I love being a housewife!

It is so sad that in the temperature of today’s world that young ladies are not being….actually haven’t been nurtured for quite some time to value the role of being a housewife.

Photo by Polina Tankilevitch on Pexels.com

It hasn’t mattered over the course of all my years of pursuing education, jobs, side gigs, blogging, public speaking, coaching….you name it…..my first and foremost absolute love of life is being a housewife.

I have heard so many reasons from many women over the years for how they can’t “afford” to stay home. I have also heard how absolutely bored they would be.

Being a housewife is absolutely NOT boring.

As I have been reinvesting my time and energy into this first love of mine over the last year; after I walked away from a blossoming coaching business and partnership with a holistic doctor; I have been able to realize just how much I truly missed spending more than just 15 minutes cleaning and scrubbing the bathrooms. I missed planning out meals for the week which for me is an expression of how much I love being with my family when we eat and feast.

It has had me realize how much I DO NOT miss social media. And the freedom I have even given myself to hop on here when the spirit prompts me rather than feeling like “I have to” post something every week.

I have truly treasured the time I get to sit and read with my family in the evenings after dinner rather than turning on the tv. Reading books that are nurturing my mind, and my faith, and fine-tuning my critical thinking skills.

As we get closer to the holidays I find myself wanting to pull even more away from the computer and technology and to be present even more with my family and friends. To be ever more present with the church in different ministries. I find myself wanting to be face-to-face with people more and more. And become invisible here in the cyber world, the tech world.

I honestly am not sure where this blog fits into the picture. I have reflected and prayed on that one. I have been here writing for all of you, for me, for about 10 years now…

I have so many ideas that constantly get put into journals, notebooks, and scraps of paper. I think of ways I want to share here. Books to share reviews with you about. And so much more!

But you know what… I am not worried and I am not going to rush it. I am going to listen to the promptings of the HOLY SPIRIT because he is so wise and he always leads me to the Father and has me walk even closer to JESUS which in the end is all that really matters to me.

So on this amazing Monday, I am going to enjoy knowing that I have the budget ready for my dear hubby to go over with me tonight, I have planned and prepared what is for dinner….and I am absolutely giddy at the thought of dancing with my mop in about an hour!

No matter how God calls you….celebrate it…..don’t dismiss it….enjoy every moment of your calling!

Many blessings and hugs always,


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