Novena of Family Posts

It can be hard to find peace during the holidays when we have family baggage to deal with.  When I did a search for how many posts I have done on Family…9 came up!  9 that have Family in the title….and I thought wow, what a great way to reflect for 9 days on what does FAMILY mean to you during the holidays!

9 posts…9 days…Novena of Family!


Many drops of blessings and hugs….

~Kelly 🙂

Focus: Family, Friends, Faith, Freedom

This last week was amazing with production week for my darling daughters theater group.  It had me really fine tune my focus on essentials.

  • The essentials of family.
  • The essentials of business.
  • The essentials of education.
  • And the most important: essentials of faith.

Which really…. when I work on my essentials lists it is about minimizing and getting back to what is really neededMy essentials with faith is about what needs to be added!

Which had me reflecting on how the next 9 weeks are going to be full of so much fun, family, holidays, business, and newness with being in a new area.  I have realized that for how much I love love love writing…..I need to take a moment to step back and refocus on what do I want to share and provide here.  How can I best serve you the reader and me the writer!?

I laughed within when I counted the weeks that I am going to take a hiatus from here….9 weeks.  It is a perfect novena.  So the question is which saint should I be focusing on and turning to for guidance?  Maybe I will pick 9 saints….lol.   Who knows!

What I do know is I may not be writing anything fresh and new for 9 weeks but I am going to give you a themed list of past postings each Monday.   Giving you an opportunity to ready any old posts you have not ever had the chance to read.  They will be some of the most popular posts combined with some of my favorites.

The lists will be probably of 3, 7, or 9……because those are spiritual numbers and that’s just how my brain thinks… 🙂

So until next Monday think about what you want to do for the next 9 weeks that will deepen your faith, your family bonds, your mission/calling within ministry and business, and deepen your commitment to focusing on what is TRULY ESSENTIAL in your life!?

Sit…pray…journal…oil…and tap!

Many drops of blessings and hugs….

~Kelly 😉

Family {Focus}

I haven’t seen my parents since Christmas.  I will have the joy of having them come visit with us for the night.  They will join us for Mass tomorrow.  We will enjoy some amazing last memories in this amazing Amarillo home.  This home that has held gatherings, sleep overs, and fellowship of family and friends for over 10 years!

This is what we were made for: CommunityCOMMUNION!

I will take in today with great focus, with great care, with great love!  

Have you ever thought about TIME and FAMILY!?

We can buy so many things….we can earn so many things….we can increase so many things…..BUT TIME IS NOT ONE OF THEM!

We get only 24 hours in a day.  We can’t buy more, earn more, gain more.

Time is the one area in our life we MUST be mindful.

So the question is do we waste our time or use it wisely!?

How much time do you spend on social media versus time face to face with a friend or family?

How much sleep do you give yourself versus getting “one more thing” done?

How much time do you spend in front of the computer or TV versus playing games or going for walks with your kiddos?

Sit with this….pray about it…journal about it….share/connect with me about it!

Many hugs and blessings my dear followers…family…friends…

~Kelly 🙂




Friday {Family}

Yesterday’s repost had me thinking…


  It’s the first Friday of the month.  My daughter and I join another family where we do service to connect with home bound people to bring them groceries as well as bringing them human contact….connection!

Who are you going to connect with today that isn’t on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, any social media?!  But instead face to face.  

Let’s be each other’s accountability partners in this mission to start connecting more face to face  with others. 

So let’s oil up, pick up the phone, and go grab some tea in this Family First {face to face} Friday!

How are you going to spend your Friday? Family? Face to face? Or Facebook?

Sit with this….pray about this….write about this….share and connect with me below!

Many hugs and blessings dear followers…family….friends….

~Kelly 😘 

Fear & Family


What does FAMILY mean to you?!  Is it blood…friends….church….facebook….lol!?  No but really….we are all connected through our spirit not just because of blood.  And sometimes with family things aren’t always clear.

Sometimes with our family we don’t know how to use our voice…we are afraid to use our voice?

Fear can cause us to compromise our convictions in many things in life but it can especially cause us to want to compromise with family.  Why?  Because we love them….we don’t want to disappoint them…we don’t want them to be angry with us…..we don’t want to feel unloved.File Mar 09, 3 55 53 PM

The problem is fear, especially with family, can cause us to not connect to our own spirit and soul.  It can create a cog with hearing what God needs us to do….a bigger picture that sometimes we don’t see when we are handicapped by fear.

