Shifting Food Fears

I’m at a place with my health where my practitioner is needing me to be willing to up my carbs. I’ve had to do this for about 2 months now! I’ll be honest it wasn’t easy at first….it was super scary….but the alternative was scarier….. My blood sugar levels are so low it is affecting… Continue Reading →

Vexed with Fears

I use to be vexed by fear of disappointing others in sooo many ways. My fear was intense.  I would sacrifice my own happiness, my own dreams, my own boundaries. I didn’t understand the power and freedom of a simple yet mighty word: NO! I will admit, I  was tempted to fall back into that… Continue Reading →

Peace, Patience, Harmony

It really resonated with me when I read, “Strengthens connection with lower body……” This was in the Emotions & Essential Oils book referring to one of the many benefits to the blend Balance! Now part of the statement was also saying connection with earth…..went on to talk about being grounded like the trees….etc….. But it… Continue Reading →


Isn’t it interesting how when you are working on things…either you have greater revelations or the enemy tries to come down on you!  Anymore when I find myself procrastinating about something I know it’s the enemy not wanting truth out there.  And when I am wrestling with something it is because I feel God’s prompting… Continue Reading →

Terrific {Triggers}

I was reading an email the other week from Dr. Isabelle Wentz.  She was sharing about her healing journey.  It use to be difficult for her to look at pictures of herself being too thin while she was getting to the root cause of her Hoshimoto’s. It was interesting for me because for the longest… Continue Reading →

New Life…

It’s the day after Easter!  Now we experience Jesus in a whole new way!  He is with us for 40 days before he ascends into heaven! It’s a chance to cleanse…to do away with the old and in with the new! This had me thinking about how when we think and reflect we can see… Continue Reading →

Spiritual Insight…

I had a realization last month that I needed to change a few things up for the continual healing of my thyroid.  This was going to require me to continue to grow in my faith…grow in my trust of God… Now this means all the work I have been doing the last 5 months of… Continue Reading →

Wellness Warrior

What does wellness mean to me!? It means being authentic…it means being true to me…it means loving, embracing, smiling through each challenge of life! Is it always easy to smile when my body hurts because I’m having prolonged soreness due to my thyroid….NO!  But I smile because I KNOW IT COULD BE WORSE! Is it… Continue Reading →

Tastes I love on Tuesday!

Am I a foodie? I looked up this word to find the definition.  I read lots of different opinions and thoughts behind the word.  What they all had in common was:  Someone who has an interest in food….all aspects of it….where it came from….etc….not just to eat for eating sake.  I would have to say… Continue Reading →

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