Advent Adventures

When I did a search for Advent within my blog it came up with RANDOM ACTS OF KINDNESS, 12 DAYS OF ADVENT, and several more that may not seem like they are related to advent but you might be surprised :)…. Take a moment today to check out this ONE search and see which posting… Continue Reading →

12 Days Before Advent!

DANIEL FAST: Anyone!?I don’t normally share when I am fasting (currently or about to)….but I also feel it important to listen to the Spirit when He speaks…:)….In scripture it says….”….where two or more are gathered in my name….”…. Thus I have felt a burning press to post…extend to all of you to join me in… Continue Reading →

Random acts of kindness for Advent

An amazing friend of mine has been sharing some of the blogs she has come across for helping our children remember why we celebrate during Christmas. It is so easy for us to forget to teach our children that Christmas is about more than just the presents.  It is about more than the tree.  It… Continue Reading →

Balance: Retreat & Restore

“The soul loves moderation in all things. Whenever the human body lacks measure, and eat and drinks or something like that unbalances it, the powers of the soul are wounded… So in all things let people maintain a proper balance” – Hildegard of Bingen I fell in love with St. Hildegard years ago. I knew… Continue Reading →

Social: Connect

I wrap up my 9 week novena/hiatus!  I hope you have not only looked over and read some of the old posts I suggested but also found some on your own that you really loved!  I would love to hear which ones were your favorites!  Please do comment below to share and connect! But one… Continue Reading →

Flashbacks {Memories}

Yesterday movers came in to load up our house. Today we go through it one more time to clean to get on the road. It had me thinking how as we transition we are also being transformed into the next stage of our life!  Each adventure we have is like an onion….a layer of living… Continue Reading →

Wednesday’s wrap up…

It’s been fun and exciting sharing this last week about all the great opportunities I have to write each day….to share with others each day…whether here on this blog….on Facebook in any of the groups….someone I encounter in the store….or writing in my journal each morning and each night…. I have grown so much this… Continue Reading →

Whole 30

A dear friend of mine recently embarked on the WHOLE 30 with her family for many reasons.  She blogged about it…it was wonderful… can read about it HERE! But it has had me thinking about how that was one of my VERY FIRST BOOKS I read about health and nutrition about 7 years ago when… Continue Reading →

Fabulously Generous In-Laws…..

Once again my family will be going on a cruise later this year! My in-laws LOVE LOVE LOVE to cruise!  It gives them great joy and pleasure….I do believe. We don’t have the opportunity to see them as much as we probably would all like….and we definitely don’t have the opportunity to see my hubbies… Continue Reading →

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