Love Your Legs…

Growing up I heard….

“…my German Chubby knees…”

To this day I have no idea what my mom said before or after that statement BUT what DID imprint in my mind and heart has her dislike…discomfort…of her knees, her legs.  Because of it, for years, I was never satisfied with my legs.  It didn’t even matter when I had lost so much muscle tone with my thyroid burning me up, my legs were truly twigs with no tone, but I sure did have thigh gap.



I couldn’t figure out why?

Then it dawned on me:
My NATURE is confident and KNOWS to LOVE myself.
I KNOW I am more than this physical body.
Instead, I realized, my NATURE was dueling with my NURTURING.

I was still healing from too many sorrowful losses in too short of time….my spirit….my soul….couldn’t handle it.  but it was an awesome opportunity to heal because it helped me realized  even though I thought I was okay in my own skin I still had healing to do.  This healing opportunity has allowed me to sit here today looking at my legs…and TRULY LOVE THEM!!!!

I am able to look at them and not think:
I wish you were leaner.
I wish you were longer.
I wish you were lighter.

I am able to feel their strength….their power in just being MY LEGS!!!

I am able to see legs….not size….I am able to see beauty….not flaws….I am able to see past the physical and tap into all the amazing spiritual things they carry me to….I am able to see all the amazing mind opportunities they carry me through…..and….


What physical part of your body do you need to fall IN LOVE with so you can move past the PHYSICAL…and be connected to the MIND AND SPIRIT…..of that PHYSICAL PART!?

Take a moment to reflect….pray….and journal about it today!

Many hugs and blessings always my dear readers….family…..friends….
~Kelly 🙂

Love Letters

…to self!

Have you ever noticed how we are quick to make mental lists of ALL the things we perceive wrong with ourselves?!  What if instead we made a list of all the things we DO love…as well as WHY to love the body part or health condition you may find most frustrating?!  Or a part of yourself that has not been shown love…that you criticize and compare.
I have learned over the years to truly honor, respect, and love deeply all aspects of myself….even and especially the parts that I use to compare or judge or cringe at.  I have learned to love myself fully.  I have learned to love myself so well that I now hardly remember the parts that have always been honored and the parts that use to be disrespected. 
What if you took a moment during this last week of October, the last week of the awareness month, and wrote yourself a self care letter.  A love letter!
Let me help you get ideas with my own love letter :-)…..
Dear self…dear Kelly!
I love how my hair has wispy curls around my temples. 
I love how my eyelashes are so long they scrape my glasses. 
I love how my shoulders are strong enough to help a friend sand a dresser by holding a sanding machine for four hours straight.  
I love how my hips are firm, full of amazing strongly built muscle to hold me upright and ensure I can bend down to pick up my newspaper each morning. 
I love how when I am sitting cross-legged I can look down to see the flesh formed around my knees and appreciate the muscle that took a great deal of work to build up to support my knees, to be strong, so I can run, jump, and lift with ease.   
I love the flatness of my feet.   It allows me to walk around barefoot most of my day with no pains or aches. 
I love being vertically challenged.  At 5 feet 1 inch I can play hide and seek with my daughter and still crawl into places she doesn’t expect me to hide.  
I love how a hat frames my face just the right way.  
I love how feminine a long skirt and simple shirt makes me feel.  
I love how my thyroid reminds me to speak up in matters of importance…especially about self care!
I love how my adrenals communicate to me, my need for sleep and slower days.  
I love how my insulin reminds me to think before I eat.  
I love how my  body desires to be strong and healthy; to glorify God not self!  It communicates to me  how I need to move each day and in what way is most healing for a mind body soul experience, not about aesthetics.   
I love how the veins on my arms make it easy to donate blood.  
I love how the fluid in my legs remind me to sit down and relax or better yet go take a bath!!!
I love how the random wiry hairs on my face remind me to keep my hormones balanced.  
I love the roundness of my face.  How it is able to express th amazing joy I feel for my amazing life.  
Finally…self…I love you for you!
Always in my prayers…many blessings…
PS…now I dare you to write your own love letter list.   I dare you to not smile as you find yourself appreciating and respecting the amazing you rather then comparing and condemning.   I dare you to love you.  I dare you to love the life you’re living!!!!


