Healing the WHOLE PERSON…

To retreat or not to retreat….lol…. In a way that silly little phrase can be a thought a person may feel or wonder before they commit to going to a HEALING THE WHOLE PERSON retreat put on by JPII Institute. When I went to this retreat the 10th through the 12th this month I went… Continue Reading →

Generational Healing….

I mentioned last week how part of what I realized I needed to work on was healing with my mom! I finally came to an amazing realization of why my mom and I sometimes don’t always see eye to eye….why we can truly be hurtful with each others. There have been moments that my life… Continue Reading →

Smiles & Hugs: Part 2

I was thinking about my blog post from last Monday and trying to figure out WHY has this WANT, this NEED for smiles and hugs been pressing on my heart even more so recently. It is not like I haven’t wrestled with it in the last 2 years.  It is not like I haven’t figured… Continue Reading →

Fitness on Friday

I absolutely LOVE kettlebells but I understand that some may feel intimidated by them! And plus I get asked all the time…what are the best exercises….what should I do if I have never exercised before in my life! So below I have created a simple sheet to understand what is (in my opinion) the best… Continue Reading →

I miss smiles and hugs!

I REALLY MISS SMILES AND HUGS! Two years ago we were told to cover our smiles and to not touch, not hug, STAY AWAY from each other! Oh, how I saw so much wrong with this from the very beginning….I had hoped against all hope that the insanity would go away….yet here we are two… Continue Reading →

Breast Health & Thermography

Over the course of the years when I was actively coaching women on whole health I would be asked about breast health….particularly about mammograms.  I never really thought much about mammograms one way or another…..other than the fact that I thought they were necessary for us women.  Especially for women who have a family history… Continue Reading →

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