Christmas Vs. NYC 

I might be taking a break from my personal blogging but this is a fabulous posting that must be shared and considered by all!

What are you feeling this Christmas?
Is Jesus in the picture and forefront of your plans? Or has he become an after thought or worse not even a speck of a thought?
Sit with that….ponder on it…pray about it!
Many blessings always my dear readers….family….friends…
Kelly 🙂


Doesn’t matter who I’ve talked to recently — Christian baby boomers, non-religious 20-somethings, an 8-year-old girl, my friends, the cute guy sitting behind me at church, the cashier at the grocery store — everyone’s in agreement about one thing:

It doesn’t feel like Christmas.

I don’t know if it’s the lack of snow, or all the negativity in the media, or the fact that LED twinkle lights are officially taking over as the norm, but one thing’s for sure…it’s December 12, and people are not in the Christmas spirit.

Living in NYC is so special…especially around the holidays. There really is nothing comparable. The lights, the shopping, the smell of roasting chestnuts, the Christmas displays, the holiday markets, the ice skating…it’s something you’ve got to experience in person to truly appreciate.

But I dunno…this year, it just hasn’t been quite the same.

I’m not seeing quite as many decorations up…

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Daniel Fast complete: CHRISTMAS MIRACLES

If this was your first time to complete a fast in this way….how exciting….congratulations…and….


And even if it wasn’t your first….you should still take pause and smile and think: Thank you God!

Thank you for…
…all the blessings I know you bestowed on many and myself through my sacrifice and prayer….
…the strength to offer up this sacrifice when everyone was already well into their festivities….
….the discipline to stick to a commitment…a covenant….with YOU…



Merry Christmas all of you out there!

May your day be filled with great glorious joy…festivities….a renewed sense of celebration and feasting!

My love and prayers with you all always!
~K 🙂

Seasons of Change

Change is in the air!

I’ve been reflecting on this fall and how our schedules have been changing!  I’ve been loving the idea of sitting on the couch, reading, writing, and drinking a cup of tea as I plan out all the fun Thanksgiving and Christmas plans, gifts, etc!  Which has me thinking…if I love sitting back in the evening checking up on reading blogs, Facebook, emails, and the newest magazine that came in the mail……well then you all probably do too ;)…..

We all make transitions, changes, and the key and challenge is to honor it.  To not force it but to also not ignore it.

I have realized I want to shift from writing in the mornings to writing in the evenings.  To shift from Wednesday and Saturday morning to Monday and Thursday evening.  Who knows it might be just right for this season in my life….in your life :)…..

I could buckle with fear and say to myself, “But everyone has gotten use to my routine of Wednesday and Saturday morning?  Will they want to read Monday and Thursday evening?”  “Will I lose you all?”  BUT THAT IS FEAR…..and I don’t live in the fear realm.

After all I would propose that the reason why anyone reads what I write is because they see the authenticity behind my words.  They hear my heart.  They feel my passion.  Well if I am transitioning in when I feel passionate about what I write then that is when I should write….correct?!  And if I force a writing schedule that doesn’t work for me anymore and is lacking authenticity, heart, and passion….well then I have lost my voice and I will lose you anyways!

So starting next week my postings will come out Monday and Thursday evenings!  Perfect for beginning our weeks and wrapping up our week to prep for some amazing family time for the weekends!

I think I will also be transitioning my Facebook Live’s….but that’s for another day to ponder….lol….

What have you been wrestling with as this fall season has fully arrived and is shifting our perspectives and schedules?!  Is there something you’ve been putting off to do?  Or something you have been wanting to change but been afraid to because it may upset someone?  It may feel weird?  Or it may be out of character of you?

Instead embrace the change!  Change allows our spirit to shift.  Allows our minds to sharpen.  And allows our bodies to be challenged.   Finally it opens our soul to the possibilities of soaring!

As always remember to always take a moment each day to….

…sit…pray…oil up…..and tap….:)

Many drops of blessings dear beloved ones….

~Kelly 😉

PS….Wednesday evening 7:30 pm join me on Facebook at Kelly Frick:Connect for a Live event Connecting the Drops of our whole health: mind, body, soul, spirit through the amazing support of essential oils!


Family {Focus}

I haven’t seen my parents since Christmas.  I will have the joy of having them come visit with us for the night.  They will join us for Mass tomorrow.  We will enjoy some amazing last memories in this amazing Amarillo home.  This home that has held gatherings, sleep overs, and fellowship of family and friends for over 10 years!