Who was St. Matthew?

What kind of change did he need to embrace in order to become a disciple of Christ’s…to have the privilege..the honor…of becoming of the the 12…an apostle!?

Today is St. Matthew’s feast day.  As I celebrate his works today, I want to embody him, I want to take all I have learned about health and nutrition not only over the course of the last 5 years…but what I have been learning even more so about my health this last 6 months, especially about my thyroid, adrenals, gut, brain.   I want to embracce it in a way I have not truly done yet.

I have loved the challenge of learning…researching…reading and doing all I needed to “do” to help my body become healthy again.  Yet, I think in the middle of it I started to geek out that I forgot what I share with others all the time: FAITH FIRST…which means staying intuned with my soul….staying in communication with the holy spirity of this mind, body, soul journey.

It’s not so much that I wasn’t trusting….and I wasn’t worrying….but I have gotten so caught up in my check off lists of supplements each day, food journals, what made me feel what, what to do what not to do, eat this, dont eat that……that it starte to become sterile.  It wasnt having LIFE.  And Life isnt a petre dish.  LIfe is beaituflly messy like a 6 month old playing in paind for the first time.

The cruise reminded me, when I dont have access to all my resources, exact food, reasearc….I still have my brain….my gut….MY AMAZING FAITH….my TRUST in GOD…..therefore my trust in my gut….my intuition.

I was reminded, when I lean heavily on the holy spirit to guide me I am able to listen/hear that gut…that intuition….because I am inutned with HIM….  Therefore I am able to trust what is right for me today, this meal, this moevent…might not be right for the next meal, next day…etc..

We all understand the concept of a 40 day fast….we are most familiar of it during lent.  Giving up something you desire (chocolate….tv….sleeping in late….alcohol…) and using it as an offering to God to sacrifice to grow in our faith.   I have written many times in the past about fasting (PLUG IN ALL THE DIFFERENT TIMES HERE)….

So what if I did 40 days in a totally new and different way, to continue to learn, grow, and love this journey of life….especially the season it is in!?

What if instead of giving up something we would normally think of…..what if I chose to live with great purpose and intuition like I have never experienced before?

What if rather than saying I am not going to food journal or log my supplements or do such and such work out program……what if from my waking moment I not only say this day is your Lord….but I breath it in and say….I TRUST YOU TO GUIDE ME……thus as I go to take my supplements and I find my self crinkling up my nose I stop and think why?  What is holding me back?  Is it me just feeling frustrated or is it a day I am not to take that particular one?  What if instead of keeping track of everything taken and eaten as I take and eat….I just sit down at the end of the day when I write in my journal and if I feel like recalling everything I took and approx times then that’s great but if I don’t that’s okay too.

What if instead of wondering if I am working out just right for my adrenals…my hormones…my thyroid….what if instead I just got up and moved, stretched, lifted…..did whatever created joy in that moment to get my metabolism wound up.   Who cares if it isn’t goal driven….like getting leaner legs or ripped abs….after all who is that glorifying?  GOD?  No!  I don’t have purpose behind being ripped….my purpose is to maintain health: mind, body, soul!

At the end of the day I have to reflect: do I want to always journal my food?  Do I want to always have to keep track of what I am taking?  Do I really need to be leaner (I am already freakin’ strong!)

It takes 40 days to make a change….this is not only scientifical it is biblical……

I am committed to change my mindset in thinking that I need to “micro manage” everything to heal my body.  When I do that I forget the simple yet most important aspect of this health journey…..stress…..when I have lists swirling in my head….my body is creating stress…..whether I realize it or not….stress means worry or anxiety or frustration or anger……all that means not trusting GOD…..and I want GOD to know I DO TRUST HIM…..I will do my part but I will also do it with calm, loving intuition….

