Thriving Thyroid!

There IS SO MUCH information out there about health and nutrition.  Trying to weed out what is right for YOU….your unique being is sometimes daunting….overwhelming…..and you just want to throw up your hands! But instead of viewing it as an all or nothing sort of deal…..I have found that my nutritional health needs are no… Continue Reading →

Thyroid Love on Thursday

COCONUT OIL! Coconut oil has truly been my life saver with my health!  I use it for EVERYTHING!  I have a spoon of it first thing in the morning to start out my energy.  I put a spoon of it in my tea throughout the day….especially if I am having a sweet tooth.   I… Continue Reading →

Thank You Thyroid!

As I have been learning more and more about my thyroid condition I have had many moments of journaling and reflecting on my health over the last 7 years.   I think there is a great possibility that my body has always had the possibility of an underlying thyroid situation.  And I’m certain that the… Continue Reading →

I Love Me!

I hear women (friends, family, clients…even strangers)……tell me all the time they don’t love themselves… They don’t like this about themselves….etc. BUT…..they will when they reach a certain physical goal…. REALLY?! Cause let me tell you what 10 years ago I had what I thought was a dream come true: thigh gap! And I was… Continue Reading →

Leaping Lymph Nodes :)

I have learned to embark on my health with a very open-minded approach…..and definitely digging into what could be the root causes or current issues that are affecting my thyroid health, particulary with having hashimotos…..but my overall health in general. One of the things I have really discovered is how much my Lymph system effects… Continue Reading →

Vexed with Fears

I use to be vexed by fear of disappointing others in sooo many ways. My fear was intense.  I would sacrifice my own happiness, my own dreams, my own boundaries. I didn’t understand the power and freedom of a simple yet mighty word: NO! I will admit, I  was tempted to fall back into that… Continue Reading →

Hormones: Groan!

When I look at my beautiful daughter I hate that I passed on to her my hormonal imbalances! But what she has that I didn’t have at her age is so much more understanding of it…and how to overcome and transform her health! One way our hormones can be imbalanced is being estrogen dominant. Estrogen… Continue Reading →

Peace, Patience, Harmony

It really resonated with me when I read, “Strengthens connection with lower body……” This was in the Emotions & Essential Oils book referring to one of the many benefits to the blend Balance! Now part of the statement was also saying connection with earth…..went on to talk about being grounded like the trees….etc….. But it… Continue Reading →

Fertile Friday

At the age of 15 I started to experience severe pains in my lower abdomen for 1 -2 days about every 40-50 days. By the time I was 20 my cycles never were consistent.  They could be 20 days but usually 38-45 days.  There were many times that they were 60-70 days. I had/have PCOS… Continue Reading →

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