What is Weakness Really?!

Recently I’ve been dealing with some inflammation that has had me concerned… This quote from St. Francis reminds me that there IS greatness to discover with all of this with great patience. So I will sit with Him and be patient as I listen to what He has to share with me….as I listen what… Continue Reading →

I DO: Know I’m beautiful!

24 years ago I said “I Do”…… Marriage isn’t always the easiest thing…..we all know this…. But because of sooo many tools God gifts us with…I am able to try and practice being the best version of myself with and for my husband! One of the many gifts has been doTERRAs precious oils…. These oils… Continue Reading →

2019: His will or mine?

I’ve been taking some much needed self care time! Time to reflect….ponder…and dream!!! I’ve been filling up journal pages faster than I can write…..so when I’m not writing on paper I’m writing in my head! Some of what I’ve been writing and reflecting on is 2019…. How do I hope to be the best version… Continue Reading →

What a Woman Wants: FEAR NO MORE!

I AM BACK!! I have been pondering A LOT recently about my 2017 dreams and aspirations…..goals…..desires…..BIG OUT THERE “WHAT IF’S”….. It has been wonderful because it has me reflecting internally as well…. And one of the things it had me pondering about was why I hadn’t gotten back to writing here… ASAP!? Don’t get me… Continue Reading →

The Journey of Healing…

I have decided I am going to take the month of December and possibly January off from blogging.  It is an opportunity for me to really focus on my healing work from the retreat but also to reflect on this years goals and next years goals.  Where do I want to go with this blog… Continue Reading →

"Life is like a box of Chocolates!"

It has been almost a year since I started really feeling some of the signs and signals that something was not quite right with my health.  It was subtle.  Thus I ignored it and pushed myself harder. Yet….my pushing didn’t seem to help.  I tried many different bio-hacks to improve my sleep….to de-stress….different nutritional thoughts….and… Continue Reading →

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