Rest, Restore, Reconnect

On Sundays I love sitting in the bliss of knowing that God himself took a day of rest!

I think He did this for multiple reasons…

But I think the biggest one was to set the example to us.

When we don’t stop to reconnect with Him and ourselves for one day a week how can we possible remember to do the same just a little bit each day!

Having the discipline of truly unplugging from work, hustle and bustle, the world…..for just one day a week is more important than you can imagine!

I challenge you this advent to start truly setting aside a whole day that has you connecting to God and therefore yourself…

I know you will find how to better love yourself thus growing and strengthening your relationship with God….and as your grow in your relationship with God you grow in your self love! Do you see the beautiful cycle of hope and healing?!

Have a glorious Sunday!

Hugs and prayers always,

Kelly 💜

Merry Christmas 🎄!

We decided as a family a few weeks ago we were going to put Christmas up early!

It’s been interesting how many people I’ve read and heard are doing the same thing!

These are our reasons and how we are going to make sure Thanksgiving is still part of it and not crowded out:

We are going to create a gratitude jar that these little wooden hearts I have will have a gratitude written on them each day through Thanksgiving and even after….

Why we did it?

We wanted to have that very visual reminder that Christ is the reason for hope….for everything!

This year hasn’t been an easy one for anyone….and it’s naive for us to think it’s all just going to go away…..

There are days the heaviness of how divided we are as the body of Christ is very heartbreaking….and we as a family wanted to be reminded of how we are fighting the good fight….that His path is narrow and frustrating at times……but it is the path to true freedom….

Soooo we are celebrating the hope Christ represents….and how his coming years ago was for our salvation….

And His future coming is for our purification….atleast that’s how I see it…lol….


Are you planning to put your Christmas tree and decorations up early?

Have you?!

And what is your reason why you have or haven’t?!

Many blessings and prayers always,

Kelly 😘

Does living in His Will always mean we enjoy it?

I have pondered this quote many times in my life….

And I think the emotions and the state of the world is a perfect example to understand this quote to its fullness…..

When we are living in Gods will….when our energy and frequency is in alignment with Him…..

When we are aligning our health, our life, to live the best version of ourself, we are thriving on this journey…..

But it doesn’t mean we always enjoy the path that it takes us on….

We are able to experience the full healing health that the frequency of peace and joy and enlightenment resonates through our body….it surpasses any other type of emotion…

Do I enjoy that I am asked to put a mask on in different places…no…

Do I enjoy that the people of God are divided on so many things right now….no….

Do I enjoy it when I have symptoms due to autoimmunity issues flare up……..

But…I trust that if God has permitted something it is for my greater good…

What part do I need to take action to better support my body?

What action do I need to take to better love others around me?

What action do I need to take to be the change this world so desperately needs?

Now isn’t that a better way to look at the full beauty of this quote?

Have a glorious week!

Hugs and blessings always,


STOP the Stress & Anxiety of today!

Today is going to be full of many emotions…

We have choices with those emotions.

Use your tools of prayer, tapping, aromatherapy, grounding, journaling, walks, anything that will bring you peace in your heart and soul!

Hugs and prayers always,

Kelly 😘

TRUE CHANGE: Reformation from within!

I have loosely followed the drama of the news for about 10 years now.  I use to let the news consume me.  I would either let it spin in my head or there would be things I just didn’t understand and I hated not understanding so that would spin as well.

I made a deal with God 10 years ago…..I would stop obsessing over the news and I would trust He would ensure I would be informed on news that I really needed to be aware of.  Now you might ask if I am intentionally not reading or watching the news how am I going to know something?  Well, He would have specific friends or family members that know me well share things with me.  Things that I would resonate with.  News I would understand and not obsess over.

The last 6 months though….ugh.  I have still intentionally not watched or read anything BUT the downloads of information that have been thrown my way by God through friends and family has been well… let’s say more than I could possibly want to consume but I know I need to continue to be in the loop in order to truly discern and pray for all that is going on.

