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Kelly Frick: Connect is about understanding the mind body soul spirit of health. With a focus of the body – spirit relationship within our being, and how it creates a deeper connection to God when we are nurturing this body-spirit connection through self care, healing, and the support of Essential Oils. Essential Oils are the bridge for our body-spirit connection.


I have spent the last 6 plus years educating individuals and groups about the body-spirit connection of living. I share and teach others about self care, healing, and essential oils.

Self care is many things: personal time, exercise, nutrition, sleep, creating, being comfortable in our own skin!   Healing isn’t just physical it’s also emotional, spiritual.  Healing can be about a chronic pains, disease, weight, past traumas, and more.

I love sharing with others how Essential Oils truly bridges the body and spirit of our self-care and healing.

I devote much of my time to speaking engagements, educating, and writing.  My schedule usually consists of transformation workshops or presentations for youth or women. In addition I provide one-on-one coaching about self-care and/or healing.


I love to read…I love to write…I love to create…I love to share….I love to transform…..and I love my faith!!!

When I write it is healing, it is refreshing, it is growing! I write to learn more…I write to teach…I write to spread ripples of love.

I am passionate about lifting others up to be ALL they were designed to be! I see the potential in every living soul!

I can’t help seeing the potential in something and in everyone. When I see a jar that is oddly shaped, I can envision what it would look like painted or dressed up or it’s unique functionality, other than going in the trash!

In the same token I love helping others look at their lives (whether its their stuff, frig and pantry contents, cleaning items, their self care, or lack there of, practices)  and help them be true to their unique design.  To listen to their body-spirit connection.


I have been married to my darling husband for 22 years.  We have one daughter.  I love going for walks and hikes with my hubby.  I am dedicated to spending time with my family whether we read a book together, go for a bike ride, or laugh and play games.


I share my life openly on this blog to encourage others to abandon their will to His Divine Will so we can all live a body-spirit connected life that nurtures our entire mind-body-soul-spirit journey of life.

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