12 Days Before Advent!


I don’t normally share when I am fasting (currently or about to)….but I also feel it important to listen to the Spirit when He speaks…:)….

In scripture it says….”….where two or more are gathered in my name….”….

Thus I have felt a burning press to post…extend to all of you to join me in a DANIEL FAST: veggies (fruits if you like), water, tea (coffee if you want)….

For 12 days (starting tomorrow) to….
To remember Jesus is the reason for this season….
As Christians we will not be silenced….we can respect others thoughts, opinions, values….but they can respect ours as well….thus not expecting us to be quiet!

I will post something each day on my blog, as well as my private FB group (Fitness~Food~Faith)….

If you want to be added to this group just “like” this posting or comment and I will add you….

You can also check out my posting on Fasting on my blog that I wrote several years back to read the highlights of an amazing book that really opened up the power of fasting for me in my spiritual life!

Many Blessings to you all….and…


Random acts of kindness for Advent

An amazing friend of mine has been sharing some of the blogs she has come across for helping our children remember why we celebrate during Christmas.

It is so easy for us to forget to teach our children that Christmas is about more than just the presents.  It is about more than the tree.  It is about more than what we want.

Each year I try to make sure we do something extra to teach our daughter about the season of giving.  And each year I challenge myself to add more to that teaching.  Last year we started to develop this thought of just random acts of kindness.  We did really little things like taking cookies to Daddy’s office, spending an extra hour at adoration during the week, etc.   But I had no idea that there was this whole big “world” of people who thought like we were….and that they were taking it to a level that is exciting and empowering.

I have found some of the sites full of great ideas.  Things I hadn’t even thought of!

It is easy to get caught up with thinking, “I cant afford to do that!”  Or I already do “this and that, for this organization or this tree…”  BUT….does it really cost you much more to buy that check out person a pack of gum?  Do you have extra ornaments you really don’t need and can just slip them on peoples car antennas?

It is truly about the giving and the action, not the dollar sign!

I hope to hear from all of you what acts you embark on this season….just as I look forward to sharing with you all we participate in!

Have a glorious first week of Advent.

Flashbacks {Memories}

Yesterday movers came in to load up our house.

Today we go through it one more time to clean to get on the road.

It had me thinking how as we transition we are also being transformed into the next stage of our life!  Each adventure we have is like an onion….a layer of living our life.

Which has me reflecting fondly in how much I have grown through this blog.  How much it has helped me heal from so many layers of pain, trauma, and wounds.  I have no idea how many lives I have touched or have helped with their journey of living an amazingly thriving life but I do know by being a voice for all of you it HAS TRANSFORMED ME!

Have you set out to do something for others and it has done something for you?  What layer of your onion has been the most healing!?

Sit with this….pray about it….journal about it…..share/connect with me about it!

Many hugs and prayers dear followers…family…friends…

~Kelly 🙂



Wednesday’s wrap up…

It’s been fun and exciting sharing this last week about all the great opportunities I have to write each day….to share with others each day…whether here on this blog….on Facebook in any of the groups….someone I encounter in the store….or writing in my journal each morning and each night….

I have grown so much this year with learning and disciplining myself to write each day….that was my goal my desire.   I now have some other amazing goals and desires I am working on with developing some courses….preparing for some speaking opportunities….and teaching mind body soul wellness classes with and through essential oils.  I am really excited about all these new adventures….especially with being a wellness advocate.

I love how I am going to be able to share classes or one on one about women’s health, biblical history of oils, self care, home care, cooking with oils, brain health, and so many more topics.

I am starting my darling daughters lessons back up in a few weeks which also is an important part of my life and focus.

Thus I hope this helps explain my reasoning for the transition to a once a week posting.  I pondered which day I really wanted to have as my consistent day…..and it came back over and over WEDNESDAY. 

I live and breath sharing with others about wellness in health: mind, body, and soul….AND I am passionate about women feeling and know they are warriors, wonderful.  And my darling daughter loves texting her daddy and asking him on Wednesdays….”Hey what day is it!?”….and then imitating that commercial with the camel….”hump day”….