I will remember life is like a butterfly….
we go through many many changes…metomorphesis….
sometimes painful changes…
to become the beautiful creature it was desightne…destined to be.

So what if I wake each morning and truly listen to my gut about if I should or shouldnt stick to my lsit….or if I should have a nutritional shake for a meal or even whether or not I should try a food that I have currently eliminated?

What if I listen so much to my gut…to the Holy spirty….that I am able to uncover what are my emotions, stressers linked to my helath?

what if I becoave so intuend with my body’s needs I won’t need to “have or “not have” lists…

Some of you may say…well thats a great concep but it wont work because hwat if I awant ice cream for breakfast?  But this isn the thing….I ahve learned when we are truly listening to our gut….our intuition about all of our life…and even more so recelty about food….we are able to destinguish the different between our wants, wemotions, and true needs….so if I wake one morning and my body is truly saying lets have a scoop of ice cream….then I might consider it….because I know it will be for the right reasons….and not the norm.

Once we tap into this amazing power of truly listening to the holy spirit and trusting your intuition there are no more “good” and “bad”….ther is what is right or wrong…..and this relates expecially to our soul matters but even to our nutritional amd physical needs.   Because even if I eat something that may be wrong for my body at that moment (whether I realize it or make a conscience decision)  I am able to say “I learned….from this experience…..and this is what I learned……”  There is no judgement on self….only love….understanding….compassion….mercy…..

When we focus our lives this way we are able to evaluate what is right for this moment…this day…this emotion…this experience….

It follows your body’s true inclination to lead you….guide you…to optimal health: MIND, BODY, SOUL…..



Day 15: Keep it Simple on Sunday!

I am going to keep it short and sweet for today because it is SUNDAY!!!

I want you to reflect and think about how has your MIND BODY SOUL challenge been going?

Have you had the chance to really reflect and pray about how you feel about yourself when you eat, exercise, are busy, through work, motherhood, wife….even when you are at church?!

How do all of these aspects of your life impact how you care for yourself…love yourself…all of you!?

I mentioned a few days ago about 40 being a game changer….but it is really more than that.  It is about me also being at a great place in my life.

I will one of these days actually write which books
I take pictures of….
Then I can share it with all of you…
And give credit to the wonderful authors who inspired me!





Now it is your turn…write ALL the wonderful things about yourself without buts….without anything but LOVE for self!!!

Terrific {Triggers}

I was reading an email the other week from Dr. Isabelle Wentz.  She was sharing about her healing journey.  It use to be difficult for her to look at pictures of herself being too thin while she was getting to the root cause of her Hoshimoto’s.


It was interesting for me because for the longest time the opposite was true for me.  My thyroid storm didn’t just trigger my genes for the Hashimoto’s it became a trigger for my dysmorphia.  Something I had worked really hard to put into its own “remission”.   It was brought back into full force.

It had taken me years to finally not believe the lies the enemy was whispering in my ear about me not being beautiful and worthy, of not being skinny enough, not strong enough, not muscular enough.  He played on my wounds and shame from being sexually victimized a large part of my childhood into my early adult years.

I thought I had broken free from the lies but then when my thyroid storm took place and my body dropped down to 97 pounds I couldn’t be happier,or so I thought.  I had to get really honest with myself when I was first on my true healing journey.  I was able to remember when I was 97 pounds thinking “ooo maybe I can get to 95….maybe 90.”  What the heck?!

So when I went to my friend, a nutrition coach to help me figure out why I couldn’t sleep, why I was so tired, why some days I was sleeping 12-14 hours, why I was putting on weight, and why I felt crazy.  I knew I wasn’t really wanting to solve the problem of all the symptoms.  I just wanted to be 97 pounds again.

