Disordered: Mind, Body, Spirit

This was probably the hardest chapter to write so far!  Mostly because it is the area in my life that needs the most amount of healing still.  This is because it’s not just about me healing emotionally but because this involves a mental imbalance and it involves generational DNA. I find it fitting and interesting… Continue Reading →

Body Peace…

I was generously blessed last week.  A friend was getting rid of many bags of clothes.  I was able to go through them and find a few things that sparked amazing joy for me.  I always love getting clothes versus shopping.  I don’t know why but there is something more intimate about community and helping… Continue Reading →

Body Armor…part 2…

I’ve been reflecting a lot about my Monday’s posting about Grapefruit Essential Oil and loving our body.   Since I have committed to taking Jui Juitsu classes it has meant lots of self care and even more internal, spiritual and emotional growth. In the past when I did something physical with people, groups, etc… I… Continue Reading →

Body (Armor) Honor…

Today I have the great opportunity to share on a Facebook Group about the essential oil Grapefruit.  This FB group is a private group for oilers to receive continual help/support about using essential oils and so much more.  This particular group comprises of many up-lines in this fabulous doTerra family.  This group is meant to… Continue Reading →

I Am More Than This Body…

I woke one day last week having LOW LOW LOW energy. My nerve/systemic pain in my arms were exceptionally uncomfortable.  The bottom of my feed were tender and my ankles were beyond stiff. I tried to not think about all these symptoms that are due to the Hashimoto’s and or the hypothyroidism and or the… Continue Reading →

Mind Body Soul of Fasting…

I had the privilege and experience a couple nights ago to share with a group of amazing individuals about fasting.  The history, types, gifts, and my personal journey relating to fasting. It was exciting and invigorating…..AND therapeutic.  It allowed me the opportunity to reflect later in the quiet of my home over the next day… Continue Reading →

Inner Beauty: Getting Past Porn

Last week I took a break from writing my book. Why? Because the next chapter is hard…it needed more reflection…it needed me digging deep into how to express the shame that surrounds the topic. So many of us fall victim of being exposed to pornography at a very young age and then finding ourselves going… Continue Reading →

Transformation Trio

I am so super excited to share and support a beautiful group of ladies starting this Friday!  (To learn more about it….check out this link to the private FB Group….click here)! The more I do what I do…..the more I feel and experience the amazing power of God.  I see all these amazing women….whether they… Continue Reading →

Peace, Patience, Harmony

It really resonated with me when I read, “Strengthens connection with lower body……” This was in the Emotions & Essential Oils book referring to one of the many benefits to the blend Balance! Now part of the statement was also saying connection with earth…..went on to talk about being grounded like the trees….etc….. But it… Continue Reading →

Strengthen your true self and worthiness!

We are bombarded with images and expectations of what we should look like, eat, dress, be……ALL around us….CONSTANTLY….. Girls….teens…..women…..WE DO NOT HAVE IT EASY today in setting healthy boundaries….saying no to the mental chatter, the societal pressures.   And this can wear down a woman’s sense of self-worth…..and then not showing up to serve herself and… Continue Reading →

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