Who doesn’t need a midweek refresher reminding you the week is halfway to the weekend. 
Who doesn’t need a bit of advice and support about their healthy WELLNESS choices midweek to stay the course through the weekend.
Who doesn’t need a bit of encouragement with their wonderful warrior woman self love, self care, self awareness!

Here is to WEDNESDAY’S being WONDERFULLY filled with…

Ah heck the Wednesday is also good for the core questions of writing about something: who, what, where, when, why!

What is a transition you are currently in!?  Sit for a moment today to pray about it…reflect on it…journal about it….enjoy it!

Many hugs and blessings dear readers….family….friends…..
~Kelly 🙂

Whole 30

A dear friend of mine recently embarked on the WHOLE 30 with her family for many reasons.  She blogged about it…it was wonderful…..you can read about it HERE!

But it has had me thinking about how that was one of my VERY FIRST BOOKS I read about health and nutrition about 7 years ago when I first was learning about WHOLE FOOD (Paleo) living.  I loved it!  Yet I have allowed cooking hacks.  I have allowed complicated whole food eating to dominate sometimes.  And I know why!  BECAUSE my dear daughter and hubby still miss the cakes, bread, and some other processed junk.  My hubby not nearly as much as before….but my daughter for sure still “jones” for junk.

With all my hoshimoto/thyroid/adrenal stuff it can sometimes just feel UGH!!  BUT I have been realizing as I have been digging deep with the generational healing stuff that I LIKE MY FOOD SIMPLE AND BASIC!  I DON’T NEED IT COMPLICATED.  And if I model it to my family and just continue to shop only WHOLE FOOD and not make a fuss about it…..well then it will just become a way of life for them as well.  Thus whatever choices they make outside of the home is their responsibility but I can make the choices for in the home AND NOT FEEL GUILTY for not buying  “gluten free” treats and processed junk….because it is still JUNK, not WHOLE REAL FOOD!

I have decided I am not buying ANYMORE “junk”…..I WILL make sure there is plenty of fabulous snacks and food always cut up and available and served with a smile.

I am sure they will come around eventually…lol….

What are your struggles with WHOLE FOOD eating!?  What resolutions can you make about your grocery shopping that turns your food into fabulous adventures rather than frustrations?!  Take a moment to think about it….pray about it….journal about it….then take action!

Hugs and blessings always my dear readers….family….friends….
~Kelly 🙂

Fabulously Generous In-Laws…..

Once again my family will be going on a cruise later this year!

My in-laws LOVE LOVE LOVE to cruise!  It gives them great joy and pleasure….I do believe.

We don’t have the opportunity to see them as much as we probably would all like….and we definitely don’t have the opportunity to see my hubbies brother and his wife as much I we would love!

Last year we ALL experienced a cruise together.  It was beyond beautiful and fun.  It was a chance for us to all be together, do activities that each of us enjoy and still come together throughout the day and share our experiences of the day.

The best time of each day is always dinner time because we opted for the sit down dining where we talk about the adventures of our day!  I love seeing the twinkle in my mother-in-laws eye as she pulls information out of each of us….and the tidbits of wisdom my father-in-law bestows upon us.

These are two of the most generous people I know.  They could be spending their money in many other ways….yet they choose to want to bring their family with them on vacation.  They are humble people who aren’t wealthy by any means but are willing to make sacrifices to ensure we as a family do something fun and memorable together!

I have shared before that family is about growing in our faith…growing in our virtues….and growing within ourselves.

Take a moment today to reflect on some of the very generous things your family has done for you in the past month, past year?! Use that as a focus instead of wanting to grumble about anything you may think is a “wrong” about them!  Because NONE OF US ARE PERFECT….and I am sure they can grumble about you!  Heck I know my family can definitely grumble about me!

Me…..I have no grumbles…..I am not perfect…I don’t expect my family to be perfect….and I love them for EXACTLY WHO THEY ARE!  

And as for my in-laws…..I LOVE THEM DEARLY…not because they pay for these fabulous vacations for us to all go on together….I LOVE THEM because they VALUE FAMILY…..the value TIME!!!  And time is one thing we can never replace!

What are your values!?

Hugs and blessings dear readers….family….friends….
~Kelly 🙂


I’m going to keep it short today lots of little things I want to finish before my evening fun and adventures…..but….