This has had me reflecting on censorship.  Part of why I walked away from the news years ago was not just because it wasn’t serving my mental health or my soul,  it was also because I KNEW I wasn’t really getting the whole story.  We may be a country that is supposed to be about not censoring yet it happens…..and it is happening by the ocean full right now.

We have organizations and groups of people pulling down statues and re-writing history books.  They don’t like that the people being honored to have lived a full picture story ie-meaning they were human they did some really good things but they also lived in times when not so great things took place.

Now I know you’re going to say, Kelly, you’re oversimplifying it….and I challenge you to think….no we as a people are overcomplicating it.  I think when we as a people start overthinking things, start trying to get into the weeds of things then that’s when we forget to be childlike in our love and compassion.

Yes, there are historical figures who were this or that…..but they did good things too…..heck lets take a look at some of the key biblical characters (outside of Jesus) they weren’t perfect…..they did good and bad things!  Hello: Abraham…Moses….David….Peter!!!

St. Francis is one I love to look at as a great example of this conundrum….he knew he wasn’t perfect….he knew there were issues in the church…..yet he didn’t stick his head in the sand nor did he try to banish the Church and erase it’s history or even run from it…..  He stuck around to make a difference.

And that is what we should each strive to do.  Whether it is in our everyday life as a citizen or even the life of our health.

I think about how even though I may have had moments in my life where I really didn’t like the skin I was in I never gave up on it or tried to permanently alter it.  I dug in deep to address my mental health, my emotional health, my spiritual health so I could truly address my physical health.

I think we could all take a page from Saint Francis’s life right now….maybe if we were all willing to dig in and address the true internal issues….not complicate things….and not run away or ignore the issues….and keep things simple and pure then maybe just maybe we can heal the hate in this world….and HEAL THE HATE WE DIRECT TO OUR OWN SELF.

Because this is the BIGGEST AHA I hope you will grasp…..when we are able to finally TRULY LOVE OURSELF that is when we will change the world….because you can’t give love, true love… if you don’t already love yourself!

Many hugs, prayers, and blessings as always,

Kelly 🙂


Women who have given birth understand the real range of pain their body and even their emotions and mind go through during those last moments before they deliver their beautiful baby after 9 months of carrying them, loving them, nurturing them, and protecting them.

I did carry my beautiful baby girl but I actually never felt the labor pains because I had to have a c-section…..BUT my “labor pains” were presented in other ways….

Why am I talking about labor pains?  I have been reflecting on this ALOT recently because of the last 9 months.  Depending on where you live will depend on if you have truly been dealing with all this upheaval for a full 9 months, more than 9 months, or the shorter end of about 7 months…..either way it has been WAAAY too long!

And the true labor pain is around the corner in a little over 30 days.

I think anyone who doesn’t see how the election is connected to how COVID is tearing apart our families, our communities, our health, our faith…..well is naive or truly doesn’t want to see what is going on.

I know I haven’t been on here much this year… I stated in a previous posting,  SILENCE ON SUNDAY, I felt there was really nothing new I could add to the chatter and all those who are out there sharing all their opinions and thoughts.   But I realized I was wrong…..I can add something…..we all have someone we resonate with.  Information that resonates with us.  And if my perspective and my sharing my journey through all this insanity can help even one person then I realized I need to quit not showing up here.  Because believe me I have sooo much to share.  I have gone through more emotions than I can possibly list.

And as one of my favorite bloggers, BEAUTY BEYOND BONES, has said in her posts often it is……I too am not one of those bloggers who write a whole bunch of stuff ahead of time and schedules it out…..I write at the moment just like she does.  It might not be the most efficient way to have a blog but just like her, I write what is going on emotionally in the moment and how can you pre-write that… can’t……and if I am going to share with all of you my heart well it needs to be in the moment!

