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Hello dear ones…my name is Kelly Frick.  I am a wife, a mama, Wellness-Transformation coach, intentional disciple AND I AM BEAUTIFULLY WONDERFULLY MADE by my one true God.

Here is the thing there was a time in my life I didn’t believe that I was beautifully wonderfully made.  It wasn’t something I identified with.

Growing up I knew the perception I had about myself wasn’t quite right.  There was a disconnect between my thoughts and what I saw in the mirror.  Through life experiences, poor role models, and traumas that spanned from age 7 til age 27 my lack of self-worth continued to corrode.

Now I had always had an amazing interest in health. Food fascinated me. I knew intuitively there was something healing within it…I just didn’t know what I didn’t know yet.  I also loved how I felt when I walked and worked out.  But both of those also became a way I could punish myself because I didn’t believe what God whispered in my heart all the time that I AM ENOUGH.

After I graduated from High School I went into the military to not only escape my traumas (which I honestly didn’t know I was doing that) but to also have my college education taken care of.

I never knew my degree of Sociology with a concentration in Psychology and Criminology would  actually become the foundation of understanding the mindset of whole health and healing.

When I pursued a personal training certificate I really was trying to “perfect” a body that I wasn’t happy with.

When I became a fertility appreciation practitioner I did this because I was struggling with my own fertility.

When I started taking continued educational courses on nutrition it was because I was trying to figure out all my own health challenges. But what I really discovered was the powerful education of the psychology of eating and how not to moralize food.

Tapping and oils became the next part of my healing journey. So much so that I just knew I absolutely had to teach tapping to everyone! 

In the middle of all this I discovered Theology of the Body.  I knew within my entire being that this was not only the beginning of my own personal healing journey but the way I wanted to live my life, I wanted to raise a family and it be the foundation of anything I did with ministry and business.

When I had my daughter God placed it in my heart to  ensure she never felt as I did as a young woman.

And that is how God brought me on this journey to help young girls and women to get to the root of how what we think and say about ourselves forms our true health of mind, body, soul, spirt.

I know within my entire being that God had me pursue so many different things to help me heal, empower my own daughter and to be that intentional disciple with other women to learn how to LOVE THE SKIN THEY ARE IN as well!



Are you a Busy Business Warrior Woman?
Are you a Momma Leading your family?
Are you a Woman struggling with your Worthiness?

Do you NEED health solutions that are SIMPLE…..that address your WHOLE HEALTH: mind-body-soul-spirit?!

Dear Woman…I am with you! I understand I have been on the struggling part of all my health journey challenges…..and now I am able to thrive with amazing hope and healing….with lots and lots of tools in my toolbox!

Tools like:

Mindset shifts
Energy Balancing
Self-Care practices
Whole food
mindful movement
and soo much more!

Start Your Healing Adventure

There are several pathways to start your healing journey. I will be your guide, your advocate, your coach, your cheerleader along the way.

What sets me apart from “every other advocate or coach”? Here is a better question: When you shop on Amazon, do you feel served, supported, loved? Do you have a relationship with them? The answer is NO.

What makes me different is I help you not only choose what’s going to be the right pathway for your WHOLE HEALTH journey but I continue to support you, serve you, coach you, love you…..through it all!

I provide many different services, packages, and events to meet the best needs on YOUR TRANSFORMATION JOURNEY!

Here is what I provide but not limited (please ask for rates):

  • 1-on-1 Wellness-Mindset Coaching
  • 1-on-1 Tapping Session
  • Group Sessions for Tapping and/or Wellness
  • Presentations for Businesses
  • Women Empowerment Workshops
  • iTOVI Scan with Wellness Overview
  • AromaTouch Technique with Wellness Overview
  • Essential Oils Education



I share my life vulnerably and authentically……all in the hopes that you to can see your potential… too can see YOU ARE ENOUGH!
You are not here on this page by mistake….something has drawn you here… know you too want to TRANSFORM your health into thriving wellness of peace in your skin and your mind and your spirit!
The big question is when are you going to truly say YES to you!?

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