I remember early in my healing from Hashimoto’s journey, I would get so frustrated and think, “Well hell if I  am going to have symptoms I would would rather feel like crap at 97 pounds versus feeling like crap at 117 or 125 pounds.”

I actually don’t know what my weight is today and that is a story I will save for next week :)….

I have clarity now when I see my healthy vibrant body.  I see what it has gone through.  And how much it has healed: mind, body, soul, spirit.  My body deserves my love and respect.

I have been reading an amazing book: “You’re Not Crazy And You’re Not Alone: Losing the Victim, Finding Your Sense of Humor, and Learning to Love Yourself Through Hashimoto’s”, by Stacey Robbins.  A quote that really resonates with me today is:  “I care more about my adrenals now than the size of my thighs!”

That is so true.

Do I still get triggers!?  Absolutely.  The enemy doesn’t rest.  He desires for me to turn away from God and how better to try to do that than to take my past traumas, twist it into a mental disconnect, twist it with a thyroid condition, and try to convince me that I am not beautiful just as I am.

But now when I have a trigger I stop, renounce the lie and fill myself with the Holy Spirits strength.  I find the Essential Oil that relates to the emotions I am feeling and I then practice EFT, tapping.  I tap it away!

I give thanks to God for all these amazing gifts He has provide for me, for all of us, to help us learn how to continually battle the enemy.

Now, when I see a woman with legs that I may find myself coveting (whether super thin or beautifully thick and chiseled) I stop and bless her.  Then renounce, oil up, and tap.

On Saturday I’ll share a self care routine of oils and tapping.  How to help support yourself through triggers.  Until then reflect on what are your triggers?

How can you support yourself to not give into the lies?  Sit with it….pray about it….journal about it…..share with me about it!

Many blessings and hugs always dear beloved ones!

Kelly 🙂

PS…..Are you open to learning more about healing and support through dysmorphia and or Hashimoto’s or just learning how to love yourself better!?  I would absolutely love to hear from you!

Message me through Facebook or email me at

Surrendering Pain

There are some days my inflammation can seem unbearable.  It has been awhile since I have had throbbing inflammation related to my health.  Yet, recently it has been flaring up.  Which has me reflecting on:  What have I done differently in my life recently?  What have I possibly eaten differently?  OR what I am I not processing out emotionally!?

This week as I was sharing about addictions I reflected on my own history of addictions.  Some people struggle with one addiction, some struggle with many.  Some it is truly in our DNA to have a tendency toward addictive behaviors.  BUT we can rewire our DNA….we can redeem it BECAUSE GOD MADE US FOR GOOD…..not for struggle.

When we struggle we are not living out how we were designed.  Matthew 11:30 tells us our yoke is to be easy…our burden light.   When we struggle we are not taking our burdens and our pain to HIM.  When we struggle we are leaning too much on our will rather than HIS WILL.  And that is where I think the root of addictions are.  The unwillingness to surrender to PAIN.  To allow it to be out there: raw, real, gushing……so it can get air to start healing.

One of my favorite Essential Oils is Deep Blue… is the soothing blend…..the oil of surrendering pain.

When I find myself holding my emotions in too much I have learned that is when my inflammation rears up.

So I turn to the soothing blend not only to support my “burning” wrists or my achy legs…..but I turn to it to help me embrace what the root of my pain is.  It reminds me to let go of the fear of the pain.  It reminds me to face my emotions to bring them to light so I don’t hide them under fear.  So I don’t hide them behind what ever addiction may manifest in that season (eating, drinking, shopping, lack of self-love….).

What pain do you need to surrender?  What emotion do you need to face head on?  Sit with this….pray about this…write about it….share below!

Many blessings my dear followers….family….friends…

~Kelly 🙂

Mothers and Daughters: Compassion or Competition

As I entered into my teens years there was this tug-of-war with my mom.  I feel it was a competition of some sort.

