! Are you feeling called to use one of them or multiple of them at once?!

Weary Wednesday: Yellow Star comparison…

What is the difference between a Yellow Star and a Vaccine Passport? 82 years

This last 18 months has me weeping….kicking…screaming….and retreating….all in the same moments and breath!

I don’t even know where to began….

Every time I read something or watch something or even pray I feel compelled to want to write about it…..and then there are soooo many thoughts that I don’t know where to begin that I don’t write…

I find myself feeling like Jekyll and Hyde…..meaning….do I share about the horrific unscientific health inaccuracies going on….or do I share about the obvious spiritual warfare going on….

Why do we as a society….as a world…as people not see the parallels to the holocaust?

Why do we as thinking people not see that if we teach and talk about the data that causes SIDS is similar to wearing a mask?

Why do we as people of God are so willing to believe and trust government even when it doesn’t make sense and it has us walk in fear?

Why are we willing to put something in our body that has not truly gone through the test and trials of true science?

Why are we willing from a faithful Christian point of view be willing to overlook the moral ramifications of how that substance was derived?

I just don’t understand the world we are currently living in. And maybe that is why I don’t know which direction to even write.

I do know I find myself pulling more away from trying to pursue business endeavors and pursue nourishing my soul.

Making sure I am super sharp with my focus on Heaven and how to pursue it. How do I make sure I am truly putting God first.

That I am loving Him and following the path He has called me to. That I am using my gifts and talents to bring others to Him and not for my pocketbook.

These are the ponders of a warrior woman on this later weary Wednesday evening!

many blessings always and prayers always,

Kelly 😉

Prayer & Action with Saints John & Joan

“Never give up prayer, and should you find dryness and difficulty, persevere in it for this very reason. God often desires to see what love your soul has, and love is not tried by ease and satisfaction.”

— St. John of the Cross

This quote struck me as I reflect on how often do we want a quick fix in life?

A quick fix with our eating habits?

A quick fix with our exercise habits?

We don’t want anything in life to be difficult. We have instant shopping options.

Heck even I want the insanity of the last 18 months to go away!!!

But that is not how this amazing life works.

Here is something I often ponder on…in most situations we are the cause of a problem or an issue. So if we are the cause we also have the solution or the answer within us. Now some may say it’s not right to say that or fair because a person doesn’t cause a disease to enter their body or for an evil act to happen to them.

So let’s look at the disease part first.

More than likely there were choices we made along the way (nutritional, environment, emotional) that over the course of time built up and when we didn’t address it our body said enough. And now I am going to force you to address it.

This is what happened when I had a thyroid/adrenal storm/crash.

Now on the account of being touched by evil.


But what in our life, surrounding our life, were we unaware of that possibly attracted it. This includes generational stuff. And there is even some interesting scientific evidence behind this.

And this is where I think personally why GOD is key in our journey’s!

Because if I have the power within me to have a solution…..where did that power come from?

And how can I lean more on HIM to ensure I am seeking His guidance and will in a situation….especially when it comes to healing or overcoming a challenge!

Rather than trying to get to the root cause of say inflammation on my own….why wouldn’t I go to Him for some guidance. Why wouldn’t I sit still and reflect on what choices have I made (nutritionally, emotionally, physically) that could be causing the inflammation and ask HIM to help me have the strength and wisdom to get to the root.

Because this is the biggie of it all…..is we aren’t perfect…..we will continue to “fail” ourselves and beat ourselves up without HIM. But with HIM….He gives us grace so it is easier to then learn how to give our own selves grace. And then the healing and hope can really take place! The ah ha’s to our challenge will “pop” into our head because we are tuned into HIM!

I am so grateful for my relationship with God. It truly is what gets me through the frustrations of what is going on in the world today. It is what gives me hope in my healing journey. And it is what reminds me that I was not made for this world anyways. My true home is heaven and this is just a momentary pitstop!

So if you find yourself struggling with something….reflect on “where is my prayer life at?” has it waned? Is it dry? Am I truly spending time with God or is it just a check off box on your to-do list?

Hugs and blessings aways!

Kelly 🙂

What does it mean to be a Christian?

Oh how my heart breaks at what is going on in the world! It has me reflecting and realizing even more, how my little personal challenges are TRULY NOTHING compared to the TRUE persecutions and TYRANNY in other areas of the world!

Yet I would be naive to think that I am TOTALLY protected here in the United States.

This whole last 18 months has had me thinking more and more about all of this.

I personally don’t stay plugged into the news from a political and world awareness point of view. I have specific friends who keep me up to date on the state of the world.

What I stay plugged into is how things are effecting us spiritually and how much is GOD weeping on what is going on with HIS children.

He made us for so much more than what is going on.