Have you ignored some of God’s promptings out of fear of what family may say, think or do?!

And what essential oils have you used to squash your fears….especially with family!?


Think about this…sit with this….pray about it….share about it!

Hugs and blessings dear followers….friends….family…

~Kelly 🙂


Distributism: Family, Freedom?

I recently finished a book….THE HOUND OF DISTRIBUTISM.

I really liked THIS review given about the book..”

It’s weird….the older I get the more “geeky” I get….the more I desire to read and learn EVERYTHING…especially if it is something I think it is important to understand or learn.  AND…if it pertains to family….faith….and freedom….well I am all about it!

Back to this book…..I have never really understood all the lingo about capitalism versus socialism….and so when this term, distributism, came into the picture it was even more foreign to me.  BUT…I wanted to understand :)….

The more I read…..the more I realized how much I really respect the pillars behind Distributism.

Here is just a few nuggets from the book:

Page 6…contraceptive mentality….responsible for “myopic nature of modern economics”…The foundation of Distributism is ownership…..the essence…self government….self control….self sufficiency…

Page 7…A pillar of Freedom….the foundation of Distributism is ownership.

Page 37…Distributism’s main tenet…property should be as widely distributed as possible and business should be local…

Page 71…Usury…taking of interest…Psalm 7:14…..the calamity of a loan has no remedy…instead it becomes worse…..St. Thomas….”usury is and always will be a sin”…..

Page 93…St. Gertrude…”Property, the more common it is, the more holy it is”…

Page 95….Distributism is a system conformable to the need of man and his nature…

Okay that’s just the beginning!

I decided I want to spend all week or as many days as it takes to write 15 minutes each day on all the notes I took….and share my thoughts with you!

I leave you with this thought:

That’s just one of the many points that Distributism addresses!

Have a blessed and amazing day!
Hugs and blessings always my dear readers…friends….family….
~Kelly 🙂

Dear "LaLa" Family…

I am honored to call you friend.  I remember the first conversation we ever had.  I remember feeling so connected to you the first time we ever spoke.  I have learned great things from you….especially about our faith….and how to live it with sainthood in mind.

There was a moment in our faith friendship where it became strained.  For that I am greatly sorry.  I did not speak up…advocate….for you in a situation.  I did not live that moment with the integrity I know I am capable of.  I know we have since made amends.  And for that I am humbled for your amazing act of love…grace…compassion and mercy!  You truly are living out the WORKS OF MERCY in your life!

I continue to grow deeper in my faith because of your family.  You recently shared with me why I can and should encourage my daughter to serve as an alter server.  Your explanation was beautiful and profound….because I too pray if it is God’s Will for my daughter to enter the religious life that opportunities present themselves to her to plant a seed.  

I thoroughly enjoyed the discussion on how we need to all continually serve our church and not expect to be served.  It is sad that such a small percentage of church congregations make up the bulk of ministry being done.  I have always believed in us doing our part. 

Yet this last year with all my health issues I had to step away from many things….you helped me remember that I must start becoming involved again.  I have some little things…..but I CAN AND WILL start being a more active example to my daughter…and my church family by doing something active not only behind the scenes of Mass but also for and during the Mass.

Please keep me in your prayers as I discern where my gifts and talents are best used for our faith family of the Mass Celebration.  And please keep me in your prayers as I continue to grow and learn about my charism. 

Thank you again for your amazing friendship….your amazing compassion….your amazing mercy….your amazing love!

Your family are ALWAYS in my prayers….
many hugs and blessings….
~Kelly 😉

PS….Dear Readers… you have someone who has helped you grow in your faith!?  Do you have someone you have wronged?  Is it time to write a letter?  Speak to them?  Humble yourself to live in Christ’s light and love!

*** I changed the name of this dear family to protect their privacy….:)


My darling daughter KNOWS her mind…her desires…her likes and dislikes!  She can be very passionate about something but once she is done with it…has experienced it….and if she realizes it is not for her….she has NO problem walking away.

The most recent example of this is her guitar lessons.  She voiced a desire to try guitar over a year ago.  The requirement we had for her was she had to be willing to commit to if for one year.  She honored that commitment.  But recently she expressed she is no longer interested in continuing her lessons with guitar.