This is what we were made for: CommunityCOMMUNION!

I will take in today with great focus, with great care, with great love!  

Have you ever thought about TIME and FAMILY!?

We can buy so many things….we can earn so many things….we can increase so many things…..BUT TIME IS NOT ONE OF THEM!

We get only 24 hours in a day.  We can’t buy more, earn more, gain more.

Time is the one area in our life we MUST be mindful.

So the question is do we waste our time or use it wisely!?

How much time do you spend on social media versus time face to face with a friend or family?

How much sleep do you give yourself versus getting “one more thing” done?

How much time do you spend in front of the computer or TV versus playing games or going for walks with your kiddos?

Sit with this….pray about it…journal about it….share/connect with me about it!

Many hugs and blessings my dear followers…family…friends…

~Kelly 🙂




That’s Home

What does Christmas mean to you?
Does it bring up emotions that still need some healing?
Don’t miss this current posting from Besuty Beyond Bones!!

May blessings and hugs on this Eve of Christmas Eve…dear readers…family …friends….
~Kelly 🙂


I did something really fun last weekend. Something that was a new New York experience for me.

And I’m not talking about standing in line at the break of dawn for SNL tickets – although I can check that off my bucket list as of earlier this month.

And I’m also not talking about discovering a hidden Chinatown speakeasy, where the mixologists use ingredients such as lavender infused vodka and fresh pressed kale juice.

Nope. Been there three times in fact.

No, last weekend, I went up to Harlem and saw a Christmas show at the Apollo.

And it may or may not have been a date with a gentleman. A gentleman I may or may not have met at a candlelight Christmas concert at church.

But wow. What an afternoon. I had no idea what to expect. Set the bar low. Little did I know that I was about to…

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Corporal Work of Mercy: Clothe the Naked

…clothe the naked…

How can we clothe the naked?  I think sometimes we all read a sentence and we think in literal thoughts.  But what if how we can CLOTHE THE NAKED is by being willing to live with less!?

I read a blog post almost 7 years ago that changed my life about removing stuff from our life.  Last year I read a book about owning only things that spark joy…and how when we remove clutter and unnecessary stuff we leave room for love, joy, peace…..and so much more!

I was able to fine tune my clothing in such a way that my wonderful hubby at first thought I was crazy…lol.  You see in Marie Kondo’s book, “Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up”  she talks about folding all your clothes in a specific way.  It resonated within me.  Thus my challenge to myself was to own only enough clothes that could fit in my dresser.  Thus I have a drawer for all personable’s….a drawer for shirts….a drawer for pants and skirts…..a drawer for sweaters and cover ups…a drawer pajama’s, lounge wear….4 dresses hanging up in my closet.  That’s it!  And even with that really it could still be fine tuned.  I truly believe we could all survive with 2 or 3 of each item….pants, shirts, sweaters, etc…..we choose to not.

When I get something new….something has to come out!

I especially love taking clothes to our local Children’s Exchange because whatever of our stuff that doesn’t sell it is given to Catholic Family Services.

I actually think twice before I shop anymore.  I think: Do I really need that!?  Can I donate that money somewhere else?  Can I help in some other area!?  

What has probably become my favorite spot to shop is when I visit my parents in NM.  They have a non-profit that  helps families leave the cycle of Domestic Violence.  Within this non-profit there is a thrift shop.  This store helps support the cause.  So for every purchase I make 100% goes toward helping families.  I like that.  So now I not only get unique clothing that I can’t find here…..but I get to help an entity that truly puts clothing on a person who needs to leave a situation sometimes with nothing but the clothing on their back.

How can you clothe the naked?!
Is your closet so jammed full of stuff that a local women’s shelter would feel like Christmas came if you blessed them with all your beautiful clothes!?
Can you scope out some of the thrift stores and find out what their cause is and start shopping there instead!?
What about every time you feel compelled to shop for yourself you donate that money instead….or take a homeless person shopping!?

Let’s CLOTHE the naked together…one closet at a time!

hugs and prayers always my dear readers…friends…and family…
~Kelly 🙂

Time to Let it Go on Tuesday

When a person is cleaning things our of a closet, drawers, cabinets…..we tend to hold on to an item and think….I spent xyz on it…or….I only wore that once.  Or not at all….so it would be wasteful to get rid of it.

