Lent is almost over & Spring is here!

I know it is Lent but SPRING is also in the air!  OOO how I feel the amazing anticipation of Easter being around the corner.

And even though Holy Week (which can be super intense) is just a short few more days away…..

Today I am going to keep things on the lighter side of our whole health journey of life…Today is also going to be fun…no deep dive emotional stuff…lol!

I have been loving the warmer and warmer days!  I especially love it when it is muggy and humid.  I know I am weird…lol.

I just completed my first phase of gardening with intentionality that I will share on a separate post all on its own with pictures and all at a later date.

But as our days warm up it had me looking back at some of my old videos for some refreshing smoothies that are full of nutrition.  I don’t know about you but when I am super hot I don’t always feel like eating….but as I age I am aware that my hormones and body need extra support.

Here are 3 fun and refreshing recipes to cool you down for the summer :)…

I KNOW I have MANY more on my YOUTUBE channel!  If you find one I haven’t listed above that you like even more…please share I would love to hear your thoughts!

If I don’t reach out before Easter….have an absolutely transforming HOLY WEEK and EASTER!  

Remember to truly celebrate and FEAST with intentionality on Easter.  Honor your body by eating and drinking with intentionality.  Not moralizing the food or drink yet also being mindful of what our body needs to thrive.  We are each uniquely different so what you may need may look different than what I need nutritionally.

Look to JESUS as a beautiful example of when it is time to fast and when it is time to celebrate.  He celebrated with food and drink yet with mindfulness.

Be present in the moment.  Savor each bite of delightful food.  Savor each conversation with family and friends.  And savor the amazing gift that God gave you through Christ and his sacrifice so YOU and I can take care of this vessel that is beautifully wonderfully made!

Have an amazingly blessed day and week.

Hugs and prayers always,


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