Spring Gardening is in the air!

I have been really digging into my gardening plans.  Even more so than before in the past.

I have been remembering my childhood of how we truly planted and harvested for sustainability.  It wasn’t a hobby.  It wasn’t about something fun to do on the side and try.  It was about true sustainability.  It was about harvesting stuff to then: can, freeze, create and survive off of the land.

I have been feeling drawn toward this ability to be self-sustainable last year in a very pressing way.  To dust off my skills and get them re-sharpened. 

Have you ever thought about what would you do if you couldn’t get your produce from your local grocery store? 

Your cleaning supplies from your favorite source? 

Or those quick shipments from amazon?

Over the course of the next few months, I will be sharing more with you here…my journey of rediscovering gardening as less of a hobby and more of a lifestyle!  

But not just gardening…

Lists of everyday household items to clean with if I can’t snag my usual favorites….

Making my own loose leaf tea blends if I can’t find them in the store…

Even the thought of makeup has been having me dig into some of my old favorite bloggers like Dr. Axe and Wellness Mama!  These 2 are THE powerhouses of DIY’s.

And as for gardening powerhouses….I haven’t found my favorite blogger yet….but when I do find the one that just makes it super easy to follow I will be sharing.  I think what is important for anyone, is finding the source that is specific to the area you live in.  I have found a book from a master gardener that has made it easy to follow her book and it’s about organic gardening…which is important to me.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts.  If there is anything you would like me to write about specifically please share with me.  I will be making sure and including resources and links.

Many blessings and hugs always,



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