Live, Love, Learn!

Life has just been so full and fun that I haven’t had the chance to sit down at the computer to write much! Last week was the first time in a while!

I have written quite a bit in journals, notepads, and on scraps of paper…..but not on the computer…lol!

But I have also been READING ALOT…..and watching, listening, and learning sooo much.

Therefore I figured it was finally time for me to touch back in and say hello and let you know what I have been up to…..


Did you get to check out last week’s blog post JOURNALING: SELF-CARE, SELF-LOVE & CONNECTING WITH GOD was sooo much fun to write!  Plus it allowed me to shout out about a dear friend who is truly a digital artist/savant!  I would not know even half of what I know about techie education/info if it wasn’t for her!  My first CANVA images or creations were akin to a stick figure drawing.  But now I am able to create things that I am super proud of to display at my church for our library peg boards and so much more!

Okay now here are the top 3 things I have been watching/reading/learning that I absolutely had to share with you:


Matt Walsh – documentary “What is a woman?”

Why do I find this such an important documentary to watch?  Because it addresses 2 fundamental things as a human being in my opinion: 1….how God created us, man and woman.  And 2….it gives us as a human being the opportunity to practice true critical thinking skills….or to hear others not using critical thinking skills!


Next, I have been reading and listening to 1984!

There are some YouTubes on it…..but THIS AUDIO DRAMA has been super fun to listen to!

I have GOT to share with you….that I read this book eons ago so really didn’t remember the details….I understood and remembered the overview of it…..and KNEW as people have been referencing it the last 2 years that I was going to want to re-read it….but OMGoodness…..I totally forgot that here is a man – who wrote this book and it was published for the first time in 1945….. – He is talking about EVERYTHING that has been going on in the last 50 years really truly!  It is just super interesting the slow boil we are willing to endure for comfort.


But probably my absolute favorite read/learn/find these last few weeks have been: 


I came across this amazing woman through another podcast I listen to…CATHOLIC SPROUTS…..

I was so super excited to hear that a woman had created a CHARTING SYSTEM specifically geared for young girls to learn how to chart not only before they start their first period but during the first early years.  Truly teaching them to understand what their hormones are doing and how to appreciate the beauty of BEING A WOMAN!

I use to teach FERTILITY APPRECIATION which helps couples chart and monitor their cycles.  It helps the woman understand her hormones but the focus was on teaching couples how to live out the beauty of their sexuality and fertility.

So when I started to teach my daughter years ago I had to modify the language of the books….just like I had to when it came to teaching her TOB (Theology of the Body)…..because 10 and 15 years ago there wasn’t anything geared to 5-year-olds with TOB and 12/13-year-olds for charting…..

I am grateful that I had the knowledge and that I could do this for my daughter!  But how many mamas are just trying to figure it out for themselves!  Well, now it’s available!!

So those are my top tidbits for the week!

As always don’t hesitate to reach out.  I would love to hear what you are reading, watching, and learning as you grow in your whole health (mind, body, soul spirit) life!


Hugs, prayers, and blessings,



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