Is “nuking” my food “nuking” my health?

I have been pondering my use of microwaves recently.

Years ago when living in Amarillo I had discovered many of the health concerns that surrounded microwaves.  At that time the data was interesting.

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It appalled me.

I went on a huge anti-microwave kick.  I put tape across my microwave that would not allow our family to use it.

Then one day months later my hubby broke down and used it.

Instead, I put a sign on it saying:

If you want your food to be nutritionally void and potentially cause free-radical cells to invade and harm your body then proceed to use this contraption.

Family and friends just viewed it as another one of crazy Kelly’s crunchy crazy health extremes.

I still very much believe it is horrible for us….but I had to realize I am exposed to “nuked” food every time I eat out.  Kitchen staff at a restaurant aren’t going to not use a microwave to accomplish some of their demanding work of getting the food out in a timely fashion for the patrons who are dining there.

In the last couple of years though I have become kind of lax about using it myself.

I had to reflect on why?

This could be a good example of who we hang out with is how we are influenced by our choices… because my hubby doesn’t see a problem with it…lol…

And I can sometimes think….well heck my hubby is perfectly fine and he uses it…he is the “picture of health”….

But the flaw in this comparison game is it doesn’t leave room for our uniqueness… our individuality of how we are wonderfully made.

So I decided to go back over the studies to remind myself why I may or may not want to use a microwave and not care if I am “going against the grain” with family and friends….because I need to honor my body and my health.

But I also don’t want to risk imposing my way on family and friends.

I have seen others who are passionate about not using a microwave and they are dogmatic about it.  Imposing their beliefs on others in a way that can appear bully-ish or leave another person feeling like they are not a smart individual if they use one. This doesn’t leave room for grace and mercy and for others to use their free will.  That doesn’t build conversation or community…all it does is create even more of a divide.

Because at the end of the day it truly doesn’t matter whether I use the microwave or don’t use the microwave.  What matters is: what is my relationship with God?  And how is He leading me on my health journey?  What is He whispering in my heart on how to best care for this physical body He has gifted me with?  

I think that is the best way to LOVE THE SKIN WE ARE IN…..and to be that INTENTIONAL DISCIPLE He calls each of us to be….

What are your thoughts?

Do you use a microwave?

Why or why not?

Many blessings and hugs and prayers,

Kelly 😉

2 thoughts on “Is “nuking” my food “nuking” my health?

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  1. I do it one point one on an anthem microwave kick. For much of the same reasons that you did… Now I will use the microwave to do these types of things: melt cheese, reheat something quickly or melt butter. I still don’t use it as a primary means of cooking.

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