Why So Serious?!

Last week I was receiving a massage from a dear friend.  She is truly amazing at her gift.  She does a type of massage that is therapeutic (I honestly don’t remember what kind…sorry!) Over the years I have learned to appreciate how important massage is for not only self-care, but also for minimizing inflammation with… Continue Reading →


Sexual Traumas Infertility Miscarriages Grandmother’s Death Autoimmunity Issues These all have been my focus to empower women to: LOVE THEMSELVES TO BELIEVE IN THEMSELVES TO CARE FOR THEMSELVES I finished a book recently that is a unique….a totally different way of looking at Hashimoto’s.  Most of the books out there approach it from the nutritional… Continue Reading →

Funky Freedom

I was in a funk the week before last and I wasn’t sure why…. Then it dawned on me….it was coming up on the anniversary of my grandmothers death. This is what I remember about that day…. I remember my hubby leaving out of town for the week due to work.  I remember my daughter… Continue Reading →

Terrific {Triggers}

I was reading an email the other week from Dr. Isabelle Wentz.  She was sharing about her healing journey.  It use to be difficult for her to look at pictures of herself being too thin while she was getting to the root cause of her Hoshimoto’s. It was interesting for me because for the longest… Continue Reading →

Only 7 Days left! {Transitions}

Time is ticking. In one week my family embarks on the next chapter in our life! We go south to Georgetown, Texas! Yet my mind is whirling with all that I have done and all I still need to do.  I don’t have enough hours in each day to see friends, pack, follow-up appointments with… Continue Reading →

New Life…

It’s the day after Easter!  Now we experience Jesus in a whole new way!  He is with us for 40 days before he ascends into heaven! It’s a chance to cleanse…to do away with the old and in with the new! This had me thinking about how when we think and reflect we can see… Continue Reading →

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