Love on your family with Oregano & Melaleuca

Today’s BOGO is truly a mainstay in our house…..heck many of the oils are….lol….but these two are a MUST! My daughter and I are both HSP (Highly Sensitive People)……thus we need to continually make sure we are not taking on other peoples junk… well as not allowing ourselves to become weakened by overpowering personalities and… Continue Reading →

Feast on Family

As I was reflecting on today’s readings I saw the theme of feasting…but not feasting on just any food! We are to feast on wisdom….on true life: Christ! When we do this then our moments of dryness in prayer and difficulty if life circumstances are more bearable because we have “life with in us!”! Today… Continue Reading →


I was pondering the whole onion analogy from the last chapter I shared with you all and was thinking about how even as I write this book layers are continually being peeled away. There have been several situations that I truly had forgotten about….they had been buried deep away in my psyche.  Yet as I… Continue Reading →

Novena of Family Posts

It can be hard to find peace during the holidays when we have family baggage to deal with.  When I did a search for how many posts I have done on Family…9 came up!  9 that have Family in the title….and I thought wow, what a great way to reflect for 9 days on what… Continue Reading →

Focus: Family, Friends, Faith, Freedom

This last week was amazing with production week for my darling daughters theater group.  It had me really fine tune my focus on essentials. The essentials of family. The essentials of business. The essentials of education. And the most important: essentials of faith. Which really…. when I work on my essentials lists it is about… Continue Reading →

Family {Focus}

I haven’t seen my parents since Christmas.  I will have the joy of having them come visit with us for the night.  They will join us for Mass tomorrow.  We will enjoy some amazing last memories in this amazing Amarillo home.  This home that has held gatherings, sleep overs, and fellowship of family and friends… Continue Reading →

Friday {Family}

Yesterday’s repost had me thinking… Friday’s…family….first!   It’s the first Friday of the month.  My daughter and I join another family where we do service to connect with home bound people to bring them groceries as well as bringing them human contact….connection! Who are you going to connect with today that isn’t on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram,… Continue Reading →

Fear & Family

Family… What does FAMILY mean to you?!  Is it blood…friends….church….facebook….lol!?  No but really….we are all connected through our spirit not just because of blood.  And sometimes with family things aren’t always clear. Sometimes with our family we don’t know how to use our voice…we are afraid to use our voice? Fear can cause us to… Continue Reading →

Distributism: Family, Freedom?

I recently finished a book….THE HOUND OF DISTRIBUTISM. I really liked THIS review given about the book..” It’s weird….the older I get the more “geeky” I get….the more I desire to read and learn EVERYTHING…especially if it is something I think it is important to understand or learn.  AND…if it pertains to family….faith….and freedom….well I… Continue Reading →

Dear "LaLa" Family…

I am honored to call you friend.  I remember the first conversation we ever had.  I remember feeling so connected to you the first time we ever spoke.  I have learned great things from you….especially about our faith….and how to live it with sainthood in mind.There was a moment in our faith friendship where it… Continue Reading →

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