A competition for:

This may sound strange but I have reflected and watched other moms and daughters. Whether real life, television shows, movies, etc….and they all seem to portray this sort of “competition” in some way or another.  The mom trying to wear clothes her daughter would wear….to be “cool”, to “fit in”…..instead of just being herself.

but I believe the biggest competition I have witnessed is the physical.  I think a mom starts to see her mortality and her “flaws” as her daughter is coming into herself, her womanhood.  An older woman sees the legs of her daughter and wishes hers were firm and lean. She sees the perkiness of her daughters chest and compares the sagging, stretch marked breasts as flawed.  She sees her daughters face with no lines and becomes envious.

Thus the wedge is placed between them.


I am so grateful God purposed in my heart from the moment my daughter was in my womb to not only nurture the seed of self love but to nurture within myself to ALWAYS be myself with my darling daughter.



Therefore as I watch my beautiful daughter turn 13 this month and visually see the stunning beauty she has become physically, I truly see how beautiful her heart is as well.  I feel honor to be her mom.  I don’t sit and compare  And with a dysmorphic brain it could become an easy thing to obsess about.  But I don’t!  I truly smile and value, honor, the differences.  I see the unique beauty we each have and cherish how we compliment each other.  I cherish our moments together.  I cherish how she teaches me things as much as I teach her things.

I know the difference between our legs is years of strength training on my part.  I respect that when I have a day where my legs are retaining fluid, exhausted, feeling “heavy” because of the Hoshimoto’s-Hypothyroidism, I am still proud of all my legs have been able to accomplish for me during that day!

Rather than looking at my daughters legs with resentment I look at them with hope and desire that she doesn’t take them for granted.

I know the difference in my face and her face is years of laughter, sorrows, experiences, strength, and hopefully wisdom!

When I look at her face….I pray she too one day will have a face that expresses all
the love and laughter of life that I have experienced.

So….moms….honor your daughters budding body instead of comparing and creating a wedge.  There is enough hormonal gunk to try to wade through that we don’t need to add our own mental clutter to the mess.  This time should be a marvelous time to grow and learn together.  These are the days to create bonds that will last for a lifetime.

We have a choice for our daughters future relationship with us.  One where they look forward to coming home whenever they can as an adult…..OR… where they feel obligation to come out of politeness but no desire.


Take a moment today to reflect on your relationship with your daughter…..with your mother….write about it….pray about it….see where the SPIRIT takes you with it!

Many blessings and hugs this amazing day dear readers….family….friends…..

I’m Worth It!!!

Last week I figured I would put off going to my chiropractor/functional doctor after having gotten back from vacation.  I wasn’t feeling good.  No energy.  Needed to get caught up on daughters lessons.  Tons of laundry.  I was hitting my wall again.  Vacations should be relaxing.  I totally enjoyed it but I was aware of a constant slow inflammation going on due to not having the most quality of food available. I blessed my food each day each meal and would ask God it would nourish my body just as if I was at home.  I thought nothing but quality good thoughts.  I know the power of positive thinking is amazing.   There were also no other stresses on a cruise.   No other concerns.

Back home though my inflammation hit me like a mac truck.  I did not want to do anything, go anywhere, I could barely drag myself out of bed. My thyroid had definitely taken a hit.  Who knows what was the straw that finally broke the camels back.  
 I woke Wednesday morning realizing I couldn’t put off going to my functional doctor.   I called asking if I could keep my appointment.  And not wait til the following week.  I could almost see and hear his smile through the phone.  He knew I needed to get in to see him yet he has such a respect for his patients that he also knows he can’t force us to do something if we aren’t willing to do it. 
Once in we visited about what all I will need to do to continue on this journey of healing my thyroid and immune system and so many other things. I had my adjustment and did this really fun vibrating machine I stand on helped stimulate my thyroid to get my metabolism kick started.
  He knew I would feel better if I could drag my cement legs and body into his office.   This is one of the things I love about my doctor, he wants his patients to want to feel and move the way our bodies were meant to function.  He knows I’m a pusher, I’m stubborn and I’m committed to my health.  
 I realized  during my Friday visit  I have to remind myself, even though my workouts are healthiest when we approach them as sprints: short, fast, bursts….rest… done in 15-20 minutes. 

