Christmas Vs. NYC 

I might be taking a break from my personal blogging but this is a fabulous posting that must be shared and considered by all! What are you feeling this Christmas? Is Jesus in the picture and forefront of your plans? Or has he become an after thought or worse not even a speck of a… Continue Reading →

Daniel Fast complete: CHRISTMAS MIRACLES

If this was your first time to complete a fast in this way….how exciting….congratulations…and…. MERRY CHRISTMAS! And even if it wasn’t your first….you should still take pause and smile and think: Thank you God! Thank you for……all the blessings I know you bestowed on many and myself through my sacrifice and prayer….…the strength to offer… Continue Reading →

Surprises on Saturday!

I absolutely love it when I am getting ready to plan out my Christmas shopping list and I receive amazing emails with great deals!! Some years I am in a shop shop shop sort of mood….other years I am in a DIY mood….and there are some years I am just about gift cards!!!  LOL…. This… Continue Reading →

Seasons of Change

Change is in the air! I’ve been reflecting on this fall and how our schedules have been changing!  I’ve been loving the idea of sitting on the couch, reading, writing, and drinking a cup of tea as I plan out all the fun Thanksgiving and Christmas plans, gifts, etc!  Which has me thinking…if I love… Continue Reading →

Family {Focus}

I haven’t seen my parents since Christmas.  I will have the joy of having them come visit with us for the night.  They will join us for Mass tomorrow.  We will enjoy some amazing last memories in this amazing Amarillo home.  This home that has held gatherings, sleep overs, and fellowship of family and friends… Continue Reading →

That’s Home

What does Christmas mean to you? Does it bring up emotions that still need some healing? Don’t miss this current posting from Besuty Beyond Bones!! May blessings and hugs on this Eve of Christmas Eve…dear readers…family …friends…. ~Kelly 🙂 BeautyBeyondBones I did something really fun last weekend. Something that was a new New York experience for… Continue Reading →

Time to Let it Go on Tuesday

When a person is cleaning things our of a closet, drawers, cabinets…..we tend to hold on to an item and think….I spent xyz on it…or….I only wore that once.  Or not at all….so it would be wasteful to get rid of it. Really its wasteful to hold on to anything yo aren’t going to use…. Continue Reading →

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