The funny thing is I have “written” a blog post for you all almost every day of the week in my head this year…..especially the last 7 months.   But I just haven’t’ put it down on paper.  Why?  Again I thought “they are already hearing this”, “who wants to hear one more thing about what is going on”, and “I don’t want to write about the facts or data or yuck of it”……why I thought I had to share other than how I have always shared here, I have no idea!  But no more….cause I have so much to share and I am committing to showing up at least once a week again.

Back to labor pains….another blogger I follow MARK MALLET has been writing some amazing posts about what is really going on with all this….the spiritual connection to everything…..and one of his amazing posts was actually called THE LABOR PAINS

I recently had a friend I hadn’t seen for months reach out to me after Mass and ask me if I was a…oh am I a hugger!  I hugged her with the intensity as if my life depended on it.  And I lost it. Meaning I started to cry…a cleansing freeing cry!   She had nooo idea all I had been experiencing the last 7 plus months…..and she was so sweet trying to ask me if I was okay.

Which is really a double edge question I think for all of us.  Are we really okay?  

The first big issue I have with everything going on is how we have been told to not touch others….to not get near each other…..blah blah blah….it has fed fear and it has increased mental health issues over the last 9 months.

TOUCH….we were made for TOUCH, FOR COMMUNITY….it is healing….touch brings down our fight or flight physically, mentally, emotionally…..touch is even so important for our soul!

I am tired of going for a walk and seeing people take a wide way around me….and even wearing masks OUTSIDE!!!!

I am tired of the hate….the shaming….the bullying….

I am tired of hearing from some that after the election all will go back to “normal”….

I am not a “Debbie downer”…..but I am also not a “PollyAnne”……

I have “seen” and felt the true battle that is going on since February…..and it has been a deep hurt within my heart and soul knowing that others don’t see it…..and even worse look at me like I am “crazy”…..

So what gets me through all this?  MY FAITH!!!  My relationship with GOD!  And knowing that I have a choice:  I can choose to give in to despair even pretend it is all okay…… OR I can face it head-on…..recognize and acknowledge even the darkest feelings of this time and see GODS love…..FEEL THE HOPE….turn to GRATITUDE and KNOW God never permits something if it won’t benefit us!

As you enter into your new week….how are you counting your blessings, counting your gratitudes?  How have you been holding up during 2020? 

Many hugs, prayers, and blessings as always,

Kelly 😉

The Power of Three

It has been only 2 weeks since I said I was going to archive Kelly Frick: Connect…
Yet each day I have receive 3 signs or 3 different people asking me not to or telling me why I shouldn’t….
It’s funny because I really thought I should or needed to…
But when one of my mentors as well as another beautiful soul said why I need to keep writing and sharing as Kelly I resonated deep in my heart and soul!
Soooo…..I will/am back…….
Buuut….there are going to be a lot of changes in the next month…..
Changes I hope you’ll like!
Some of the changes will be in the name….some of the changes will be in the purpose…..and some of the changes will be how I’m showing up to encourage and serve you…
There are many many many more changes as well….but those are the top ones I wanted to share….
Thank you to all of you who reached out to me and shared your heart of why you wanted me to stay posting and blogging……it meant more to me than you could possibly imagine!
Have an amazingly blessed weekend dear ones!
Hugs and prayers always,
Kelly 😘

Change…transitions…new chapters!

After much reflection and prayer….I will be archiving Kelly Frick:Connect!
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This is where I have joined forces with another amazing soul who is passionate about supporting others in their health healing and journey!!

Many blessings and lots of love and prayers,

Kelly 💜

Doors Open, Doors Close!

After much reflection and prayer….I will be archiving Kelly Frick:Connect!

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This is where I have joined forces with another amazing soul who is passionate about supporting others in their healthy healing and journey!!

It has been a beautiful 10 years…thank you for the honor to share with each of you here!

Have an amazingly blessed life!

hugs and prayers always,

Kelly 😉

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