Really its wasteful to hold on to anything yo aren’t going to use.

Instead view it as an opportunity to learn and grow for it.

For Christmas I received a new pair of running shoes.  They just were not working out for me.  I thought they were right for me but over the course of the last few months I realized they just were not working out.  And that’s okay.

when we hold on to things and gather “stuff” we are leaving ourselves open to making the same financial mistakes.  they become reminders of a choice we wish we wouldn’t have made.  Instead we need to acknowledge the beautiful and valuable lesson from that purchase.  Get rid of it if necessary.  From my experience it is usually necessary to get rid of it to move forward.

Purpose yourself to think about the choices clearer and more mindful next time.

Taking the financial aspect out of it…when we hold on to things we are not leaving room in our lives for other bigger and amazing blessings.

So take the opportunity this spring to CLEAN OUT…GET RID OF….and START FRESH!

Let go of burdens, baggage, and the past.   SPRING is a time for renewal…fresh….clean starts….LIFE!!!

What baggage is holding you back?  

hugs and blessings,

Celebrations on Saturday

I have this thing about dates.

For every date in my life that had a sorrow or a pain THERE IS something to celebrate on THAT SAME DATE years later.

Sometimes the order is reversed….or sometimes it is just a realization of “oh wow, this happened on this date years ago.”  And sometimes it is truly a saving grace, a resurrection of a deep hurt that needs some light shed upon that date.

Just a few examples of this type of date correlation in my life is:

February 14: While still in high school a dear friend of mine died in a car accident.  It was horrific.  I loved this boy not romantically but in the familial/agape love.  He was my dear confidant.  My cheerleader.  He helped me feel normal in the midst of uncertainty in high school.  I was crushed by his death.  His family asked me to do his eulogy.  I wasn’t even sure I would be able to get through it.

Fast forward….I met my hubby while we were in the Navy.  He was constantly out at sea.  THE ONLY HOLIDAY he was EVER CONSISTENTLY HOME FOR was VALENTINES DAY!!  It became our Christmas!  We made sure Valentines Day was always celebrated in a really big way.  I truly never saw at the time what God was doing with that day.  That He was giving it life again!

August 15:  We chose this amazing date for our daughter to be baptized.  My hubby and I chose it to honor Mary.  It is her feast day of  Assumption.  On our daughters baptismal day, so many years ago, my wonderful hubby received a call from his aunt.  She was thanking him for picking his moms birthday to honor her memory, her death.  My hubby truly had not remembered it was her birthday, he was so young when she died and there were lots of things he had blocked out from his childhood. And I had no clue.  Again…God was creating healing….shedding light on dark…on sorrow!

I have written about my miscarriage and April 1.  You can read it here…..

I have written about my Daughters birthday….read here…..

There are many other dates in my life that may not be as big or some people would maybe not even see the significance but I do.  I see the correlation….

I smile that my amazing Grandmother who had also been in the Navy died on the Anniversary date of my enlistment.

And then yesterday as I was reflecting on the Roe V Wade date….my hubby reminds me it was his anniversary date of his job.  His job has brought us many adventures, has provided for us, and we have actually both grown closer to our Lord because of his job.

BUT EVEN BIGGER….is last night we attended a Mass Celebrating the 25th Anniversary of our amazing parish priest.  Here is a man who is truly a Godly man….a man who is peaceful….strong…an amazing homilist….and so much more.


I challenge you today to reflect on dates and times in your life.  Can you remember a dark date….a day the devil tried to create havoc in your life or tried to keep a dark cloud around it because of hurts, pain, mistakes….and maybe just maybe years later GOD renewed it?  This may take time.  Write down these dates in a journal, piece of paper, anywhere….and allow your heart and soul to reflect on them over the next few weeks and see if you can’t find the light shining out of the darkness!!!

I would love to hear your story!

Have a blessed day!
Hugs and prayers always,

THE BOOK OF THE DAY:  Angel in the Waters by Regina Doman.  This book was and is still my favorite book.  I started reading this book to my daughter when she wasn’t even a month old.  I wanted it to be ingrained in her soul how very special she was.  How much of a miracle she was to us.  And how very precious HER LIFE was…not only to us but to GOD.  It is a beautifully written story about the journey a baby makes from the womb to the world!!!

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