But life’s journey, any aspect of this journey: better mind, health, soul…is a marathon! I must be patient. 

 Doc was kind enough to again smile and remind me that it is going to take about 12-18 months for me to heal.   Now no one knows for sure how long it takes a person to heal from anything.  But giving the best guest based on his professional experience is helpful and important.
  It helps me keep things in perspective.  It reminds me that life is not about start and stop….life is not about trying to do everything so perfect we forget to live life during the journey.  Every journey has its bumps. It’s what we do with those bumps that help define us.  
I choose to love this journey. I choose to find amazing joy in this journey.  And I choose to scale the bumps like the most amazing hike or mountain or wall…after all the challenge the journey is where the thrill lives!!!

Family Faith Finances Food Fitness Fun…

And being feminine!!!

These were the F’s to the 7th power that I thought and pondered on this last week as we were on a family vacation.  

Family…needing to always protect family time.  taking time for family.  Remembering family is important. Whether it is immediate family under the same roof or extended family we only visit occasionally….we have the opportunity to always learn and grow together and from each other.  Family is the opportunity to practice grace, compassion, patience, kindness, generosity, mercy, forgiveness….love!!!
Faith….I was listening to a fabulous podcast on one of the last days of the cruise.   It was Taylor Marshall, sharing his conversion story.   I loved how his friend, who was interviewing him, shared how what one persons faith walk isn’t suppose to look like anther persons.  I was able to reflect and think how I may desire to be in the adoration chapel all day long but that is not being holy and faithful to my vocation and calling.  What may work for a monk or a religious doesn’t mean it is what I am suppose to to do.   And that I can actually be dishonoring Gods call for me if I don’t listen to how He needs me to come to Him.  

Finances…anytime you take a vacation you are aware that your budget is going to be stretched…modified….different.  For me it puts into perspective: did we plan well enough for the trip to ensure we have fun and don’t worry about spending what we put aside? My goal always is to not come home worrying about a vacation that created debt or took from another part of the budget that it shouldn’t have.  
I had the opportunity during this week to finish a book I started a few weeks ago: Living Well Spending Less by Ruth Soukup.   I loved it so much.  It was as if every financial and organization book or blog I read or listen too builds on the previous one.  And the most recent one is the one I needed to hear the most at that time.  She talks about a spending freeze for a month, no matter your financial situation and the benefits you will reap from it.  I feel this has come at the most ideal time.   What better thing to do right after a vacation and before the holidays to really put into perspective what we truly need as well as ensuring we don’t get stuck in the vacation spending mode.   

Food…this was an interesting challenge for my whole family.  As I have been noticing my darling daughter definitely has some gluten sensitivity I really wanted her to not feel compelled to go to all the treats that she was going to be bombarded with.   And I had to truly be willing to intuitively eat and choose my battles of deciding between foods that may cause joint inflammation or insulin issues or gut issues or a combination of it all.    So instead of worrying about it I planned as much ahead of time with nutritional supplements, and thinking out the possible options that would be available, and even meditating and praying over the fact that…ok Lord this is for a week, I know You will guide me and protect me during this time to ensure I am able to nourish my body, and minimize any pain or negative reactions…as a matter of fact I truly embraced a joyful led attitude and intuitive eating mindset.  I know taking this mindset helped my body take in the good energy and nutrition of the food that I did eat.  I didn’t view it as a license to eat whatever….I was full aware that I would have to come home and fix any pain, inflammation that did occur but I also feel empowered in knowing that I have learned so much about my health that I know my bodies threshold right now.  It was confirmation that what I do on a regular basis is worth it to ensure my health is functioning at its peak.  That I am truly honoring God by helping my body lead the healthiest life.  It also made me appreciate cooking my own meals. 
Fitness…is always fun for me when I travel.  Being a huge fan of body weight and HIIT workouts and again intuitive workouts gives me no barriers when I travel.  This time I had fun doing sprints and jumping jacks on the top deck with the walking track. I did a stretching class.  I used some machines I don’t normally have access to.  And I participated in an ab workout that was fun.  I enjoyed the climbing wall.  I walked the stairs….always!!!! Never the elevator.  As a matter of fact I’m sure my legs have been over trained this week that they truly do need a break.   