Her struggle wasn’t walking away from it, she was matter of fact about her lack of interest to it anymore.  Her struggle was the desire to not disappoint her daddy and even me.

Now some parents might be thinking “Oh you need to make her stick with it”….”she needs to not think she can get her way”..I am sure there will be lots of opinions on this matter….but I instead look at her and admire her ability to truly know what she wants and sticking to her guns no matter what.  There are MANY things I don’t bend on with her to help her learn the discipline of doing something because it is expected of a person.  There are many things I require from her.  Guitar or any extra curricular can have valuable virtues to teaching things that are spiritual.  Thus the activity itself may not necessary be spiritual but the activity can be a vessel for us to help them learn something.

But….I have other “pots” I’m stirring to help her with the same virtues to learn.  Parenting can be so multi-leveled…lol

When I step aback and review her personality, temperament, and treat her like a HUMAN BEING….thus respect HER needs and wants like I would any other adult….I am then teaching and modeling to her how we SHOULD be as an adult.  Thus, encouraging her to grow into adulthood properly.

For me there is an added bonus….I really admire her ability to not feel pressured or “bullied” to do something just because everyone else is doing it or wants her to do it.

I wish I would have had more of her tenacity growing up.

The next time you get frustrated about something your child is or isn’t doing, step back and reflect on if it has purpose for their journey to heaven….and if there is something else they are doing that will meet the same need.

 By stepping back and truly listening to our children expresses to them the type of love and respect that truly models to them CHRISTS LOVE to us all!

Hugs and blessings,


I like to view friendships in many ways.

Each friend is like a different flower with different purposes, colors, fragrances to give life to our lives.

Each friend can be compared to a character in a book or a favorite show or movie, creating banter and dialogue for the real drama of life.

Each friend can be a direction on the compass, always keeping us on target, on task, or leading us toward adventures.

Each friend could be a different virtue for us that strengthens us on this journey.

And each friend can be a representation of each person of the Holy Trinity…the comforter, the friend, the wisdom, the guide, the love for our life.

Either way however you see friendships they truly are an important part of our life.  After all they are the family we CHOOSE.  We are not born into the friendships, they happen with prayer, circumstances, work, and lots of love, compassion, and mercy!

I could describe each of my friends that are very dear and near to me….the ones who I truly go to for different struggles, different joys, different guidance’s, in so many ways.

Let’s take flowers for example.  I have roses, lilies, irises, daisies, and tulips in my bouquet.

Collection of characters, I have a Lori-lie/Sukie  combo (Gilmore Girls), JJ Virgin, Fr. Elijah (book Fr. Elijah), Joyce Meyer, and a Little House on the Prairie Ma friend.

Each of them provide either the courage I need, serenity, joy, perseverance, love, patience, peace, wisdom…you name it they each have a way of bringing out  the best in me in their own way.

And they each definitely provide a different aspect of the Holy Trinity.  I have one friend who is truly my comforter… who is truly my teacher… who is my counselor…..several who are combinations….

I wouldn’t trade any of them for the world.  I would sell everything I own if it would help them if they were in that great of a need.  They are my family!  They have each been there for me over the course of the years through so many joys and sorrows in my life….and ironically I have had this main handful for approximately the same length of time.

 A fabulous example of how each of them met a different need during a moment in my life that I wasn’t even sure how I would breath again….  One friend made sure I had a journal to write in, she brought me a meal and silently loved me.  Another created the joy and laughter in my life I so desperately needed.  Yet another held me every moment she could.  While another sat on a park bench and shared with me her own similar experience and how it will make me stronger in time.  While another kept me going and helped me remember I still had things to take care of, yet in a loving and merciful way.

Today…..reflect on friendships and how they are truly the family in our life that brings us closer to the Trinity….how they are the color in our life…the characters that give us depth….and virtues that strengthen us.

Have a fabulous Friday….and heck reach out to even just one of those friends today and let them know just how important they are to you!

blessings and hugs always,

PS…Today’s book picture….how can you dig deeper into your spiritual life and discover the amazing woman you were and are made to be….how can you grow in your friendships with this amazing knowledge!?

Family Faith Finances Food Fitness Fun…

And being feminine!!!

These were the F’s to the 7th power that I thought and pondered on this last week as we were on a family vacation.  

