Healing the WHOLE PERSON…

To retreat or not to retreat….lol…. In a way that silly little phrase can be a thought a person may feel or wonder before they commit to going to a HEALING THE WHOLE PERSON retreat put on by JPII Institute. When I went to this retreat the 10th through the 12th this month I went… Continue Reading →

Generational Healing….

I mentioned last week how part of what I realized I needed to work on was healing with my mom! I finally came to an amazing realization of why my mom and I sometimes don’t always see eye to eye….why we can truly be hurtful with each others. There have been moments that my life… Continue Reading →


Women who have given birth understand the real range of pain their body and even their emotions and mind go through during those last moments before they deliver their beautiful baby after 9 months of carrying them, loving them, nurturing them, and protecting them. I did carry my beautiful baby girl but I actually never… Continue Reading →

“I’m not drinking right now!”

I recently listened to a fabulous podcast from Melissa Hartwig, the co-founder of Whole30.  She was giving an update on her “I’m not drinking right now” experiment. So it had me thinking about the times I have done this in the past.  I went for a little over a year, shortly after being diagnosed with… Continue Reading →

Warrior Woman or Fraud

I have to be honest…I sometimes DO NOT FEEL QUALIFIED to help soo many women! After all HOW CAN I, who is still always working on LOVING THE SKIN I AM IN….teach and coach other women to LOVE THE SKIN THEIR IN!? This is the beauty of God’s grace and growth…..the more I coach and… Continue Reading →

Peace, Patience, Harmony

It really resonated with me when I read, “Strengthens connection with lower body……” This was in the Emotions & Essential Oils book referring to one of the many benefits to the blend Balance! Now part of the statement was also saying connection with earth…..went on to talk about being grounded like the trees….etc….. But it… Continue Reading →

Strengthen your true self and worthiness!

We are bombarded with images and expectations of what we should look like, eat, dress, be……ALL around us….CONSTANTLY….. Girls….teens…..women…..WE DO NOT HAVE IT EASY today in setting healthy boundaries….saying no to the mental chatter, the societal pressures.   And this can wear down a woman’s sense of self-worth…..and then not showing up to serve herself and… Continue Reading →

Forgiveness: Declaration of Love

Forgiveness is about letting go of the past to live fully in the present!!! When we say “I Forgive“……we are actually saying “I LOVE“! This whole month of January has been EXACTLY this for me!  I’ve had stuff bubble up to the surface of my healing journey that is ready to be unearthed.  I have… Continue Reading →

Pain Pain Go Away

Autoimmunity…. Highly-Sensitive-Person… Empath… Intuitive… This combo can well flat out cause a lot of pain! I haven’t talked much about being an Empathatic-Intuitive person much…well actually not at all here….in other circles but not here! Don’t worry there will be a posting in the near future about it 🤗😘…. Anywhoo…. The beauty and challenge of… Continue Reading →

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