It has had me also reflecting a great about where are my gifts and talents and how can they best be utilized in the world of today.

What are my passions and desires of today.

We all go through seasons.

I think that is part of why this blog is forever changing and flowing.

Heck it started out me writing about books that I was passionate about or having read and wanted to share about them.

Then is actually shifted into writing about how current events effect our Christian walk.

As I started to get back into ministry and other business endeavors I shared about that.

But one thing has always been the same here….me sharing my journey of life in hopes that it will shine light to those around me…..to connect with others!

After all we were made for community….for connecting.

But the first person (after God) that we need to connect with is ourselves.

If we don’t connect with who we are and what are our why, our passions, our gifts, our drive…..then how can we connect with others!?

BUT….too often we think it has to be done separate. And life just doesn’t work that way. We have to be figuring it out at the same time.

For example……I teach often about how to CONNECT WITH & LOVE THE SKIN WE ARE IN…..if I waited to provide workshops or presentations on “loving the skin you are in” until I have fully connected with my skin and truly loved myself 100% of the time…..well I would never get up and present or motivate or inspire anyone on this subject. BECAUSE I am still figuring it out! I am not perfect. And I never will be! Thank you JESUS for that! Why….because that means I get to continue to go to Him to remind me HOW BEAUTIFULLY WONDERFULLY MADE I AM!!!

And that isn’t to hold us back…it is to help us to remember to TAKE EVERYTHING TO HIM!

God didn’t make us because He had to….but because He wanted to!!! HE LOVES US!!! And He wants us to come to Him, bring things to Him, TRUST HIM with everything!

Which then brings me back to the beginning of what does it mean to be Christian?

This is something I have always reflected on. Knowing that, when I encounter someone I could be the “only bible they have ever read”…..thus how well am I truly walking my faith, biblical teaching, and Christ love!?

That includes standing up and saying I AM CHRISTIAN!

I have always reflected on those who are persecuted for their faith. Those who have said YES I AM A CHRISTIAN and have been martyred for it. WOULD I BE STRONG ENOUGH TO DO THAT? We all want to believe we would be, yet are we.

Well as we turned the corner into 2020 and entered into the spring of chaos these very thoughts flashed through my head. Actually if I am super honest the holocaust is what flashed in my head. There was a very select few who I shared this with. Of these there were a couple who thought I might be over thinking it or reading too much into it.

Yet here we are…..18 months later….and I feel it even stronger. I know there is a purification going on. There is so much going on spiritually in this world.

What gives me great strength, courage, and peace is knowing that GOD KNEW when He breathed life into me that I would be alive for this moment in time. That I was meant for this time in history. It was no accident. And it wasn’t so much as to what I can do or be in this time in history BUT HOW IS IT GOING TO BRING ME CLOSER TO HIM!?

So on this day I am going to reflect on how I can best love the skin I am in…..to truly love myself as God calls us to…..and if there was a knock on my door today asking me if I am a Christian how loud will I say YES!?

Hugs and prayers always!

Kelly 🙂

What do you want?

Today isn’t about food…..lol….

Today is about inner growth…reflection!

And maybe for you that inner growth and reflection is about food….about your body?

So even though these questions are something I’ve been really journaling about with my own life journey goals and desires maybe just maybe it can be for you when it comes to food….

What do you want want from food?
What does it look like?
And how will you feel when you make that food choice?

Or with your body…..

What do you want want from your body?
What does that look like?
And how will that feel once you truly love your body…as it is now?!

Blessings and hugs,
Kelly 😘

300 Swings!

I started a 300 kettlebell swings challenge this week!

The goal is to accomplish 300 swings in a workout session within the month. You can break them up as much as you want.

Knowing I was not new to kettlebell swings I can pretty easily do 100 in a workout I decided that from the get go I was going to do 300 right off the bat. And the challenge would be how many breaks would I have to make.

Today I did 5 sets of 60 swings with jumping jacks between.

Let me tell you why I love kettlebells…..

The very top reason for me is I receive very minimal inflammation in the sore days with kettlebells. And the soreness is very little for me…..even when I go heavy…..heavy for me is a 30-35 pound kettlebell. And that very rarely and not for my swings…

Back on track and my point…..when you deal with regular inflammation….and all autoimmune conditions have some degree of inflammation….if you think about it, it’s the body reacting to something…..ie getting inflamed…..

I love working out but I despise hurting…..it use to not be a big deal to me….but the more I learn to honor my body the more I realize that silly motto of “no pain no gain” just isn’t true!

I can gain strength…..
I can gain muscle….
I can gain health…..

WithOUT pain!

But here is the thing ladies just because I love kettlebells doesn’t mean it is for everyone.

Find the exercise and movement that will encourage you to gain strength and confidence and not feel pain!

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