Family…needing to always protect family time.  taking time for family.  Remembering family is important. Whether it is immediate family under the same roof or extended family we only visit occasionally….we have the opportunity to always learn and grow together and from each other.  Family is the opportunity to practice grace, compassion, patience, kindness, generosity, mercy, forgiveness….love!!!
Faith….I was listening to a fabulous podcast on one of the last days of the cruise.   It was Taylor Marshall, sharing his conversion story.   I loved how his friend, who was interviewing him, shared how what one persons faith walk isn’t suppose to look like anther persons.  I was able to reflect and think how I may desire to be in the adoration chapel all day long but that is not being holy and faithful to my vocation and calling.  What may work for a monk or a religious doesn’t mean it is what I am suppose to to do.   And that I can actually be dishonoring Gods call for me if I don’t listen to how He needs me to come to Him.  

Finances…anytime you take a vacation you are aware that your budget is going to be stretched…modified….different.  For me it puts into perspective: did we plan well enough for the trip to ensure we have fun and don’t worry about spending what we put aside? My goal always is to not come home worrying about a vacation that created debt or took from another part of the budget that it shouldn’t have.  
I had the opportunity during this week to finish a book I started a few weeks ago: Living Well Spending Less by Ruth Soukup.   I loved it so much.  It was as if every financial and organization book or blog I read or listen too builds on the previous one.  And the most recent one is the one I needed to hear the most at that time.  She talks about a spending freeze for a month, no matter your financial situation and the benefits you will reap from it.  I feel this has come at the most ideal time.   What better thing to do right after a vacation and before the holidays to really put into perspective what we truly need as well as ensuring we don’t get stuck in the vacation spending mode.   

Food…this was an interesting challenge for my whole family.  As I have been noticing my darling daughter definitely has some gluten sensitivity I really wanted her to not feel compelled to go to all the treats that she was going to be bombarded with.   And I had to truly be willing to intuitively eat and choose my battles of deciding between foods that may cause joint inflammation or insulin issues or gut issues or a combination of it all.    So instead of worrying about it I planned as much ahead of time with nutritional supplements, and thinking out the possible options that would be available, and even meditating and praying over the fact that…ok Lord this is for a week, I know You will guide me and protect me during this time to ensure I am able to nourish my body, and minimize any pain or negative reactions…as a matter of fact I truly embraced a joyful led attitude and intuitive eating mindset.  I know taking this mindset helped my body take in the good energy and nutrition of the food that I did eat.  I didn’t view it as a license to eat whatever….I was full aware that I would have to come home and fix any pain, inflammation that did occur but I also feel empowered in knowing that I have learned so much about my health that I know my bodies threshold right now.  It was confirmation that what I do on a regular basis is worth it to ensure my health is functioning at its peak.  That I am truly honoring God by helping my body lead the healthiest life.  It also made me appreciate cooking my own meals. 
Fitness…is always fun for me when I travel.  Being a huge fan of body weight and HIIT workouts and again intuitive workouts gives me no barriers when I travel.  This time I had fun doing sprints and jumping jacks on the top deck with the walking track. I did a stretching class.  I used some machines I don’t normally have access to.  And I participated in an ab workout that was fun.  I enjoyed the climbing wall.  I walked the stairs….always!!!! Never the elevator.  As a matter of fact I’m sure my legs have been over trained this week that they truly do need a break.   

Fun…can be had no matter the circumstances!   Vacations can be great fun but they can also be stressful.   It’s truly up to the individuals to make it and keep it fun no matter what!  So whether it’s family members not agreeing on outings and activities or if someone wants to be pouty because they didn’t get to have a  sugary laden breakfast (like she gets it at home?!  Go figure!)….the big thing is to remember to have fun with all life has to throw at you! 
Femininity …I was able to reflect and put into even greater perspective the amazing complexity of being a wonderful warrior woman.   I was able to reflect on my amazing strengths…I was also able to acknowledge during my reflection moments of  what are triggers and weaknesses in less than loving thoughts to self…therfore knowing what I need to do to avoid it….as well as continually smiling and knowing I am so amazingly wonderfully made…and beautiful right now…no matter what…no excuses…no buts…just am!!!!

As I conclude with my reflection of the seven day cruise I realized it was a perfect way for me to give each day… to reflect on each F in my life that is important.  So for me F isn’t for failure… it’s is a math equation instead: F to the 7th….
Now that’s fantastic freedom!

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