I must share about a  book I’ve been reading recently:  THE BODY ECOLOGY by Donna Gates!  Fabulous read.

I KNOW it is the the key to the next level of my health and healing my thyroid.  

I absolutely love how Donna Gates discusses not only the science of why and what she suggests to do to improve your physical health….but she also discusses how we are all unique and how we are a complex system worth respecting our individual needs…..basically without her saying it she is saying we are connected MIND BODY AND SOUL…..and we need to respect that. AMEN!!!

It’s interesting because a great deal of what she is talking about in the book I was and have been doing…..but I just needed to fine tune it and tweak the combining and order of some foods….nutrition.  When I look back at some of my food journals and see when my health was doing it’s best over the last year I was inadvertently following her principles of body ecology.

 I am extremely excited to start hard core pursuing the body ecology principles and taking my health to the next level of thriving: MIND BODY AND SOUL!!!

God is so good!!!!

Many blessings and hugs my dear readers…friends….family….
~Kelly 😉

Raggedy Ann and Andy!

Today I am not going to think about disappointments of shows….or anything negative for that matter….instead I am going to pursue life as I always do with great joy and adventure….thus let me share with you something really fun and quirky….

My darling hubby is in charge of making our bed in the mornings because he is usually the last one out of bed.   He inherited these dolls from his aunt several years ago when she was getting rid of things.   They became our darling daughters for quite sometime but this winter when I had her minimize her bedroom of stuff these dolls ended up on the chopping block.  Now I have bee learning the beautiful art of not only minimizing but also not being attached to things.

 It’s not that I’m not sentimental or that I don’t care I just understand that our true memories are in our hearts and no one can take that.  Now my dear hubby….for how tough he is and very alpha…his soft spot is he is sentimental about things passed on from family.  Thus these dolls are not even an option to get rid of.  Well as I was assessing where I was going to put them, when my daughter cleaned out her room, I laid them down on my bed and I kind of liked the look it created by the pillows.  Fast forward to present day.  Since hubby is in charge of making the bed he has decided to be creative with the dolls and their poses each morning.

 It has become a fun delight to come to the bedroom each morning to find out what pose they are in.  Here they are kneeling in prayer.   Some mornings I find them doing cartwheels and other mornings they are climbing the pillows.  I love the creative ways my hubby makes our bed but what I love the most is his subtle way he is able to express his creative fun side.  He needs an outlet of creative fun and I am grateful that he has been able to find and embrace some softness…lol.

What ways can you create some random fun in your life or around your house to create a unique conversation for you and your spouse!?

Many blessings and hugs my dear readers…friends…family…
~Kelly 🙂

The Corporal Works of Mercy: Give to the Poor

…give to the poor….

The Rice Bowl at lent is a beautiful example of this corporal work of mercy!

My family during the last week of lent, Holy Week, embarked on what we dubbed as our $21 Fast. If you want to read about it or remember the adventure you can read about it here.   The idea had been spurred because of the Rice Bowl.  Here is what I shared about it in February.

This experience created an amazing impact for my family but I think especially for my husband.  I asked him what he felt he had learned the most from the experience.  He shared how it taught him to slow down.  He has always eaten food without really thinking.  He eats as much as he can, as fast as he can.  It has always just been in his nature.  We tease that he must have a tape worm because he can truly sit down and eat 2 or 3 helpings of food and it not phase him.  But during the 7 day $21 fast his portions were so small that he realized he needed to make the moment last otherwise his plate or bowl would be empty in 2 minutes and then what!?

My daughter had moments where she realized her hunger was making her irritable.  We discussed how there are children EVERY DAY who go to school hungry and how difficult it must be to concentrate on their studies because of their hunger.

I think this experience not only reminded us how blessed we are but how we can and should on a regular bases be willing to donate a bit more for the poor. That every time we are asked to give to the poor or for the poor at church or in other situations we do exactly that!

Can you collect your change in a jar and every week give it to a charity?
Can you start making a pledge to a charity that specifically tend to the poor?
Do you know a family that could use a bit of help with bills, etc?
How can you give more to the poor!?

Hugs and blessings my dear readers….friends….family….
~Kelly 🙂

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