Fun…can be had no matter the circumstances!   Vacations can be great fun but they can also be stressful.   It’s truly up to the individuals to make it and keep it fun no matter what!  So whether it’s family members not agreeing on outings and activities or if someone wants to be pouty because they didn’t get to have a  sugary laden breakfast (like she gets it at home?!  Go figure!)….the big thing is to remember to have fun with all life has to throw at you! 
Femininity …I was able to reflect and put into even greater perspective the amazing complexity of being a wonderful warrior woman.   I was able to reflect on my amazing strengths…I was also able to acknowledge during my reflection moments of  what are triggers and weaknesses in less than loving thoughts to self…therfore knowing what I need to do to avoid it….as well as continually smiling and knowing I am so amazingly wonderfully made…and beautiful right now…no matter what…no excuses…no buts…just am!!!!

As I conclude with my reflection of the seven day cruise I realized it was a perfect way for me to give each day… to reflect on each F in my life that is important.  So for me F isn’t for failure… it’s is a math equation instead: F to the 7th….
Now that’s fantastic freedom!

Day 19: To Lean or not To Lean…

As you are getting closer to wrapping up your 21 Day Challenge to LOVING YOURSELF: MIND BODY AND SOUL….here is something to think about….

Being super lean isn’t always healthy!!!
This is so cool…it was from last year…
yet how perfect to reflect on the words…
Do you struggle with wishing you could have six-pack abs?
Do you wish you could have striations on your legs?  Your arms?
Do you want veins popping out on your arms? Rounded shoulders?
For some being this kind of lean comes natural….for others it’s not part of their genetics.  This doesn’t mean a person isn’t healthy or fit or strong or fast….it might just mean that your body doesn’t “show it off” the way some others do.
A better way to determine good health…good for a person to love the body they are in…to not fight it!
I have read so many testimonies of women who have gotten super lean for competitions, for personal goals, for all sorts of reasons….and they ALL talk about the down side of getting too lean.
Besides the psychological down side there is the physical negatives.  It disrupts a woman’s cycles.  Okay yo may say “yes…no period!”…but when you disrupt this natural rhythm to your body you are messing with nature…your body…and in my opinion disrespecting God’s beautiful plan for our bodies!
It can effect so many things: hair, lubrication, libido, skin, energy, vitality, bone density, strength…etc..
Then there is the psychological…it can create a drug-like effect.  Therefore, when a woman isn’t in that super leaned out mode or cycle or goal…she can have feelings of being “fat”, even feelings of being judged by those around her.
She can have feelings of being “heavy”…and body distortions.
This can all lead to lack of self worth…lack of self-love…and even lead to food disordering.
When a person becomes obsessed with what foods are “good” or “bad”, they forget food is neutral…it has no moral tag.  Food can nourish us…or be gunky… but it is not evil.
Hormonal imbalances create all sorts of distortions within a woman.
So today as you near the end of your 21 Day Challenge really reflect on:
Are you a person who is naturally leaned out?
Are you putting unrealistic expectations on yourself?
Are you truly loving yourself properly to be able to go through physical changes that will or could create up and down emotions?

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