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Welcome to Kelly Frick: Connect

Kelly Frick: Connect is about understanding the mind-body-soul spirit of health. With a focus on the body-spirit relationship within our being, and how it creates a deeper connection to God when we are nurturing this body-spirit connection through self-care, healing, and the support of Essential Oils. Essential Oils are the bridge for our body-spirit connection.


I don’t remember a time I wasn’t invested in empowering women to understand the body-spirit connection of living.

Because of my own health journey I learned that self-care is crucial.  If I wasn’t willing to pour into myself then how could I possibly pour into others.   Self-care can be many things: personal time, exercise, nutrition, sleep, creating, being comfortable in our own skin!   Healing isn’t just physical it’s also emotional, spiritual.  Healing can be about a chronic pains, disease, weight, past traumas, and more.

I love sharing with others how Essential Oils truly bridges the body and spirit of our self-care and healing.

I devote much of my time to speaking engagements, educating, and writing.  My schedule usually consists of transformation workshops or presentations for youth or women. In addition, I provide one-on-one coaching about self-care and/or healing.


I love to read…I love to write…I love to create…I love to share….I love to transform…..and I love my faith!!!

When I write it is healing, it is refreshing, it is growing! I write to learn more…I write to empower…I write to spread ripples of love.

I am passionate about lifting others up to be ALL they were designed to be! I see the potential in every living soul!

I love helping others look at their lives (whether it’s their stuff, frig and pantry contents, cleaning items, their self-care, or lack thereof, practices)  and help them be true to their unique design.  To listen to their body-spirit connection.


I have been married to my darling husband for almost 25 years.  We have one daughter.  I love going for walks and hikes with my hubby.  I am dedicated to spending time with my family whether we read a book together, go for a bike ride, or laugh and play games.


I share my life openly on this blog to encourage others to abandon their will to His Divine Will so we can all live a body-spirit connected life that nurtures our entire mind-body-soul-spirit journey of life.

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